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Ask and You shall Receive…an Insult

I asked my ex tonight if he was able to pick our daughter up from the ferry on Sunday, October 2 at 5:30 p.m.  He responded, “Sure”.  I was surprised not only that he responded to my request but that he responded so positively and so quickly.

Just when I started to text a thank you back I immediately received another response from him that is much more typical, “Oh no wait I’m away I cant”. Then he sent another saying, “That’s your weekend I believe”.  He knew all along he wouldn’t do it but thought he would play with me by saying ‘yes’ to start.

I responded, “Okay. Thank you for considering.”

His response: “Well thnka s for offering”.  (yes that is how it was received, same with the last text spelling.)

I mentioned however how the month of September has been going for seeing his children:  “I didn’t know we had weekends.  You didn’t see (daughter’s name) when it was “your” weekend and then you didn’t see her the next weekend to make up for it.  We just figure it is always my weekend unless you make plans to see her.”  It has actually been 3 weekends in a row he hasn’t seen our daughter.

His response:  “Whatevs tubs. Go eat some cheese cake and chocolate cookies.”

I didn’t respond and had no interest in communicating further.

His next text: I have plans…as usual you’re last minute Larry…if you asked sooner might have been able to do something for you.”

I had to point out: “Last minute?  It isn’t this Sunday it is next Sunday.  That is 10 days from now. Does that mean you will be having (daughter) this weekend?

His response:  “I’m not wasting my time conversing with you…good night and eat another piece of cake darling”



14 thoughts on “Ask and You shall Receive…an Insult

  1. Sounds like a complete asshole! Some people don’t deserve kids. If I were you I’d forget all about this POS and live life as tho he’d died! Forget all about him. He’s really not worth your time or your effort!

  2. Phoenix says:

    you really have to stop communicating with him. Stop asking for the money he owes, just give everything to the lawyer and let them talk. stop asking him to do anything and everything. i know it’s hard, but you are just going to and you will, find a way to do it all without him. he wants to be nothing in his kids life, so you treat him as so. NOTHING…

  3. He’s an ass. I’m sorry you have to deal with him. I agree with the others who say stop communicating with him. Go no contact; let the lawyers work it out. Pretend he’s dead and get on with your life.

    • Oh ya, it was stupid of me to set myself up for that. A friend’s husband offered to do it for me and he would have brought his daughter with him to get her but why should anyone else have to get our child when I can’t.

      • You are absolutely correct. He *should* pick his own daughter up. But he’s not going to. You can accept that or continue to bang your head against a brick wall. I think you’ll be a lot happier once you drop the rope and no longer try to make him be responsible. The only person you can control is yourself.

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