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Horror on the Hill

For the past 3 years, I have gone to my friend (M’s) Halloween party. It is his favourite time of year and this year coincided with the celebration of his 50th birthday party.

He lives on a hill that over looks the ocean and elaborately decorates his home like a haunted house, hence the title of his invitation, ‘Horror on the Hill’.  His bathroom has bloody foot prints on the floor; body parts and a knife in the tub with blood all over; a bloody shower curtain with bloody hand prints on it; a mirror behind the toilet with audible, laughing, scary, faces; and music playing creepy movie scenes like Psycho. It still unnerves me to hear the shower turn on and the stabbing music start. There is also a little, creepy girl voice saying, “I see you”.

Elsewhere around the upstairs is police tape around an area with a zombie like creature in a wheel chair wielding a knife, dancing skeletons projected on one of the walls, a guy you actually pull a breaker switch to watch violently riling back and forth as he is shocked to death in an electric chair, a 7-foot tall moving Frankenstein, skulls and spiders that move up and down the wall, mirrors with changing faces, a book that has a feather pen that talks and writes out a scary message, a cat that jumps at you, and a giant werewolf.

Outside, he has an incredible array of creepy decorations throughout his gardens.  On his lawn there are huge blow ups as well as large mummies in coffins standing up and lying down. On the front porch a young zombie girl moves back and forth on a swing with her head turning side to side and her eyes lit up singing very eerily, “La la la la la la”. The theme is carried through to the food, the dishes, glasses and every detail throughout the house.

M loves to dance and he is very good. He has mirrors on one wall of his living room and I joke that he probably just goes in and watches himself dance. He admits that he does. The best part of the party is that his tenant is a DJ and sets up an entire DJ booth with video player, strobe lights, a skeleton mirror disco ball hanging from the ceiling and the entire living room is turned into a giant dance floor.  This year, in honour of M’s 50th birthday, there was live music, too, with a reggae singer and hip hop artists.

M has always come across as very sexual to me. He has an amazing body.  He is over 6 feet tall and all muscle. He loves to wear Halloween costumes that show off his athletic physique and he is very comfortable in form fitting outfits, bare chest and legs. He changes his costumes throughout the night. We have a strictly platonic relationship but he is very teasing, playful, touchy and always asks specifics about my sex life.  We joke a lot but we also share deep, personal, painful, and honest emotions with one another.  His wife had an affair with his best friend. His wife lied to the police about him and when she was found out she lost custody of their children. My friend was awarded full custody but he is amazingly compassionate and forgiving and offered his wife a 50/50 split so their children had a chance of actually having a relationship with their mom. He is very generous to me. He has been my knight in shining armour rescuing me when my car got towed and taking me to lunches and dinners always finding ways to never let me pay.  He’s come to yoga with me. We both have a sweet tooth so find reasons to go for treats and laugh when we run into each other in local bakeries. He knows my lawyer and on the day I was walking over to court with her  M called her on her cell phone to tell her that he especially hoped she did well in court today for my sake. He even offered to call my ex to share with him his court experience, to offer any assistance and to even act as a mediator.  Whenever I am having a particularly difficult day with my ex I hear M’s words, “Dave is just being Dave” and it calms me in the storm that Dave is creating all around me.

This year, I went to his party with my girl friend, her boyfriend and another couple who are close friends of mine.  We are all fairly conservative and remarked that there was quite a lot of slutty costumes this year.  There were breasts hanging out, bare stomachs, fishnets, garters and stockings, bra tops, skirts that barely covered and even a man wearing a onesie with his butt hanging out the back. The party seemed even more crowded and as I was going into the kitchen I was stopped behind 3 people who were arranging a three-some. I shared with my friends what I had just overheard. The one girl involved with the arranging was dressed as a slutty police officer. She talked to me throughout the night with a sexy whisper, would wink at me from across the room and suggested to me that I check out Elvis because he was really sexy.

My friends and I all took a break from the dance floor and went into another room. I sat on one couch with my girlfriend and her husband and my other girlfriend and her boyfriend sat across from us.  When her boyfriend got up another man came and sat down beside her.  He was dressed as a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit. He was the husband of the slutty police officer. My girlfriend and he were quite chatty with each other. Then the slutty police officer came and sat down with them.  My friends beside me on the couch joked that they were going to invite my girlfriend for a 3-some.

Slutty police officer was now sitting across from me.  My girlfriend whispered, “I don’t mean to be vulgar but you are going to see pussy in a minute.”  Her skirt was that short. Her cleavage was so plentiful and revealing that my friend also whispered to me that she saw nipple.  By this point we are really entertaining ourselves people watching. A very drunk French maid decided to get down on her hands and knees in front of us and show us how she could balance on her hands with her knees on her elbows. While this was going on a very tiny girl came in with a man in a suit. We were told a contortionist/fire eater was coming but I already saw a girl carrying a hula hoop with places for the torches to be set on fire on the hoop.  Turns out this new girl was just one of 2 strippers that gifted my friend with quite the performance. He apologized to me afterwards saying that the grinding to his face was a bit much but what else could he do when everyone was there watching.  He had to act polite.  I joked with him that I could tell it was a terribly unpleasant experience for him. Then he showed my girlfriend’s husband photos of him and a girl on his phone that he wouldn’t show me.

I was back on the dance floor when my girlfriend and her boyfriend came to find me announcing, “We are at a swingers party.”  When my girlfriend was sitting with the slutty police officer’s husband on the couch he shared with her that his wife was making out with the host. He didn’t say the host’s name so my girlfriend said, “You don’t know M?” He told her that his wife met him on line and invited her to his party because there would be at least 10 swinging couples here. The prisoner-costumed guy received a text while he was talking to my friend and commented, “That was fast.” He told my friend his wife was able to arrange a hook up with the host. Then slutty police lady came back and sat on the couch pouting.  She was now in a bad mood because she said that she couldn’t hook up with the host because he wanted her to go to places she wouldn’t go. I wondered what places a girl like that wouldn’t go and then I wondered what the heck my friend was into that slutty police officer wouldn’t take part. My friend and her boyfriend ended up calling a cab for the slutty police officer and her prisoner husband. She was very upset that she didn’t think she was going to have sex (even though she had arranged the 3-some I overheard with mermaid girl and her husband). Prisoner husband decided they would leave saying, “Don’t worry Honey, we’ll go to the Sticky Wicket and we’ll get you laid.”

Once I was aware what was actually going on I saw things more clearly. Groups coming out of bedrooms, people going downstairs (my married friends dared me to go down), men and women fondling each other and grinding all over the dance floor, partners that I thought were together were now clearly with other people, too, people making eye contact with me maybe waiting for some  signal or for me to invite them over or for me to approach them.

When I went home I checked out the website where my friend apparently is a member. I remembered my husband telling me in the year before our separation about his friend and wife who shared partners and I remembered meeting friends of theirs where I was told later the husband is one of two men who got a girl pregnant that he cheated on his wife with and he was waiting for a paternity test to see if it was him. I remember telling my husband that he better not be on his friend’s boat without me. I wondered if he and Janice might now be apart of this group as I remembered finding the emails after my separation that he wanted to have 3-somes with my closest friends. Maybe that is why Janice sends my ex sexy photos of other women even publicly on Twitter. My husband shared with me different stories about the unhappiness in his friend’s marriage and about his friend waking up on their boat in one stateroom and looking across to the other stateroom seeing his friend groping his wife and her staring off blankly while this was going on. I asked what he did.  My husband said he just turned over and went back to bed. I told my husband that I didn’t know why he would feel anything about seeing that when he chose to introduce other partners into their sex life.  It is just a license to allow cheating.

I am having dinner with my friend, M, next week to celebrate his actual 50th birthday. We have spoke a couple of times since his party but I haven’t let him know yet that I learned he might be a swinger. I will when we go for dinner. No judgement. I want this man to continue to be a part of my life. I just have concerns that he is maybe being pulled in a direction that is taking him further away from what he is really looking for. Then again, this may just be another example in my life that you never really know who people are or what they really think, feel or want for their life.


49 thoughts on “Horror on the Hill

  1. I have found that you do not indeed, really know who people are or what they really think, feel or want for their life….either that, or all of those things may vary…depending on WHO they are with.

  2. I think people who trust each other and agree to approved, disclosed sexual allowances could find a way to make it work, if that’s what they need and want. Swinging takes just as much if not more trust than monogomy, and involves a lot of disclosure, honesty and trust. It involves checking in, really understanding boundaries and the ability to really address where your partner and you will stop, and know it’s a hard no, regardless of how into something one of you may be. hard stop. When you marry, and then decide to fuck around behind people’s back, then get caught and say you want an open marriage, you’re disrespecting both types of trustworthy relationships- both swinging and fully monogamous. And people who ask for swinging when they already entered into a no- swing marriage… They need to respect that they already agreed to a hard no. If they don’t respect it, want it, can’t deal with it… they need to end it.

    It sounds like your friend has been hurt, and now is willing to be open to different boundaries. I love how open you are to him, I know he would never have shown you that without trusting you and knowing that it would be potentially vulnerable and that he loves you enough to be that vulnerable.

    You are loved. And you have agape for him. You’re gonna be just fine.

  3. TheClip says:

    I dont think Swingers cheater any more than mono couples. I know two couples who are swingers and neither one have ‘ cheated ‘ on their spouse. They have open dialogue about who they will have sex with and have different boundaries. But they dont have sex with people behind their spouses back… Big difference.
    Would some swingers cheat? Probably. Those with flawed characters who break the agreement with their partner. Cheaters come in all flavors and from all walks of life. Its a charcter flaw… Not a lifestyle choice. Cheating is based on deception and lies.
    Having an open sex life with your partner , in my opinion , does not lead to cheating. The only thing that leads to cheating is shitty character.

  4. TheClip says:

    I am happy to entertain you Sluty. You can throw out what ever bait you want… And do believe you stole my line again….fish and bait analogy… Mine… Anyhoo… I think you missed the point about the baiting too. Strange how you twist things. I encourage you to re read that. You jump on what the blogger says … Very personally. So much so that it would appear that you bite everytime she says something about you or your Humpy. Abandon throws about something about you and humpy… And snap! You are on it. So ready to disprove it. Not objectively as an uninvolved poster would… Nope you offer details of the events and excuses.
    That would be jumping on the hook. Taking the bait…. I think we have run thru this a few times.
    I however have nothing to gain nor lose from commenting her other than a shared belief about cheating being morally wrong. If you dont want me to comment then you wouldnt throw out bait… But you do want me to comment??? Dont get it Sluty. If you dont want me to comment… Then u dont throw out bait… But you say I took the bait… So you threw some out? So you want me to comment? Hmmm. Do you know what you want ?
    Make up yr mind Sluty.

    • Sally says:

      I’m sorry theclap you lost me with the stupidity of your analogy. Someone took bait…or threw out bait…. and then you took it…. or I took it…. or threw it…. and then bloggers comments??? It’s all so foreign what your trying to say here? Do you even understand your points?

  5. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    Blogger, check and fix your privacy settings on Facebook. Not that shit can’t be accessed through that vortex by other means, but the means and ways of obtaining info deemed ‘private’ on Facebook isn’t what my comment is about.

    Because I don’t like the fact you speak of OTHER PEOPLE’S lives on your blog… I wonder what ‘M’ would think of your entry above…

    The nature of my profession… has me test systems for security flaws. So before I’m called a troll or some other nonsense, human nature and curiosity got me wondering about something…

    Everyone knows what your name is and where you live.
    A quick look of your accessible Facebook page shows numerous photos of said party. Yup I see a rather scantly dressed Police officer, etc.
    So yes, I have the right person. In those photos, you tag a fellow who’s name starts with M… and you added another great party or something like that. I won’t say his name publicly… but what prevents me from taking the URL of this post, and sending it to him via Facebook? Maybe he wouldn’t care, but considering this is the world wide web… he’s easily reached and now everyone knows M is a swinger, and all that happened behind closed doors.

    You are so disrespectful it makes me ill. You are NO FRIEND to write all this about what was clearly a private party.

    How on earth is reporting this information relevant to the plight of the scorned woman?

    Remember… now anyone can contact ‘M’ and tell him what a great friend you are and all it is you told the world about his party that was likely ‘invite only’….

    Oh.. and I especially love how the supporters of this blogger think that it’s ok to ‘swing’ so long as everyone knows and is cool about it.
    The sanctity of marriage clearly means nothing to any of you.

    • Sally says:

      Didn’t we all know that? But yes you make a good point about the blogger and her long history of sharing information that she shouldn’t.

      Funny how it’s ok to be going to a party like this, but if the shoe was on the other foot, I’m sure she’d be sharing how depraved the Narc & OW are.

      Can we say HYPOCRITE to the blogger and all of her supporters!!

    • The privacy settings on my Facebook are in fact private. How did you say you accessed my photos? The reason my name appears on my blog is because you and the other destructive people in your camp put it there. I did keep my name hidden and the name of my husband hidden for obvious reasons. Why do you feel the need to go into my Facebook account and list the name of my friend? It is clear that your only purpose on my blog is evil and to cause destruction. Why would you name another friend of mine that you think I am sleeping with and name his ex-wife? Innocent people are just collateral damage to you in your efforts to control me and have me shut down my blog. Your remarks that the “sanctity of marriage means nothing to you” makes me wonder what exactly you stand for. You are on my site supporting Dave and Janice who both cheated on their spouses. You are on my blog speaking exactly about what you don’t like–information about other people’s lives. Why would you care about my blog or anything that I post for that matter? My “plight” is exactly what your goal is to create and prolong.

      • Me Two Wrongs says:

        1. Facebook is a joke insofar as security and accessing photos, Haven’t you ever read the news?
        You should know. You managed to go onto other person’s FB’s to obtain their photos… without permission.. AND you stole them, so what gives? It’s ok for you to go there, but no one to go on yours? Besides, like I said, had I wanted to tell on you, or “out you” as theclip suggested, I’d have just done it with out saying a word here. Nor did I steal your photos, as you’ve taken others. Just sayin’.
        2. I named no one in my post. I referred to ‘M’, just as you did. Yeah Yeah, my bad.
        3. I didn’t say –
        you were,
        you wanted to
        or will be sleeping with anyone, or their husbands…

        Clearly my intended post was lost in translation ~ big shock.
        It’s ok
        The cause is lost.

        I’m just the ‘Indian’ Two Wrongs.
        Your sanctimonious ramblings are nauseating anyways.
        PS, I don’t even know Dave or Janice, but they can’t be all bad.
        I also don’t know who Sally is, but I think she’s as funny as hell just from a wit and wisdom standpoint.

        TW with BI

      • Sally says:

        Your “plight” as you refer to it… self made. You started the blog. You named the people. You posted the photo’s. You continue to name them and say things which are untrue. It’s starts and ends with you. As the great Martin Luther King Jr once said:

        Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

        End the darkness and hate. Remove the identifying information of others and your “plight” will be no more.

      • Two Wrongs called it my “plight”, not me. I named Janice Andrews and posted her photos, that was it. Tell me one thing that I said that was untrue. You love to scream “false” and yet you never try to share your version of what you might call your truth. Instead, you throw out falsities about me. It doesn’t start and end with me. You can control your actions only, not mine. Why don’t you start being the light you want to see and show that you are by what you post here on my blog and how you act in my life. You can start representing love and see what happens. You are quoting things you clearly don’t understand or want to implement in your life. If you think my blog is dark then if you believed what you just quoted you wouldn’t appear on my blog spewing darkness. Act the way that you want people to act first and then see what changes. Start doing what you know to be right and see what happens. Every action you make is egocentric. You want to control me to do exactly what you want.

  6. TheClip says:

    My Indian name is Two Wrongs is a trip… Nothing like the subtle threat… See I am Two Wrongs and I have powers to out you… And I know where you live and I will make sure you understand… She/he has the POWER!!! Trippin.
    Sex between consenting adults is their business. You and your partner are in agreement about sex outside your marrriag… Hey… Have at it, Aint my thing. The HUGE difference is the partner is informed and also has a say. Cheating… Completely different.
    Marriage is an agreement betwen two people. There are many forms of marriage and none that I know of condone infidelity, lying, deceit, and having sex outside the marriage without your partners consent or knowledge. Marriage is also about love….love in its purest form does not allow for deceit, lies, omissions and cheating. Cheating is not just about infidelity… Its selfish choices that a person takes and is unconcerned about the fall out. The collateral damage is no concern to them.
    You can try to derail this blog with ‘ threats’ of your power of what you can do with these posts. You demonstrate that you are a bully… And if none of this blog were true… And none of the information accurate… Ya wouldnt give a crap..
    Your post and behaviors demonstrate that Abandon might be bang on!

    • Two Wrongs Dobt Make A Right says:

      I only read the first line of your post the clip.
      I don’t give a crap what your background is… But you are not only trash.. But now you’re exhibiting racist behaviour. Just when I thought you were at the bottom of your barrel.

      My post was to encourage the poster to secure her security settings on social media if she was going to air the personal happenings at a private party. Clearly you read the post in a tone to which you are most comfortable with – Bitter, twisted and confrontational. I don’t threaten… If I’d wanted to ‘out’ the blogger, I’d have just done it.

      Don’t you ever tire of being so ugly?

      BTW, my ‘Indian’ name isn’t Two Wrongs. However, if you are interested in my Native Heritage, I’d be happy to educate you.

      You’re such a rascist piece of trash.

    • Sally says:

      Hahaha….it so funny how theclap thinks she knows who people are…and like her language skills, she doesn’t have a clue.

      Even better is her psychology 101 rants about what love is. I’m guessing you’re following sites like this because you don’t have a clue. Or maybe you’re just an awesome person who feels the need to enlighten the world on these things. Or maybe you read the latest edition of Cosmo and want to share with us. Aren’t we so lucky??

      You’re a classic…..a classic narc. Love listening to yourself talk.

  7. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    I only need to read the first line of theclip’s post to see that in addition to not having a modicum of intelligence, it is also a racist. Not surprising.

    theclip sees life through it’s bitter, twisted, angry glasses. My post was suggesting the blogger tighten up her security settings if she is to air private details about other people’s lives. Had I wanted to ‘out’ her, I’d have just done it.
    No one is threatening anyone…

    Don’t you ever get tired of behaving in such an ugly fashion? In addition to having an attitude that belongs in the gutter, you demonstrate racist behaviors. How predictable.

    I have no idea what your heritage is, nor do I care. Even if you are ‘Indian’ … your comments are still racist. I’m assuming you mean West Indian and not East Indian…
    If you were ‘Indian’ you’d have at least addressed so correctly.
    Historically you’ve tossed out statements like, “In my country…” and “English isn’t my first language.” Well neither is mine. However, I seem to have a relatively decent grasp on the English language, and further to that, I know racism isn’t becoming. It further illustrates your intolerance and inability to function in a diverse society.
    I digress.
    Just so there is no confusion. No, my ‘Indian name’ isn’t “Two Wrongs”. However if you would like to know about my Native Heritage, and ethnic background, I’d be happy to educate you. Clearly you could also use a little education on respect.

    I thought you were already scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for some kind of contribution to this digital rag, but you hit a new low. I do think though, out of all the posters here, if there is a new low, you’ll be the one to find it.

    ਮੈਨੂੰ ਤੁਹਾਡੇ ਪੇਸ਼ੇਵਰ ਮਦਦ ਦੀ ਮੰਗ ਦੀ ਆਸ

    Bait tossed. 😉

  8. TheClip says:

    Clearly you and Sluty have nailed it right on the head! I am so transparent!
    And once again I will point out that you continue to post here despite repeatedly stating you were not.
    So why? Whats the hard on with Abandon? Its obvious you have personal ties and investment. You side with the cheater and his girlfriend. And make many attempts and recommendations to have the blogger take down this site. Why? If you were not invested you wouldnt careless if she ranted on for days about her scum bag husband and his Ho. You would look at the blog and say’ another crazy scorned woman, how sad’ Instead you try to find not so subtle ways to have her stop blogging. Interesting. Maybe you are just bossy. Think I mentioned that before. Your sanctimonious post on whats best for everyone here… Including the blogger.
    You also have a tactic to divert attention away from the bloggers aim. Start these little games of tit for tat with me. Deflection. Its a nice try.
    So lets stay on topic… Which is swinging … And why it differs from cheating. Swinging lifestyle choice between partners… Cheating unilateral covert decison made by someone with a lack of character and morals.

    • Sally says:

      bahaha…..theclap and the broken record….deflection, you must be invested, what’s the hard on with abandon, tactic to divert from blogger. Is that all you have? What’s that about 30 things that you roll through over and over. Next post it will be the narc, OW, cum dumpster, slutty (that is the correct spelling by the way)…..and by the way, I think you meant “care less” as opposed to “careless”, which would better be used to describe your writing skills. I’ll give you sanctimonious though…..good one. Nice use of a big word. I’m guessing you used a Thesaurus to find that one.

      Kills me how you question Two Wrongs and what their personal investment is. What’s yours? Why do you come here? Just because you don’t like cheaters? Yeah ok we got that. You’ve stated that ad infinitum (that’s a lot just in case you need to look it up). We’ve all got your view, so why do you continue to hang around and feel the need to be the cheater police? You have nothing of interest so move along to another cheater blog, state your limited views and then keep moving?

      So, why are you here?

      And in case you don’t understand the internet, it’s a public blog. She can make her comments, and others can then post what they have to say in reply, whether that be support or not. Take a chill pill and relax.

      • Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

        Actually Sally, I believe it was I who used the word sanctimonious rather than theclit.. err theclip rather. It can’t have credit for that one. Unless of course I missed it; which is a possibility… I tend to simply scan it’s posts. It’s the same drivel every time.
        Although it’s bull-dyke tendencies are starting to show.

        I think it likes me. Doesn’t that just send visible shivers up your spine?

  9. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    now the blogger picks and chooses the posts she allows.
    For example, the one where someone named “M”… that one is gone. As is the one where I pointed out
    1. I named no one
    2. I did not say, or suggest the blogger is sleeping with anyone, or their husbands..
    3. Getting into Facebook photos are a no brainer… the blogger should know, she did it, stole photos and published them without permission.

    I said more, but it’s as relevant as this blog.

    • Didn’t you scold me for not picking and choosing what I allowed to be posted on my site? Hmm, you sound exactly like my husband–nothing makes you happy. You scream for one thing and don’t get it because you want the other thing and when you get that you insist it should be the other way around or something entirely different. No one has edited you. What is there to edit? You don’t say anything. You changed your name to “Me Two Wrongs” so it showed up as a new poster. You have changed your name so many times on my site trying to look like someone new that you don’t even know who you are anymore. That’s what happened to my husband. He tried to be so many people to whoever he was trying to please at the moment that he no longer remembers who he really is or knows who he ever was. Outside circumstances come reflecting back to you as an indicator of your true self. All chaos, lies, hatred, strife, accusations, etc. You are Dave’s friend, you aren’t his friend, you don’t even know him or Janice, you are my friend trying to help me, English isn’t your first language, you are a mother of 2, you test security systems, etc. and yet I am the one who doesn’t speak the truth on my blog and pretends to be someone that I am not. You apparently weren’t the one who posted my friend’s name yet you scream that I edited a post saying his name. Sally did. I guess that is you, too. You and Sally are the only 2 still hanging around of all the persona that appeared together. But you don’t know each other.

      • Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

        🙂 I bet you have a little notebook with all the ohhs and ahhs of what’s written here.
        How cute.
        I haven’t a clue who Sally is, but she’s as funny as heck. Her wit is what ‘keeps me coming back’… just like AA… right theclip?
        Who gives a shit who said ‘plight’ or who has kids, or who does or doesn’t speak English as a first language. I could write in Punjabi if it makes you happy?

        theclip has a real hardon for you. Wonder who that really is. Probably some bull-dyke who hopes to score points.

      • Sally says:

        Well well well…..looks like our dear blogger friend has edited my comments too. Interesting… what’s wrong you don’t want M the Swinger to find out you’re posting about him? You don’t want him to be identified? You have no problem identifying others, but when it comes to your friends, whom you share about on a public blog, somehow that changes and you, as theclap would say, become all sanctimonious on us. Unfortunately for you Abandonned, M is just a click away and will find out very shortly the lovely friend that he has. Welcome to the party M!

        Maybe you should think about this in terms of your kids. If M the Swinger can find himself being posted about so easily, think about how easy it is for your kids to find this.

        Hey by the way how’s old Stevo the Cheato doing? You still fucking a married man? You know the one you continue to deny? How about you update us on your thriving relationship.

      • Identifying an innocent party would be like me showing up on Janice’s parents doorstep with copies of the sexting messages and photos you sent each other. Why would I purposely try to hurt innocent people? I am not like you at all. I could tell them all about the lousy daughter they raised and the type of person she is dating but why would I be out to hurt other people? She chose to enter my life and fuck with it, not the other way around.

        How funny you want to know if I am fucking a married man. As if I would ever do what you did to me. But nice way to try and point the finger at me so nobody looks at what you actually did and continue to do if you are so legalistic about the definition of marriage. I think it really bothers you to think of me with someone else and you are dying to know if I continue to be faithful to you since you won’t give me a divorce. Still hanging on to the window ledge to see if you can climb back into my life.

        Is that what you call yourselves to make it seem cute, “Cheato”? That would have been a great Halloween costume for you and Janice. Dressing up like orange cheesies and calling yourself Cheetos.

        It amuses me how jealous you are thinking that there might be other men in my life. Over 3 years since you’ve been screwing around with your own married woman when you were and still are married, and yet you want to try and sully me by accusing me of being with any other man whose name you may have heard our children say?

        Still going on about our kids finding the blog and yet they still haven’t. The only reason M would know about this blog is if you send him the link as your threaten. The only people in this city who know about my blog is the people you told. You are good at hurting people and seem to take great pleasure out of doing that. Do what you need to do. One day, you might just find you’ve purposely involved a person who you might really regret involving.

      • Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

        Oh look! I did say plight. Must have been an error in personalities… considering I apparently have many.

      • Sally says:

        Nice try to as theclap would say, deflect and make yourself look all high and mighty.

        Umm I think if you go back and read your blog you’ll remember that you admitted to sending copies of messages to your ex’s family and friends as well as your family and friends. You then showed up at the OW’s workplace to confront. You then sent a letter as a “concerned taxpayer” to the employer to somehow try and get them involved. You then chased for 3 months to discover a boyfriend of the OW and then met with him and provided info. You have contacted former employees of the ex’s employer to try and dig up info. You’ve threatened to come to the office of the ex if “you don’t get what you want”. You text the ex constantly with ridiculous messages….shall I go on exposing your hypocrisy and sanctimonious ways?? (boy this word is getting a lot of use since theclap brought it up)

        You claim you have “photos”. Really? Let’s see them! You haven’t held back identifying others in the past, let’s see your alleged photo’s? I’m pretty sure they don’t exist and it’s another example of the made up stories to make yourself seem so victimized.

        You say you don’t purposely try and hurt people?? Really? What is it you think you’re doing with this blog? Naming people? Listing places of employment? Posting photos? Posting letters by your daughter to her father that you have no permission to use? Constantly picking apart things that they do? No attempts to hurt? Really so then what is the purpose of all of this? It’s one thing to share feelings, it’s another to identify and pointedly attack people. And if you do, and you get a response, don’t play all high and mighty that people are “attacking” your blog.

        If you don’t want people to attack you, then stop attacking them. You can point to them and what they’ve done, but are you really any better after all you done and said?

  10. TheClip says:

    Its her blog…. Why do u care?
    Let her talk about pickles. Then you would have nothing to say… But if she talks about the pickles you know … Then you have something to say or should I say dismiss.
    Why do you care about this blog? Why does it get you so angry and waving your finger at her… Tsk tsk Abandon. You do that because you are invested and emotionally tied to her husband in whatever fashion it is.
    And as much as you attempted to ping pong the conversation around that fact… Its obvious.

  11. TheClip says:

    Sluty , you and Two Wrongs have made several comments and suggestions to the blogger and her audience about stopping this blog. Its actually been Two Wrongs rant for awhile. You have objections when she speaks about something personal. You seem to have an unusual amount of personal information available on the blogger and dismiss and attempt to correct her facts and information. Information about her children and their schedule. Even Humpy’s schedule. You the Nanny?
    Nosey neighbor? Nah. You are the girlfriend. For now. Until the next flavor.
    Ever wonder what he is going to tell your replacement? Something like… ‘ ya she was so wrapped up in my ex wife. It was like a competition. She was obessed with my ex wife. Followed her blog. Intried to leave that life behind and she kept the animosity going with her jealousy. I couldnt take it anymore’
    Your can then get your own blog… ‘ Scorned Wifes ex husbands disgarded girlfriend’
    Let me know when you start your blog… I will love to hear your story!!!

    • Sally says:

      theclap… some many other men in your life have asked you….are you even relevant here? It’s no wonder you’ve been cheated on, same old same old theclap. Nothing new or interesting. Maybe you should be more concerned what you are invested in.

  12. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right says:

    Jesus… Talk about someone who seems overly-invested… theclip, you are very passionate about the blogger you don’t know. How curious.
    Your still a racist.
    Funny how you didn’t address that particular slight of hand. Fat fingers going to be your excuse… Again?

    Any other racial, bigoted, sanctimonious comments?
    I might be Indian, but at least I’m not an asshole. 🙂

  13. TheClip says:

    No, YOU called me a racist. Doesnt mean that I am. I dont accept anyones definition of myself… But myself. And again in your sanctimony… You call me … What was it?… A bull-dyke? But I am a bigot and a racist? You use disparging language out one side of your mouth and spew moralistic BS out the outside. Duplicitous. Pick a side cause the crazy is showing. Its hard to keep it together when you know your intent is to sabotage this blog. Eventually the cracks start to show because its hard for you not to respond emotionally. So eventually you slip. You accuse me of something .. Racism and bigotry… But in true hypocritical fashion call me a bull-dyke. Again, I will define myself and my sexuality. But thanks for the idea…maybe being a bull-dyke would be fun for awhile.
    Maybe Abandon will join me! And we will have wild crazy lesbian sex! Ahhh… But you and Sluty would want a piece of that too… Go find your own lesbian Two Wrongs cause i wont cheat on Abandon.

  14. Two wrongs don't make a right... says:

    *yawn* yeah… ‘my’ crazy is starting to show….

    You and Abandon go on.. I’ll pass.
    I think you might be trying for shock value, but really… you’re just a strange duck.

    boring as hell also.

    Thanks for coming out, you’re peculiar at best.

  15. Two wrongs don't make a right... says:

    *looks around the room* Yup… this is the place. The Blog of Double Standards.
    Gee Wiz theclip, I was just trying to fit in…you know, follow your lead.

    Gets boring quick though.

  16. In response to Sally, M has nothing to do with this. I indicated that it made no sense to involve people who have absolutely nothing to do with you and Janice plotting and scheming how to deceive and lie in order to carrying out your affair and betrayal of me and our children. You and Janice are NOT innocent parties.

    How is this making me look high and mighty? Yes, in the hour that our daughter and me discovered the affair we told your parents. We were coming to visit them in a week. That was close to 3 years ago. How does involving M have anything to do with that. Yes, I told my friends what happened. You think I was supposed to protect you and lie to my friends and family about what happened? Again, how does involving M or Steve have anything to do with that. These are people you have never met. People that I have met since moving on like you are apparently begging me to do but you want to try and ruin any relationship I have with anyone new?

    I never tracked down Janice’s husband (look at you trying to say that her 12-year common-law husband was her “boyfriend”). It is unbelievable that you are still defending Janice and you by continuing your affair, 3 months after I found out, and you still not telling him. You people are unbelievable. He is a victim in this and had every right to know. Again, what does he have to do with M?

    Who is living in the past Dave and can’t get over everything that happened. You are bent on destroying my present, my future. You don’t want me to move on. You don’t want me to be happy, especially with anyone else.

  17. Sally says:

    You mean M the Swinger? Why do you keep trying to edit my posts?? You can’t pick and choose who you wish to expose. If you put them on this blog they will be exposed. That is what other posters have been kindly trying to point out to you. If you don’t want people exposed, then remove names, photos etc. Then write what you want about all the people in this toxic mess. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you want to be chief judge and executioner, then you better be prepared for the fall out.

    • No one said that I can’t name names. The only person I named was The Other Woman. You, under several different names, identified me. I allowed you to do that. I didn’t name myself previously to protect your identity in an effort to protect our children. You cry, “For the sake of the kids…” Yet, you don’t care about the kids you just want to control me.

      I guess that you exposing me didn’t appease your “an eye for an eye” mentality. We know who the other woman is, we know who I am. No editing. Yet, here you go again throwing out random names and trying to tarnish those people just for knowing me. It is really all just desperate, frenzy in your efforts to continue to threaten me and try to make me afraid. Yet, my blog still exists. You even generated more traffic to it. You can’t control me Dave. You can continue to threaten and try to hurt me and my friends, but you cannot control me.

      The identity of Janice Andrews is old news. I haven’t identified the name of her new Twitter account. Take your own advice and move on.

  18. TheClip says:

    Ahh Sluty… She can do anything she wants… Its her blog. You have to learn that you cant have a piece of everything Abandon has or wants to have. Ya dont get to dictate shit here. She CAN be judge , executioner and a flying fucking monkey … If she wants. Ya dont get a say. Must chaffe you something fierce. There is lotion for that Sluty.

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