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What are you trying to create?

When you say, “I do” and declare it publicly to your partner in front of all of your friends and family, promising to be faithful, for better or worse, till death do us part and announce this in a church in the presence of God, signing the marriage certificate witnessed by your chosen best man and best woman so it can be filed as public record of your declaration to each other, you set a trajectory in motion that changes your future. All of the choices you now make are based on your vows.  And so they should be.  That was what you wanted and knew to be right with the new life you chose to live together.

When you get baptized, shortly after your marriage, confessing that Jesus is Lord in your life, died for your sins, was buried and raised on the third day and do so after studying the bible and implementing the teachings in your life because you experience the difference it makes and you want to make a difference in the lives of others, you set a trajectory in motion that changes your future. All of the choices you now make are based on your conviction.  And so they should be.  That was what you wanted for the good of your life and what you knew to be right.

Who would ever want to be the person who breaks their vow to God, breaks the promise and trust of their spouse, lets down their children and fails to be everything they proclaim to be to their friends, family, children, coworkers and people who are watching their life and doctrine closely.  No one wants to be the king who couldn’t finish building the tower or the person who knocks on the door and God doesn’t know who they are.  Why do we take actions then and choose behaviours that work against our commitments?

Commitment to marriage and to God is not easily undone. Try dissolving a marriage and tearing apart lives that were built together.  It is not a simple, easy, fast or inexpensive process.  It is not void of emotion, complication, legalities, turmoil, pain and strife for all parties involved. Try leaving God and making selfish decisions now that you know separate you from the Being who was most important in your life, that created you in His image, the entity you claim is the Creator of Earth and all living things, is the Father, the Great I Am, the Lord and Saviour. Life never seems to go so well when someone makes decisions against what they believe to be right. We’ve witnessed it with people in our lives and with public figures.

How does anyone, who knows what they know to be true, choose to purposely make things go so wrong in their life? There has to be an internal battle that eventually manifests physically, emotionally or mentally, when you live a life that is contrary to the one you declared publicly that you intended to live. This sets your life on a different path that you some how think will lead to happiness but the bible tells us in 2 Peter 2:21 that it would be better off for people to have never known than to turn their backs on what they knew to be right.

Do we just lose sight of our commitment and the possibilities of what we were trying to achieve? Why did we choose to go against what we were committed to? What would have been the next step in our life that we wanted to avoid? What did we need to stop from happening? Why were we willing to take action to cause destruction ensuring it couldn’t happen? What were we so afraid of that the alternative is our current situation? What was so bad that we chose to hurt so many others in the process just to try to protect ourselves? Yet, didn’t we hurt ourselves the most?

If divorce is the answer to happiness and you want someone out of your life and have taken legal action to make it happen, why would anyone now thwart actions to finalize exactly what they want? Why would someone resist the process for 2 years and then refuse to honour the mediation agreement that they know is to their financial benefit? Why would they not complete the actions that are part of the legal agreement that they signed with their lawyer such as forwarding the other person’s share of  RRSP money? Why would they refuse to provide their share of expenses they agreed to pay when all supporting documentation confirming the expenses is in their hands?  Why would someone make phony accusations to the police against the person they don’t want anything to do with? Why would they get their friends involved with a person they want out of their life? Why would anyone’s friends want to be involved? Why keep attaching the energy around you to someone that you want gone? Why continue to try and submit claims through the other person’s medical and dental insurer instead of getting your own coverage because why would you want to contact the person you supposedly want out of your life to say they owe you claim money? Why can they not take action to separate everything from the other person’s life? Why haven’t they filed for divorce?

There has to come a point when you stop and ask yourself, “What am I trying to create?” It is a lot of racket and chaos but what is really going on here?  Is it that you don’t want a divorce?  Is that why you created a fake persona on my blog using my identity saying things like “I forgive you” and “we are back together”.  Is that what you really want to hear out of my mouth so you made that happen on my blog? Is that why you were trying to list men’s names and say things about me sleeping with them hoping to get a reaction out of me just to see if it was true? Why create so much energy in reactive, angry, spiraling behaviour when none of these things should even matter to you because you have moved on and in your mind it is a fictional tale.

If I discovered a blog about me I wouldn’t have told a soul. If anyone found it I would have just said, “Yes, he clearly is hurt and angry over things and I will just chose to not comment on his interpretation of the facts.” End of story. I certainly wouldn’t have responded and I would not read entries. There would be no benefit to me.  Why feed something you hope dies? I would never have created fake names to comment on posts and I would never dream of asking my friends to do that. I would never make up lies about the author and publicly try to smear their character. How would hurting the other person benefit me? It would only hurt me.

There has to come a point when you decide: “I want this divorce so these are the actions I have to take in order to live in peace with my ex; to surround my children with love, protection and security; to meet my children’s needs on every level; to honour my legal obligations so I can be a man of integrity and keep my word.  I have broken trust with my ex and children so many times but I am going to keep my word and honour my agreements. Therefore, I need to follow the decisions I have made to ensure this happens as quickly as possible. I created this situation but I want to stop creating negativity and I don’t want to perpetuate it further.  I have created so much hurt, pain and expense with my actions and I now need to minimize that as much as I can control. I need to take responsibility for what I created and do whatever I can to help everyone that I hurt heal so I can heal, too. ”

If this is what you want, everything else you have been creating is counter-intuitive.  If it isn’t what you want, you better start thinking what you do want and work to create that in your life.  No progress will be made otherwise. Fence sitting is not moving forward.


37 thoughts on “What are you trying to create?

  1. Sally says:

    1. “The Parental Alienation Syndrome is the deliberate attempt by one parent (and/or guardian/significant other) to distance his/her children from the other parent and in doing so, the parent engages the children in the process of destroying the affectional ties and familial bonds that once existed…”
    The alienating process develops over time and the distancing between the children and the targeted that occurs includes some or all of the following features:
    􀂃 The alienating parent speaks badly or demeans the targeted parent directly to the children – the disparaging comments made by the alienating parent to their children about the targeted parent can be implicit (“I am not sure I will be able to afford to send you to camp because “Mom” or “Dad” does not realize how much you enjoy it”) or explicit (“Mom/Dad” left us because he/she never cared enough about you to keep our family together”).
    􀂃 The alienating parent speaks badly or demeans the targeted parent to others in the presence (or within audible distance) of the children.
    􀂃 The alienating parent discusses with the children the circumstances under which the marriage broke down and blames the targeted parent for its failure.
    􀂃 The alienating parent exposes the children to the details of the parents’ ongoing conflict, financial problems and legal proceedings.
    􀂃 The alienating parent blames the targeted parent for changes in life style, any current hardships; his/her negative emotional state and inability to function as before and conveys this to the children.
    􀂃 Allegations of sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children are often made.
    􀂃 Alienated children come to know that in order to please the alienating parent, they must turn against the targeted parent.
    These features exemplify the diagnostic criterion set out by the late Dr. Richard Gardner in his discussion of the Parental Alienation Syndrome. Dr. Gardner’s early writings are now supported by empirical research on PAS conducted by numerous academics, thus adding credence to PAS’s validity and existence.
    So go back and take a refresher course of what our dear friend has blogged about over the years. I’ll remind you:
    1. Speaks badly of the ex in front of the children.
    2. Demeans the ex in front of the children.
    3. Discusses circumstances of marital breakdown and even involved children in process of removing belongings from the home.
    4. Blames the ex for changes in lifestyle
    5. Says children can’t do activities due to financial hardships caused by ex.
    6. Discusses divorce proceedings with children.
    7. Discusses financial details.
    8. Allows children to read mediation agreement.
    Shall I go on……

  2. Sally says:

    I read this not too long ago….actually right above. Might be good for the author to take heed of her own words.

    “I created this situation but I want to stop creating negativity and I don’t want to perpetuate it further. I have created so much hurt, pain and expense with my actions and I now need to minimize that as much as I can control. I need to take responsibility for what I created and do whatever I can to help everyone that I hurt heal so I can heal, too. ”

    Start taking some responsibility Togetherabandonned. Stop blaming everyone else for your troubles post separation.

  3. No blame. It would be nice for everyone to have this finished. Then there is nothing to write about except that even with all of the nastiness recorded here there is always hope for a better tomorrow. 🙂

  4. Sally says:

    Why hope when you have the ability to effect change and make it better? Make it better and stop with the nastiness. You be the source of change and stop the negative commentary. There’s no need for it. So stop questioning what others do or don’t do and simply look at you and what you do. Is it positive? You be the beacon of light and change and stop waiting for others to be that for you.

    • Sally says:

      And if she had millions of dollars it would be easier too, but that’s not the case so make the best out of what you have. What’s the saying? When life serves you lemons, make lemonade! Same principal applies. Life may not be the greatest at the moment, but make the best out of what you do have, rather than complaining about what you don’t have.

  5. Ann says:

    I have never commented before but I can’t keep quiet any longer. For the woman who’s blog this is, I feel so sad for you. To have gone through such a betrayal and have to deal with your ex and the OW commenting such hatred. What horrible people. I wish you and your children peace and happiness.

  6. TheClip says:

    Whats the deal Sluty? U would think that Humpy would be sprinting down to the court house to get rid of cra cra Abandon… Whats the deal?
    If you are all that and a bag of chips, Humpy should have signed a loooonnngg time ago. Let me guess the excuse… ‘ its complicated’
    You are settling for a guy who is still married… Huh? 12 billion people on the planet…and Humpy is the one for u. You are actually doing Abandon a favor by taking the lying sack of shit of her hands. What you got Sluty is a man who thinks it ok to lie , cheat and manipulate the one person he swore to love honor and cherish… Before God and witnesses. But let me guess ? He didnt mean it? He was never in love with her? What excuse did he give u ? Strait outa the cheaters handbook?
    U got yourself a great guy! A fucking coward. A lying coward. Score for Sluty.
    And what do u tell people when they ask how u met… Ya know … Yr love story. ‘ ya Humpy and I met when he was married and cheating on his wife’
    A gem of a begining . Somwhats wrong with you Sluty that u settled? U decided you were never good enough for a real love story? You had to poach your guy? Who made u believe that u didnt deserve to be number one? Daddy issues? Crappy self esteem? What happened that you had to feel special by getting your ego stroked by a married man? You won right? You won the prize? He created the contest… U bit… And u won the prize. He made u beleieve u were special enough to pull him away from his wife and family. Big ego boost!
    At the end of the day lets look at what u really got… A guy that cant keep his word.
    U are soooooo lucky!

    • Sally says:

      Geez I hope you don’t enter a spelling bee theclap. I’ll try and answer in a manner you can understand. I’ll try my best but it’s not easy being that stupid.

      Ur an angry hoe that got head fucked by sum dude that didn’t luv u. U h8 life ‘cuz ur really dumb, Ur man humped some other hoe, what a winner he must be, but he got rid of u so good on him. Now U r angry as fuck at men and troll other people’s blog to tell them that humpy and slutties of the word r pieces of shit. That is ur life mission to let the world know Yr hate and insight on people fucking around.

      U’ve done a wonderful job. Ur changing the world one dumb post at a time.

      Keep up the gr8 work!

  7. TheClip says:

    Nah! Sluty, you got it all wrong… Except the part about my typing… Fat fingers… Little phone.
    The very intersting thing about you Sluty is you go on the attack and totally flip the direction of the conversation when it hits home. You you attempt to attack my poor spelling and make assumptions about my relationships and my view about men… By the way…. U are wayyyyy off.
    Projection. Its a tactic. And here is the thing Sluty… You can call me a fucking retarded bucked tooth homely bitch… And I wont care. I am actually amused at your attempt to ‘ shame’ or ‘ belittle ‘ me. See I dont know you… So nothing u could say could possibly fizz me. And secondly none of what u say about me is true… So I find it even more amusing !
    Your invested in the little tit for tat against Abandon. And it just drives u up the wall that she gets any kind of support, comfort or advice. U have a hard on for this womans life. Maybe u need your own blog? You seem well spoken… Though you are constantly on the defense. And you never really address the fact that you have some deep seated unmet needs….. You troll on you Boyfriends wifes blog ???!!! Yikes.
    Trolling doesnt applying to me. Like, at all. You are using’ projection ‘ again Sluty. You are trolling…
    And if you really want to have some real dialogue with me… Then stay on course. Throwing around silly stuff like emojis and ‘ l8r’ speak… I dont do that either… Just crappy typing skills.
    And thirdly, you are back to calling me crazy… Or was it dumb? You keep waffling. You really have to decide if I am making sense or not. Yesterday I am all good… And today I am dumb.
    You are running out of arguement Sluty. L8R 😊….hahahaha

  8. TheClip says:

    Oh and be a big girl and answer the questions…. So why is Humpy stalling? And what story did he tell u to get u on the hook. Was it the ‘ i love her but not in love with her’ story? Which line out of the cheaters handbook did you buy… Lock… Stock … And Barrel.
    Come on Sluty dont be shy. What twist on the truth did Humpy plant in yr head?
    What made you put all your money down on this horse?
    I betcha it was the ‘ i love her but not ‘ story.
    They dont change Sluty. People who lie and cheat… They lie about that too.
    Could be that you dont believe you could anything better. Or deserve anything better. You settled on being someones sloppys seconds. He does his duty at the house… And trotts over to you. But of course he wasnt having sex with his fridgid crazy wife! Thats how he gets u to ramp it up… U are so willing to spread yr legs… Show Daddy what he has been missing. Truth is he is getting at home… And with u. Double dipping. Gross Sluty.
    Shouldnt u aim a little higher? A guy that didnt have to ‘ hide ‘ u. cause thats how REAL love starts. With a lie.

    • Sally says:

      Look who’s taking the bait theclap…’re losing at your own game. Can’t wait to bite that worm and take it hook, line, and sinker!! (reference you can understand)

      Unfortunately you have clearly missed the boat and don’t have clue who I am. Your questions are idiotic at best. Your analogies are worse.

      You continue to make a mockery of the English language with your “typing skills”. Actually it’s more than a typing issue, It’s your hateful mind that’s the problem.

      Maybe a notch higher on the next round of electro shock therapy??

  9. In my opinion says:

    Here is the way I see things…..
    1. I see a woman hurt/angry/scorned, having over stepped her lines as a protective mother to aim her hatred and contempt for her spouse and his GF. I see her mixing in good sense and comments but it being diluted by many continued words of evidences she still may not be moving on or protecting her kids (staying at worst, neutral around them about their father/GF).
    2. I see Husband/gf not practicing what they preach, by continuing to feed into this whole thing by reading the blog and commenting. I don’t know the facts about why the divorce is dragging so long, but it does ring true that if he wanted to move on already, he would do whatever it took to get the process over (and also if best interest for the kids is top of the list, it is better to get all the legal/financial settlements over and done with as soon as possible)
    3.The Clip, has many good points, just has very harsh way of presenting at times,

    I still think the kids come first.
    -This blog will do nothing to better the kids if it is ever seen by them
    -The husbands/gf comments on the blog can only make it worse
    -The divorce should get finalized, ASAP
    -Both parties should have minimal to no contact until time heals (if ever) and should concentrate on what makes them each better people, not continue to attack each other, no matter whose fault or who is instigating It just should stop.

    Are your kids meaningful enough to you both to put down the swards? Because from my vantage point, it seems like hate and contempt here seem to be out weighing love for the kids.

  10. TheClip says:

    I don’t sugar coat shit. I aint Willy Wonka. Is this really about venacular? Semantics? Does cheating and lying sound less harsh when camoflaged by superfluous language? Are cheaters timid forrest creatures? They ‘ can’t handle the truth!’ ???
    Nope. They premeditate clandestine meetings at the Waffle House so they can bang some strange side ways and then go home and play Daddy/Hubby or Mommy/Wifey. Live duplicituos lives and expose their unknowing partners to disease. Troll the Ashely Madison sites and spend family money and time on hook ups and cover ups. Time to take away the veil of ‘ safe ‘ language and say it like it is.

    You wanna fuck some one else? Then tell yr spouse. Level the playing field. Give the spouse an opportunity to make an informed decision to leave your sorry ass or stay and take the abuse. Or do what most cheaters do….the selfish cowards that they are…… Lie.
    And then please act like your are the victim when you are outed… Invent some good excuses 1) she bever wanted to have sex 2) i fell out of love 3) she did understand me 4) i love her but not in love with her…. Strait outa the cheaters handbook.
    You cheat cause you are an entitle sack of shit … You lie because you lack character and morals. And you act like a victim cause u dont wanna face your shit.

    • Sally says:

      theclap….are you a broken down old record that is stuck on repeat? We’ve heard the same old same old from you. Cheater, OW, liars, sack of shit, head fuck, cum guzzler….blah, blah, blah. Get inventive. Read something other than the comics and try and converse on something new and interesting. Like say, how about beautiful fall colours? Maybe the election results? Or how about the economy?

      That’s the problem with you or sorry let me make it relatable…”U”, the blogger and some others on here. At some point you just have to move on. Life changes. Sometimes for the good. Sometimes bad. It doesn’t have to be stuck in the endless cycle of negativity and what everyone has done wrong to you. What’s the point in harping on about the same issue again over and over and over. Is it going to change anything? Does it really make you feel better to be repeating the same thing? Do you think it helps someone move one by making things up to make yourself look good?

      It can’t be good if you spend your days trying to find something to make a negative comment about someone else? It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to know that’s not good. It can’t be good for a child to see a parent doing that. Speaking negatively about the other? What’s the benefit? It’s not helping others and it certainly isn’t helping this blogger as she’s still doing it almost 3 yrs later as if it happened yesterday.

      Everyone needs to move on.

      You just need some help.

      • Move on… How do you suggest that happen for the blogger? Without a concluded divorce? How on earth do you deal with the double sided message your doling out. Move on, but ignore that there’s still a legal marriage in place, and someone close to the other folks trolls this site, and makes it all about the dynamic of the relationship when I think there have been obvious efforts by the blogger to post about other facets- things which bring her comfort, thoughts and explorations.

        Clip calls names and all that, I don’t love it. Clips dissemination of your communication on the site is pretty spot on. You often blame shift, straw man, and basically avoid responsibility. you’re obviously very close to the other side of this mess- you defend the ap and sometimes-promises-to-eventually-be-ex (can’t say ‘soon to be’ since that’s apparently not happening/stalled/complicated) with incredible detail and insight. You tactically tried to disembowel a previous post with a listing of why the bloggers details were so off base by scaling back the SPTEBEs behaviours/actions with muminutia details of how flawed her arguments were- daddy would be ten minutes late so mom canceled the daddy daughter dinner. (pS- can daddy not just leave hockey early if it’s just ten minutes? But that’s again- without me knowing any real info, and I actually don’t care) as well as stating she was a drunk who needed a daughter to DD, slammed her for not being reasonable about formal/social events (I get that, everyone has a life. Many co-parents I know of will just switch weekends. But again- I am not part of this I just think if you pull out your crayons and mark your weekends, dad could figure out that he needs to find a way to have time with his kid, if that’s important. If it’s not, then pull the plug, because your kid is gonna realize you don’t care, and being upfront about it is just the right thing to do. ) and then thoroughly disregarded the potential dates SPTEBEs could have also seen his daughter(s) but didn’t. So you’re either besties or one of them. And yet you don’t answer the questions (like why the divorce is stalled..) because you don’t have a way to turn and blame blogger. I’m baffled. Thoroughly.

      • Sally says:

        creativerational are you suggesting the only way for someone to move on is with a finalized divorce? A piece of paper? There are millions of people in this world who have “moved on” without that piece of paper. That would be akin to suggesting a couple who lives together for years is not “married” because they don’t have a piece of paper to say they are? It’s a mindset not an object in your hand.

        There are many reasons why a divorce may not be finalized? I’m sure if you’ve been through the process you can easily name 20. Not all divorces are the same. Some are cooperative and get resolved in a couple months, and others can be very adversarial and drag on for years. There isn’t a text book on timelines. It just unfolds as the issues get resolved one way or the other. Where this is at in the process is only for the blogger and the ex to know. Frankly it’s no one’s business except theirs.

        That’s what I take issue with. People such as yourselves want to know details when you don’t know the individuals. They don’t know their history. They have heard one very slanted version on here and it’s ridiculous that people flock to read this garbage and then post the comments of support or egging on of the poster when the real story is not told. I think many would be embarrassed by their comments if they knew the truth of the situation. Others like thclap should just be embarrassed by their lack of understanding the English language.

        This is kind of like watching the Romans and the Christians. Blood sport if you will. People cheering on for something they don’t even understand.

        So in short, I hear what you’re saying, but take a grain of salt with what you read on this site.

  11. TheClip says:

    Dont confuse negativity for truth. Children deserve the truth. They need the truth. People who do bad things like lie and cheat expect other people to cover for them. Use camoflage language to buffer. This is particularily true for the parent who cheats. They expect the spouse to continue the facade that all is well in Disneyland when Goofy has been heading over to toon town and banging Jessica Rabbit.

    • Sally says:

      No theclap. That’s where people like you have it all wrong. There is a time and place for everything. 11 yr old children don’t need the “truth”. They need love and protection. They don’t understand or comprehend the “truth”. Children don’t care about the “truth”. What they want is their parents to love them. They want and need to feel that no matter what is going on in their world, that their parents will protect and love them. Not make them the center piece of a tug a war.

      Telling your kids at that age the “truth” is a selfish act by the parent to get out their story and to try and win favourites. I’m sure based on your comments you’ve been a part of that process.

      • Was there a time and a place for cheating?

        Children do “care” about the truth. Trust is something you don’t understand. Children absolutely understand and comprehend truth. Far more than you do. It was our 15 year old daughter at the time who spilled the details of the truth. You obviously weren’t so concerned about loving and protecting our children while you were screwing around. You weren’t so concerned about what they would think of you then. What is clear by this comment is that you are concerned about what they think of you now and that seems to be about all you are really concerned about. How does this make me look? You don’t want to take the blame for what they know you did to tear our family apart. That is the selfish act, not that our children know the truth. You have a very difficult time listening to others point that out to you as evidenced by the first word of your comment, “No!” You think you haven’t been part of the process. You are the one who set the entire process in motion. You are so fast to tell everyone else they have it all wrong. What if you have it wrong? What if you could actually see that, accept that, own it, and do something to about it. Maybe you wouldn’t feel the need to play tug of war anymore. Maybe you would just tell your children the truth and hopefully part of that conversation would be, “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

      • Sally says:

        togetherabandonned…….you have me pegged wrong. But good attempt. But clearly there WAS a time and place for it. That’s life. Things happen for a reason. Some explainable. Some not. Don’t get too caught up in the logistics about what happened. How it happened. Who’s right. Who’s wrong. Get caught up in your children. Their lives. Your life moving forward.

        You refer to God at times. You quote scripture. You reference prayer. Your blog does not reflect that in your life. It reflects negativity. Anger. Blame. Vindictiveness. Does God say that someone has to ask for your forgiveness? Is that what you’re waiting for? The ex and OW to beg for your forgiveness? Do you want to feel that power of having to say yes or no? That’s not what God speaks of. It’s forgiveness regardless of the sinner deserving that forgiveness. Not for them, but for you. That’s when you know you’re ready to move on. When you forgive these people even though they may not deserve it from you.

        At this stage you clearly aren’t there.

  12. Sally says:

    And BTW….read your bible togetherabandonned. King David was an adulterer. Even had the husband of the woman he desired killed for his own benefit. God still loved him and he was thought of as being a man after God’s own heart. One of Israel’s greatest Kings.

    If religion is what you believe in, then you know that these people will have their day before the Lord. It’s not for you to be the judge, jury and executioner. Someone else was given that role and he will deal with these people at the appropriate time.

  13. TheClip says:

    Sluty…. You are some double talker. Print this blog and go throughnit with a high liter….better yet ask a friend to do it. You got more flips than a gymnast.
    Marriage is more than a piece of paper….its a legally binding contract. It is a vow. A promise. A committment. And one would hope that when one party decides to ‘ move on’ they do the right thing and let the other person in one that decision. Moving on…. Means you take the actions to terminate the legal binds as well. Unfortunately unlike other legally binding contracts… Marriage carries with it emotional ties. Everyone who sat at that wedding watched Humpy and Abandon make a committment and a vow… Sealed by a legal document. They are much more tied together than u think. Add a couple of kids in there a 12+ years of collected memories… Now a family. When you end your marriage you also end the family dynamic.
    Moving on means just that… Move on. Cut the ties that bind you legally and eventually emotionally. Humpy is dragging his feet and stretching thoses ties… Hoping they will snap by themselves so he doesnt have to be the one to make the cut… ‘ it just happened’ No. It didnt. He wants to move on then he needs to grab his balls out of your purse and finish it so everyone can move on.

    • Sally says:

      Again with the stupidity of theclap. You don’t know the circumstances so shut your trap. Get it, rhymed just for you, so you could understand like a nursery rhyme.

      You assume someone is dragging their feet?? Do you know something we don’t all mighty and knowing theclap?

      You know as much about the situation as you do the English language. Little to nothing.

      Bingo we have a dunce!!

  14. TheClip says:

    Funny stuff Sluty. You are a funny gal.
    And stop stealing my lines. I know poaching is a hard habit to break.
    When are you gonna answer the questions Sluty? Why are u here on this blog?

  15. Sally says:

    Well thanks theclap. That’s nice of you to say. As long as I keep you giggling. That’s my sole purpose in life.

    You think I’m someone I’m not, but really I just enjoy chit chatting with you.

  16. TheClip says:

    Well, thats a bold face lie. Were you not yawning… Or was it snoring?
    I know it would be hard to admitt the real reason u are on this blog.

    • Sally says:

      It’s because….and it’s hard to admit……but I’m in love with you theclap. I want to become Sallyhastheclap……but only if you’ll have me.


    • Sally says:

      Oh dilly darn….I was really hoping you’d be the one. If you cleaned up your potty mouth and writing skills I’m sure there’d be hope for us yet!!

  17. TheClip says:

    Pass…. People who put conditions on love never really experience love. People always want to change people into what they want. Dont like my potty mouth …. Move along.

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