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Victoria Police Chief Steps Aside

The police union demanded the resignation of Victoria Police Chief, Frank Elsner, two weeks ago as a result of his admission that he was exchanging inappropriate Twitter messages with the wife of a subordinate police officer.

Now, as reported by CHEK news tonight, Frank Elsner has voluntarily stepped aside, with pay, now that the Office of Police Complaints Commissioner has ordered two different public trust investigations into the police chief.

He is being investigated by RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and two retired judges. Not only is there an issue with his exchange of flirtatious social media messages but he also allegedly misled investigators, lied to the officer in question about the messages he sent to his wife so that the officer would not file a complaint against him, talked to witnesses after being told not to talk to witnesses, and four employees have made workplace harassment complaints against him since 2014.

The investigation is expected to take six months.

Based on my conversation with people who work for Victoria Police, all of their emails and the Police Department social media accounts are internally monitored.  How could the police chief be so stupid to not only do what every cheater does and risk his marriage, reputation, relationship with his children and family,  ruin his finances, ruin his dreams but also do something that could destroy his career? Did he just think he wouldn’t be caught? Is it spiritual blindness because of his sinful thinking?  Maybe when Romans 6:23 talks about the wages of sin being death it is talking about everything good in your life is now dead and gone.

I think of people like Bill Cosby who spent a lifetime building an image that is respected and admired only to have it crumble apart and turn to ash because of his apparent repeated abuse of women for his own sexual pleasure and whatever other gain he received from that behaviour. Now that will be his legacy. I think of scripture like “your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23) and “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world just to forfeit his own soul?”(Matthew 16:26) It makes me feel like I felt with my own husband that he was a fraud, liar and that everything he pretended that he stood for was false.

I suspect that there will be a new Victoria Police Chief in 2016.





5 thoughts on “Victoria Police Chief Steps Aside

  1. Hi Laura, One blanket, 7 towels to the SPCA and I got to play with a bunch of puppies while I was there. I definitely have more to get rid of but at least I got some of them out the door. New year focus for sure!!!!!!

  2. TheClip says:

    False Gods and false idols…. People believe what they want to believe despite the truth being unveiled. The police chief will have his supporters… People who will weigh the ‘good’ he has done over the ‘evil’ His current actions will be minimized and he will be dismissed with a tidy monetary package. And as you say’ 2016 will see a new police chief’ he will be yesterdays news.
    What about his wife and family? Their agony is only beginning. Long after the papers drop the story their lives will continue to unravel.

    • It is a sad situation. I hear a lot of negativity about the female police officer who allegedly is the one who initiated contact with the police chief. Her marriage is over now and there are kids involved. Her husband was the last one to know. I won’t share what was told to me about her but this is apparently not her first indiscretion. And people wonder why I am so anti “the other woman”. Even before experiencing this, the idea of women who knowingly go looking to destroy marriages and families for their own ego and to fulfill their own desires is so disgusting to me. It is an evil that they mask by justifying their actions saying it is “love”. It is the most unloving thing that anyone can do.

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