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Emmagc75 had this troll on her blog site and I had to repost it because it is so my ex!!!!!!!

I think “Happy” gave up trying to post under too many different aliases because deceitfulness gets messy and complicated.  He already has enough personas in real life and probably has just lost track of who is supposed to be today.

“Sally” is just way too offended by everything.  Maybe he and Janice write together but he/she is so quick to respond, so eager to attack, and so very angry.  The agenda of all the personas is the same: blame everyone else, throw in some righteousness about caring only for the children, and maybe everyone will be distracted and the focus will be diverted away from them. We might be confused as to what really has happened to make the author start and continue to blog.

Sally is way too invested in anything I write.   I don’t think Janice would risk her job.  She already got her wrist slapped (suspended from work for 3 days) for using her work computer and work phone (which got taken away from her).  Tax payers wouldn’t like to think their tax dollars are paying her salary to comment on my blog all day.   She could lose her job over this and then she will have to be back in the office full-time with my ex.  I don’t think he would like that.

If she is reading these blog posts she knows that he defends the emails and Facebook messages he writes to other women flirting and propositioning them saying that everyone writes emails they wouldn’t want someone else to see.  Maybe that is what keeps their relationship alive and exciting.  He did describe his work place as a Mad Men episode, “everyone sleeps with everyone.” He might not want her to know who else he pursues in their office or what they do when she isn’t around.  He does live around the corner from his work.  He takes his work home with him.

Mostly he is way too narcissistic to not be involved in my blog.  He calls this my “15-minutes of fame.”  Never in a million years do I think of it like that.  He of course would and needs to get in on it.

The problem with pretending to be someone you are not is that the person you might be trying to protect and defend as innocent only comes off looking all the more guiltier and cowardly.


16 thoughts on “Trolling

  1. TheClip says:

    Humpy has Sally to fight his battles for him. He just has to sit back and watch u two hash it out. She probably holds his dick for him while he masturbates too. He has her trained well.
    Some advice… Take it or leave it. Stop including their personal information. They may be dick heads. But they are dick heads with jobs and families. Your children rely on their father having a job. My assumption is Humpy does contribute something to the childrens financial needs. And if Sluty looses her job… Guess who has to support her ass.
    I think u can very easily get your point across without revealing personal information. If someone is a dirty lying sack of shit… Doesnt matter what his name is… Same for the whorebag.
    You have my empathy. You have my support. I encourage u to take a higher road.
    When in pain its hard not to do things that we might regret. And your story is interesting enough without knowing your ex’s address and real name. Lets just call him the Douche.
    If the The Douche wants to ruin his employment opportunities… Then thats on him. Same for Sluty. U can only sit under the radar for so long. One of the problems with Narcs is they think they have special or preferential treatment.
    I jumped on this blog because I believe that infedelity is a cowardly selfish act. I can only imagine the pain that has run thru your family, children and friends lives. I applaude your efforts to be a good mom and person during a painful point in your life. And while it may feel good to lash out at Humpy and Sluty… Just remember… They have eachother now!!! You are better off without that kinda crap and weight in yr life. Its hard to be the better person. But the best way to heal is to focus on yourself not them.
    When people are faced with infedelity they ultimately want to know that they will be ok… Get to the other side. Be that voice. Show people that despite the shit sandwhich u were handed… You moved thru your pain. Be the voice of hope for others that are struggling and are stuck. Doesnt mean you are going to do it perfectly… You are human. But you are doing it one step at a time.

  2. Sally says:

    theclap…spelling class 101 – it’s spelled infidelity, not infedelity. Don’t blame your fat fingers because you did it twice. Maybe you’ve been spending too much time trolling on a Jihadist blog and have seen Infedels one too many times??

    A question? Maybe I’m not clear on the birds and bee’s, but how or why would she hold his dick while he masturbates?? Generally speaking when the penis is hard no one needs to hold it? Wouldn’t her hand get in the way of him trying to masturbate? Are you saying his penis is flaccid while he’s masturbating so she needs to hold it up? Or did you mean he has an exceptionally large penis to accommodate another hand? I’m really not sure what the analogy was and the visual just doesn’t make any sense??

    Are you, the person who writes the crap that you do actually suggesting the high road? Do you even know what that is? If so, maybe you can start and be the example…of the high road that is not the one you’re currently setting which is low, in case you needed clarification.

    I believe the person who has to be concerned about their employment is this blogger. Google her name and this comes up. Most employers will google a prospective employee to see what comes up. This would be really interesting for someone to read if they were potentially interested in hiring this blogger. I’m sure they would want her working for them. One thing goes wrong and next thing you know she’s writing about them. That would be assuming she ever plans to work again in this lifetime.

    The blogger is an irrational, angry, vengeful person. She’s proven that in numerous ways. Showing up at OW’s place of employment, writing letter to her employer, showing up at ex work, writing of this blog, naming people, contacting friends and family to get “her version out”, make up stories etc etc. She will do what she will do regardless of outcome to others.

    It makes we wonder about good old Stevo. We seemed to have lost him in here. Blogger in a adulterous relationship and he sacked her ass. Had enough of her shit and this blog. Makes me wonder if she’s blogging about him now too?? Things don’t go her way and she will make sure everyone knows it.

    Food for thought.

  3. TheClip says:

    hmmmm… i think u missed the point on masturbation. Point wasnt about his dick. Point was he doesnt have to do anything anymore… Cause he has u. Unhave now taken the position of defender. Good ole Humpy can now sit back and let you fight his battles, wash his skid marked shorts and hold hismdick for him will he masturbates…. Get it now Sluty? You are just a tool. A new appliance. Something usedul. And you guard your lil Humpy Wumpy like the pit bull that you are.
    Cheaters pick their affair partners well. You are pliable, gullible and u put out! Score for Humpy! One day it will all make sense Sluty. Cbeaters need to cheat. He will find the next gal who believes the story. Cheaters dont invest time in people that question them. They find the people that they know they can manipulate. They need u believe and defending the sob story.
    Another year or two… He will move on. You will have surved your purpose of getting rid of the wife… He will move on the the next sponge.

    • Sally says:

      Again theclap with your witless repertoire. You really need spell check or a grade two teacher to help you with the spelling and words? It’s no wonder you spend your time “jumping on to blogs like these” with that attitude of yours? Daddy didn’t love you? You got used repeatedly in life for the cum dumpster that you are and now you’re bitter at the world and you make your life’s goal to troll blogs of infidelity (that’s how you spell it Einstein) to tell the cheaters of the world what you think??

      Get a life. Go outside and enjoy some fresh air. You clearly need it.

  4. TheClip says:

    Hey thanks for the advice Sluty! I think u need to understand what trolling is… And most here would agree you are the troll. But lets go with yr version of the story!
    So you want me to stop responding to this blog? Why? Do i hit a little too close to home? Probably. Instead of validating that, u insinuate that I am a troll…or that my in put here has ulterior motives? Try and throw some comments in to throw people off… Ahhh… It didnt work.
    I have no investment here other than I believe infidelity, cheating and lying are wrong and a form of abuse. That would align me with the blogger. Trolling…. Hmmm… No.
    Your position has been confrontational, disparaging, off -topic with constant attempts to disarm the blogger. You sow discord and have deliberate intent of disrupting the flow of this blog and harass the blogger. Attention seeking? Narc? Troll? BINGO! Bob! We have a bingo over here… Give the girl a prize. Thanks for coming out Sluty.

    • Sally says:

      Well a few things you managed to get right today theclap. You spelled infidelity correct…… finally!!!! Our tax dollars are finally coming to fruition and we’re seeing theclap be educated. Another 30 yrs and she might get the rest of the English language down pat.

      And you have no investment here. Or anywhere for that matter. I could care a less what you think, say, act or do. I think you’re someone who has very little going on in their life, someone who spends their spare time reading blogs about infidelity, lying and cheating. If you think that is a form of abuse, then what is the purpose to your comments. Fight abuse with abuse? Give your witty thoughts on the topic? Provide your detailed knowledge on the topic. Hey you can spend your free time doing whatever you wish. I’m not here to curb your excitement so have at it.

      You’re really just boring to read. You have little to offer other than offensive remarks and poor spelling and grammar.

      So troll away.

  5. TheClip says:

    Sluty, did I mention that English is my second language? I speak three fluently. And while I appreciate your ‘ grammar education’ I am more amused at your narrow belief that to be educated one must speak/write in English well. I would write in Spanish…. There are some zingers and idioms that would go way over your head so I wouldnt want my point to get lost in translation. And despite my poor typing and at times misspelled words … I still get to u.
    The truth has a way of doing that.
    So why are u hanging out on your boyfriends ex wifes blog?

  6. Sally says:

    theclap….that’s wonderful that you can speak three languages. Is that your different personalities talking??

    To answer you question:
    1. I don’t have a boyfriend but am open to that.
    2. I’m here for the same reason you are. The pure enjoyment of reading this mess of a blog.

    • Sally says:

      You’re welcome to think what you wish theclap. I’m not here to justify who I am, let alone to you, a person I don’t know or even care to interact with. Like you, I owe no explanations to anyone. I’m just trying to let you know you’re wasting your time asking me questions about who I am or why I’m here.

      Just enjoying the ride.

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