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David and Bathsheba

The reason I think that commenter “Sally” is most likely my husband is because his (Sally’s) arguments for himself (Sally) are always skewed in the most narcissistic way showing himself favour and steering away from anything that points negatively in his direction.

He (Sally) commented October 26, 2015, under the “What are you trying to create” post:

   “King David was an adulterer. Even had the husband of the woman he desired killed for his own benefit. God still loved him and he was thought of as being a man after God’s own heart. One of Israel’s greatest Kings.”

My husband is trying to justify and defend his act of adultery by suggesting that God sees things differently than those of us who have been betrayed by the same act. He tries to minimize his infidelity and elevate himself higher than King David by pointing out that he at least didn’t kill Janice’s husband.  But what my husband chooses to ignore is how God really felt about David’s actions and the devastating resulting consequences of his adultery. Just as Satan and the Pharisees did before David Cherrie, he twists scripture to his benefit to build a case for arguing that cheating is no big deal.

King David and Bathsheba is a sad story showing how sin can start, the depths one will go to in order to deceive and hide their sin for their own protection and that the sinner can’t even recognize his own actions needing the help of others to point it out.

The story is found in 2 Samuel 11 – 12.

How did God really feel about David’s act of adultery?

“But the thing David had done displeased the Lord.” (2 Samuel 11:27)

“This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘I anointed you king over Israel, and I delivered you from the hand of Saul. I gave your master’s house to you, and your master’s wives into your arms. I gave you all Israel and Judah. And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more. Why did you despise the word of the Lord by doing what is evil in his eyes? You struck down Uriah the Hittite with the sword and took his wife to be your own. You killed him with the sword of the Ammonites.” (2 Samuel 12: 7-9)


Now, therefore, the sword will never depart from your house, because you despised me and took the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be your own.’”11 “This is what the Lord says: ‘Out of your own household I am going to bring calamity on you. Before your very eyes I will take your wives and give them to one who is close to you, and he will sleep with your wives in broad daylight. 12 You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.’”…because by doing this you have shown utter contempt for the Lord, the son born to you will die.” (2 Samuel 12:10-12)

There are comparisons to be made between King David and David Cherrie.  In Samuel 11:1, we learn that King David was supposed to be off at war with his men, yet we find him instead in the comfort of his palace and bed.  When he saw Bathsheba bathing he didn’t turn away. Instead, he inquired about her and was told she was married yet sent for her and slept with her anyway.  In the same way, David Cherrie was supposed to be either working or home with his family. Yet he made up lies to go and be with Janice instead. He knew she was in a 12-year common-law relationship yet he pursued her anyways.  In the same way Janice can be compared to Bathsheba. They both did inappropriate things to get noticed by their pursuer. Both knowingly betrayed their husband and slept with each David then went back home to their spouse.  Both Davids were superiors in their lives taking advantage of their position, King and boss.

After King David found out Bathsheba was pregnant he tried to get her husband to go home and sleep with her so he would think the baby was his own. But Uriah was too loyal to King David and his men who were fighting in war and stayed with the servants at the palace gate instead of going to eat, drink and sleep with his wife. King David tried to get him drunk the next night for the same purpose but Uriah remained faithful to his King and his men. When that didn’t work King David sent him to the front line to fight and be killed. Other men went to help him fight so innocent lives in King David’s army were killed too. David Cherrie was equally as desperate to cover up his adultery in the lies he told and accusations he tried to place on me. He had no problem slaughtering innocent lives like his wife, children, family, friends, Janice’s husband and their family and friends just to keep up his life of sin and to keep his adultery hidden.

Both David Cherrie and King David were cold as stone afterwards.  King David’s response to the death of Uriah and the innocent men who were fighting for him is, “Don’t be upset. The sword devours one as well as another.”  David Cherrie’s response was “Everybody saw it coming. I’ve been unhappy for 8 years.” Both statements are just callous misrepresentations of the true motive to justify their selfish actions.

It took the prophet Nathan to come to King David to share a parable about another terribly selfish and cruel man for King David to understand how God viewed his adultery. King David was indignant by Nathan’s story and his response reveals what he thinks his own punishment should be for his act of adultery, “David burned with anger against the man and said to Nathan, “As surely as the Lord lives, the man who did this must die! He must pay for that lamb four times over, because he did such a thing and had no pity.” (2 Samuel 12:5-6)  Nathan’s response is, “You are the man!” (2 Samuel 12:7)

God kept his word. Although David Cherrie will only see the good in King David and the blessings in his life and want to compare himself to King David suggesting all was well in his life post-affair, that is not true. God let the baby son of King David and Bathsheba die 7 days after he was born. God did not bless their sin. Amnon, David’s eldest son by Ahinoam (1 Chron. 3:1), raped his half-sister, Tamar. Two years afterward, Absalom, the king’s son by Maacah (2 Sam. 3:3), had Amnon murdered (2 Sam. 13). Then, later, Absalom “stole the hearts of the men of Israel,” rebelled against his father, and was ultimately killed by Joab (2 Sam. 18). Prior to being killed, Absalom rose up against King David causing him to have to flee the palace. Interestingly, Absalom pitched his tent on King David’s roof (the same place King David had watched Bathsheba bathe) and then took all of David’s concubine for his own in front of everyone. And even after David’s death, Adonijah, the king’s son by Haggith (2 Sam. 3:4), was slain by Solomon (1 Kgs. 2:24-25). A truly bloody price was paid for King David’s lust and violence.

Fast forward to the new testament when Matthew chronicles the genealogy of Christ.  Matthew 1:6 logs, “and Jesse the father of King David. David was the father of Solomon, whose mother had been Uriah’s wife”. Centuries later it is recorded that Solomon was the product of adultery. Bathsheba’s name isn’t even mentioned as his mother because she rightfully belonged to someone else and we are reminded of this fact by her husband’s name appearing instead.

In summary, David Cherrie wants to gloss over his adultery and believe it is okay; that God will turn a blind eye. It is not acceptable in the eyes of God nor in the eyes of the majority of people who know what he did. David Cherrie may very well be the modern day King David. God certainly blessed him with everything he wanted and yet his ingratitude, greed, selfishness and lust led him away from God. There has never been any repentance by David Cherrie. I wonder what agonizing consequences will continue to follow David and Janice as a result of their adultery. Like it took the prophet Nathan to show King David who he really is especially in the eyes of God, it may take the comments of other people on this blog to be prophets in David Cherrie’s life by sharing their stories about the hurt of adultery and by continuing to comment on posts with their insights and truths. David and Janice are reading it. Maybe one day they will actually see themselves as they really are and take responsibility for their actions. Even if they don’t, it is recorded here for history.

*Thank you Wayne Jackson for helping me to easily summarize the consequences of David’s sin from the Christian Courier in your article, “Does the Case of David and Bathsheba Justify Adultery Today?”




27 thoughts on “David and Bathsheba

  1. Sally says:

    Jesus…..Robyn Graham Cherrie….that is one of the craziest posts yet! Robyn Graham Cherrie clearly has lots of time on her hands since she doesn’t work. Maybe she should apply to work for the United Church? They allow female ministers, so she could certainly put forth her theological background and bore the shit out of the parishioners with stuff like this.

    Drone on Robyn Graham Cherrie, drone on.

  2. Some messages are hard to hear when they hit close to home and you don’t want to change. You brought David and Bathsheba up after all. I assumed you actually knew the full story so maybe you really are Janice or maybe just one of the other possee still hanging on. I hear she is very dim-witted so makes sense. You are all cut from the same cloth. Sorry if it just went over your head and was too complicated for you to follow. That can be the problem when people just pick and choose what they like from scripture to suit their own needs.

  3. Sally says:

    Well I am pretty short so maybe it did go over my head?? Nothing in that is hard to hear. Just seems like a big waste of time to me. Nothing like dredging up the same old same old over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

    I’m sure that will help you move on if you spend your evenings and mornings studying the scriptures on how your marriage fell apart 3yrs ago. Aren’t you sort of at a been there, done that kind a space now? Maybe if you spent this much time and effort on your marriage beforehand it may have gone better for you?? Just a thought. You could also apply that principal to your future relationships. Although Steve did dump you because you’re so focused on this blog that he didn’t want to be a part of this. Kind of silly don’t you think? Writing this blog cost you your latest relationship.

    You really need to change your focus to something far more uplifting and productive.

  4. Sally, my David and I read this entire post, we cannot believe you and it drives us up the wall how you took only part of the Bible, and believe the wrong. First you try and justify yourself with a quote, then when your called out on it, you turn the tables and point out her faults. Classic Narcissist, Bully. Why do you care if your soon to be exes relationship was good or bad or anything. Reminds me of how my ex husband was upset I was dating after the divorce and said he couldnt come pick up the kids, because he knew I would go on the date, so instead ignored them for 3 months so he could punish me – all after he slept with women while we were married. Crazypants. Writing is her outlet, and you can’t let her have it because your so fixed on proving she is wronger than you. Oh, or wait, maybe this blog stalking is starting to cost you your relationship with Bathsheba.

    • Sally says:

      You and your boyfriend read this shit?? Wow what a exciting life you two lead. That my friends is the definition of sad. And as usual, Laura (I can’t do it) tries to get in her life history on her posts. Hey Laura, you have your own blog, keep your nauseating posting 5yrs after your d day to that please. We have enough garbage on this one and don’t need yours clogging up the system.

      Well actually I’m not currently in a relationship. I don’t personally know a “Bathsheba”, but if she’s hot and available, and swings both ways, why not?

      I don’t know why you are all so down on Bathsheba? She was the mother of King Solomon. The wisest man to ever live, according to the good book!! Chip off the old block you could say. King David knew it was time to get off that sinking ship and got his life right and went on and did some pretty good things. And so did his children.

      I wonder if his ex had a scribe write scrolls to be posted all over town about him?? Things that make you go Hmmmm????

  5. JK says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for months. I use to think the blog host was really a person who should move on, and probably what we were hearing was only her versions of her side. She seemed bitter and angry and a blamer, it came through in all her posts, at least to me. There is never an excuse to cheat, but there are sometimes reasons a person reaches that place (could be their own personal character flaws, or could be circumstances that lead to play on their weak character flaws). I also think there are many ways to ‘sin” and cheating isn’t the only way, and I don’t know if God priorities sin? Sin is sin, isn’t it? But going back to basics, “What would Jesus do?”, would he chastise the ex for sinning, or would he give love and forgiveness… ?

    Anyway. I have thought that the blogger, for her own purposes, justified her actions because he sinned and cheated/lied. So she thought what she was doing was Okay. It wasn’t. … THEN, the ex and his girlfriend came into the picture with their ridiculous attempts to make it look like outsiders are siding with them, and they shown themselves worse than I would have pictured them by the bloggers descriptions alone!. I had respect at least for a man who although, may have done it the wrong way and hurt a lot of people in his wake, but who knew what he wanted and wanted to move on. However, they (the ex and his girlfriend) keep accusing the blogger of not moving on but that is exactly what they are both doing, NOT MOVING ON. By stalking this blog and trying to ‘right” every wrong they think the blogger is saying to make them look like she’s the one who is crazy, makes them look ridiculous and just as crazy. Now, he’s trying to control who writes what on this blog and it’s not even HIS blog? I am beginning to see the ‘control’ issues the blogger originally was talking about. While I use to be ‘camp ex/girlfriend” I am now realizing you are ALL so messed up it’s not even fun to read the blog anymore, only irritating on both sides. However sick you may feel the blogger is, you guys are just as bad. What is it that you feel you have to check this blog daily, cut down the people who comment in the most vile ways? Blogger, I wouldn’t even want to continue having them as an audience, I do believe it’s time for you to put your attention, time and energy toward positive things in your life. And ex and girlfriend, you TOO!

    OK now.. lets hear it. Blast away haha! You will be insulting deaf ears/blind eyes. As I will not be checking back for any reaction. Just as you should have done from the moment you found out about this blog.

    End Transmission.

  6. Huh, so it sounds like your ex might not be with Janice anymore, or she’s not important enough to him to call her his, no relationship?, or maybe he is just playing the field, cheating on her, ir wanting you back still. He sounds off deep end doesn’t care, lost soul material. Many cheaters loose it all together, because they are so confused & lost – why they turn to cheating. Happy people don’t cheat. He did say he was unhappy.

    • Sally says:

      That’s right psychologist Dr Laura (I can’t do it) I bet the ex wants her back. I bet the ex is cheating on the OW. Probably with farm animals and dead bodies. I bet he’s losing it too. He’s probably deeply concerned what you, the blogger and the others think of him and his life choices. But maybe he thinks that because he’s confused and lost.

      Wow you are one loopy, crazy, lady!

  7. TheClip says:

    You dont need a bible, priest or church to know that infidelity is morally wrong. Its one of the biggest lows. Cowardly and selfish. What is even shittier is the arms length of excuses they come up with AFTER they have been busted. All of a sudden their narrative is…. Its been over for years…. I was just waiting for the right time…. I love them but not in love with them…. And then attack the character of their partner with little gems like…. They never wanted to have sex… They bought the wrong peanut butter and leave the toilet seat up. And they will event excuse after excuse of why their partner was so bad… Re write history to prove that their partner essentially deserved to be cheated on. Its quite the manipulative tool.
    The cheater is always looking for a way to have their cake and eat it too. They need their spouse to keep up appearances and keep the family on track… The spouse if the front man… The facade for the cheater. They need that facade to be maintained to preserve their image. Image preservation is so important to the cheaters that they will fabricate, omitt, embellish and any detail pertaining to the cheating to get the onus off of them.
    Cheaters are just gutless. Snivelling cowards.
    Dont need bible study class to know that.

  8. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    So the point of this particular entry is… right… no one knows.
    It’s not the ‘journey’ of a woman dealing with infidelity… it’s a woman who digs through whatever medium she can to do what? point out cheating is wrong?

    Yup, we know.
    To sift through previous posts to find that ‘one little thing’ and think… “AH HA!” and gleefully start quoting scripture and trying to find likeness to the ex and anything else evil.
    WHY are you going through historical posts??
    It’s done.
    The parties are no longer together.
    Each party should move on to a healthier life.
    That isn’t happening.
    The folks that are trying to burn the ex at the stake aren’t helping.
    This whole blog isn’t helping… anyone.
    For the love of everything good and pure… get on with your lives.

    Are the participants able to go back to the beginning of this blog and read through and say to yourselves, “Yes, I’ve come so far emotionally, physically and financially, and I’m on a good path?”
    If you see growth, fantastic!
    I see spinning wheels.

    Everyone, including me, needs to let this God – Forsaken blog go.
    That is all.

  9. God chose a lot of stuff for his good book. Stuff that we understand. Stuff we don’t. A lot of silly nonsense which aren’t relevant anymore. The story of Esther is one of my favourite books. She wasn’t even a practising Jew, she wasn’t well learned. She was hot, and got married into a big concubine bundle but was favoured. And God worked through her to help her people. The whole book is about how people who think they have nothing to offer God can be used to accomplish amazing things, and how even when he doesn’t get a lot from them, he helps and loves them anyways. Now that’s cool. And she is a woman who has her own book.
    WINNING! But I digress. I think the story of David, and what he and Bethesda did…. Is similar. It’s showing that God doesn’t deny us the right to make choices. And allows us to live with the consequences. David made those choices, and was still gods choice, because God still chose him, before he decided to be a tool of his lust, and he still needed him. That doesn’t mean he loved the choice. He didn’t bless it, or endorse it.

    So. This is not an endorsement of adultery. That’s all you can really glean from it. End of story. My question is- what else are you reading? I was visiting my grandpa, in the hospital this weekend. He kept re reading Romans 8:28. All things work, together for good, to them that love the lord. ” I don’t think you can let it go or whatever. But I think you can choose to pray on God. Give him your anger. leave this man and his betrayal to be dealt with by bigger hands than yours. Tell us how you feel, but since you are finding blessings in many directions from that ending- find and pursue those stories. You don’t need him to fall on his face to flourish yourself.

  10. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    CREATIVERATIONAL, well said.

    As for anything the clip might have to say about my post… I don’t give a moment’s thought to what it might have to offer up.

    The clip is a vile, nasty poster who relishes in it’s own words. It thinks it is a ‘shock talker’… when really, regardless of if it is ‘educated’ or not, it comes across as so very ‘hood rat’ like (I believe that term has come out of it’s mouth to describe others.
    The truth is, the clip is a bottom feeder, So to say I skip over the posts of The Clip, would be as accurate as I could be without resorting to it’s trash talking level.

    I HONESTLY don’t read a thing it says anymore. *shrug* So really, it would be wasting it’s time to even address me…besides, I can’t imagine something as (self) important as the clip would waste it’s time addressing lil’ ole me.

    No one is interested in a does of the clap…

  11. TheClip says:

    Wow! When did I become a celebrity? Haha.
    Lets examine what one of the posters said “Everyone, including me, needs to let this God – Forsaken blog go.
    That is all.”
    Are you a kindergarten teacher? Or a middle child? Ya gotta be some ones sister in law… The bossy one who says when the party is over. Yup …’ grab your coats kids the trip to the aquarium is done we are all getting on the bus now’ or ‘ we will be having ham not turkey this year at Christmas and we will have a theme of ugly Christmas sweaters. You are that gal.
    Thing is… Ya aint the boss of me.
    Dont like my opinion… Dont read it. Dont care.
    Two – you are invested in this relationship between the blogger … Her soon to be ex and his whore bag. That became obvious when you said it was best if this site just stop. Big Flag. Whoops. And if I had to peg who you are in this hot little mess… i say you are either the mother in law or sister in law. Definiately Miss Bossy Pants.

    If none of you were invested…. Ya’ll would give a rats ass what I said. I would just be another poster with an opinion about the bloggers post.
    And the advice you give… Well that is gold… Pure gold!!! ‘ get on with your lives!!!’
    ‘ this blog isnt helping anyone’ OOOOOOHHHHH now that you said it wasnt helping anyone… We can all stop typing and move on with our lives cause Two said so!!! Phew! Glad you pointed it out I was just sitting in a puddle of my own drool waiting for your direction! Hahahaha
    Follow your own advice first… And if you do… Guess it will be the last time we hear from you at this site. Ciao.

  12. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right says:

    Well Sally, true to my word, I don’t read it’s comments (the clip) so bunched or not, I couldn’t care less

    As for the other one there who suggests I think we’re buds. HAHAHAHAHA.
    You flatter yourself!
    I’m just OK to give credit where credit is due. Don’t get carried away.

    I don’t hate anyone on here. I’m often amused by a few… love the wit at times… a couple of them make me throw up in my mouth a little bit… and there’s a few that just typically give me the dry heaves.

    I’m selective; choosing who to pay any attention to. The ‘clippy’ attention whore will never get my attention. There was one particular post that made me say, “Seriously?!? male or female…this person is nothing but TRASH – likely behaving so just online though.”
    Whatever country it’s in… (it made that statement once that I read prior to my boycott) and English isn’t it’s first language.. blah blah blah…. in any country, any language, it, (the clip) is hood-rat trash and doesn’t deserve anyone’s attention. 🙂 Choosing to pass over the vulgar, disgusting, ill-written rant of a bitter, twisted trash-dweller is just a good decision 🙂

  13. TheClip says:

    Depersonalization is a very dangerous disorder and oftened link to other disorders like narcissitic personality disorder. Using words like ‘ it’ instead of the person identity is a hallmark sign. The attempt to depersonalize someone is technique to ‘ try’ to make the person feel as though they dont exist, matter and have no value. Same technique used with cheaters to devalue someone, ergo, if someone doesnt matter or does not exist … They can’t possible be responsible for there actions or harm. Classic Narc behavior.
    Some Narcs will use ‘ it’ to replace the spouses identity when speaking to their current love interest or to a receptive audience. A gullible audience. The Narc will attempt to display that he has no connection to this individual and that have no value or concern. This of course has been precceded by the rewriting of the history. The Narc has labeled the spouse as ‘ controlling, manipulative, uninvolved, unsympathetic, sexless, angry and bitter’ When describing their spouse will frequently uses comments like ‘ they are just bitter and cant move on. ‘
    The Narc spends months sometimes years prior to the divorce grooming the other love interest. The Narc will see how receptive the love interest is and once they bite the Narc knows they have someone who will believe their story. The Love interest will align themselves with the Narc to further bolster the already over inflated ego. Anything the Narc says now is gold.
    The spouse who has endured the character assasination defends themselves and in all appearances looks crazy. The spouse has been lied to and manipulated and their worlds turned upside down by the Narc. The Narc continues to stir the pot in attempts to make their spouse look like a bat shit crazy person they are trying to leave. The spouse who has no idea why all of a sudden their lives or history of their lives have been re written. all they new was one day they were ok. Living in the burbs with their spouse until infidelity is discovered. The discovery and outing of the Narc changes their world 180 and nothing they held to be true about their life with this person is true anymore. The Narc goes on to perserve their image of the good person who has just fallen out of love with their spouse instead of the truth of being a lying manipulative self serving asshole. And so the smear of the spouse starts.
    Its classic. Insert whatever names you want… They are all the same.
    Cheaters cheat cause they think they can. Period.

    • Sally says:

      Hey theclap…..the professor of Narc’s….you know what else “narc’s” do? They have an incessant desire to hear themselves speak. Look in the mirror honey. I think you found one!!

      It’s easy for you to “depersonalize” others, place labels on them, but you fail to look at yourself. You call everyone out, but see nothing wrong in what you do or say. Sound familiar?

      Sometimes life just happens. Good or bad. It doesn’t always require a label. That’s the easy way of looking at things, placing labels on everything that happens in one’s life.

      When something bad happens you have three choices:
      1. Let it define you.
      2. Let it destroy you.
      3. Or let it strengthen you.

  14. TheClip says:

    Once again I feel so lucky that the I have been schooled on the meaning of life! And when bad things happen to you I get three options!!!! Wowsy!!! I can let it define me, let it destroy me and /or let it strengthen me!! Who freckin knew!!!! Its like the skies parted and i experienced an epiphany!!!!
    How about I define my life the way I want…you can stick to the Hallmark card section.

    • Sally says:

      The problem with you theclap is you’re an old 8 track machine that has been fucked over a few times and now you’re stuck on repeat with the same message over and over and over. You’re boring as fuck to listen to. You have nothing to say or no different views than the narcs, ow’s, cum dumpsters, cheaters of the world that are all wrong and you are right. Soapboxes are for politicians, religious zealots and fundamentalist, closed minded, offensive idiots. Step off your box and enjoy life. You clearly haven’t and don’t based on your limited commentary.

    • Sally says:

      “hunh”?? Let me guess that is some abbreviation like your fav’s OW & Narcs?? Or maybe it’s from one of the 8 languages you speak?? Crazy, wacky, goofy, self righteous, insane, loud mouth, know it all or angry & bitter? Which one?

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