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Feeding Frenzy and Understanding Dave’s Pack of Wolves

wolf pack mentalityThe Two Wolves

A Cherokee elder was teaching his grandchildren about life.

He said to them, “A fight is going on inside me… it is a terrible fight between two wolves.

One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, hatefulness, and lies.

The other stands for joy, peace, love, hope, humbleness, kindness, friendship, generosity, faith, and truth.

This same fight is going on inside of you, and inside every other person, too.”

The children thought about it for a minute. Then one child asked his grandfather,

“Which wolf will win?”

The Cherokee elder replied…

“The one you feed.””

The pack leaders are the alpha male and female. These two animals are dominant over all the other wolves in the pack. The beta wolf comes next acting as the second in command.  The omega wolf is the weakest and least cared for in the pack.  It tends to be bullied by other members and gets the brunt of aggression during inter-pack fighting.  The omega instigates play among the pack as a way to ease tensions.

The alpha male and female get to eat first at kills.  A pack usually consists of 6 wolves but can be anywhere from 2 – 36 wolves. The pack can consist of adult subordinates. They can hunt in packs or singly.  To establish the dominant position they show superiority in their fighting. Wolves are intensely territorial.

Pack rankings are built on strength and the ability to win fights. I’ll let Dave, Janice and the rest of their pack figure out where they rank. If Dave isn’t creative enough to be organizing 11 different user names all trying to attack me and other bloggers or people who have made supportive comments on my site then it is likely Janice, the beta in the group or quite possibly the omega, trying to better themselves and prove their worth amongst the pack.

As they continue to stalk their pray, I will likely not respond and choose instead to let them starve. They can snarl all they want about me taking down my blog.  They can bark all of the lies that Dave has fed them. They can bristle their fur and pounce.  They will be the ones to whimper, running away with their tails between their legs.  My tail is still wagging!


75 thoughts on “Feeding Frenzy and Understanding Dave’s Pack of Wolves

    • Timetomoveon says:

      Again, about you and your ex. Self centered much? I am sorry your marriage ended, but it has nothing to do with Robyn. Not responding is a good idea, I’ll give you that, but deleting this entire blog is the best idea.

    • I think that is what started this, Laura. I haven’t been corresponding with him at all. I don’t answer his emails or texts. I just send it all through my lawyer and hope to have something in place soon so that there will be no need to exchange information until the year end reconciliation. That, too, will all be done through our lawyers.

      I think he sees me slipping away forever. This is his last desperate attempt to keep me in his life. How great is it for him that he got other people in his life involved? Now he can use them to keep conversations about me going on. If they are talking about me to him and vice versa he gets to keep me in his life. Everyone else involved are people I doubt I’ve ever met but if Dave can get me in their life then he has me in his life.

      • Yeah, that is the thing, it never ends when you share children and family. But it gets better. Funny how they don’t want us, but they don’t want us to go away. Almost like they want to put us up on a shelf and take us down to belittle us whenever they feel they need to punish us for whatever they deem necessary. It gets better, I am about 2 yrs ahead of your in this process.

      • Timetomoveon says:

        I am not going to try and help or encourage you anymore. It is sad to see that you still think he wants to maintain a relationship with you, or keep you hanging on. The reality is that he wants nothing to do with you Robyn. He wants you to “slip away forever”. He has moved on, but I fear you haven’t and maybe never will. So this is the last time I will write. I am sorry for what you are going through, and feel very sorry your daughters have to experience this. I tried to give you what I thought was sound advice. I pray someday you get the help you need.

      • happy says:

        I hear he is looking forward to you all getting together and spending the weekend together in vancouver next week.

    • happy says:

      Is the point of your life to make someone else “crazy”? Really? That is how you spend your time and energy? Do you think it might be beneficial instead to put that behind you, not think about it and simply move forward? Create a new life, find happiness, be only positive, love yourself and the world, forgive your ex, let go.

      • I didn’t stop talking to him to drive him crazy, I did it to protect myself. I also did forgive him Happy, he said it was all bullshit, now give me some money. He has addiction issues with anger management problems. I had to let it all go, including him to protect myself and the kids from his behaviors.

  1. Yes, unfortunately there are ties that don’t end. I don’t even bother with him regarding the kids now. He never wanted to be involved and felt like he was punishing me by making me handle it all myself. The latest thing though is our older daughter moves into residence at university next weekend. She wants us both to be there and she communicated that to him repeatedly but he kept pushing her asking “but who would you prefer?”

    My daughter even told my ex’s brother that she didn’t think her dad wanted to take her to university. I suspect that is true because it is the last long weekend of the summer and I’ll bet he has other plans. He told me that “you are on your own”. Not sure if he was referring to me getting there or to me taking her but my daughter says he told her he will take her and come and pick up her sister and bring her along, too, just not me.

    Who knows with him. I think he feels like it will be a stressful burden and he wants to place it all on me. It is also expensive to take the ferry with a vehicle and then each passenger so he probably wants to dump that expense on me as well. I just made arrangements to get there on my own. I’ll meet them there to help her move in. To me, it is all about my daughter and this very exciting time for her. We want to tour the campus and have lunch together after she moves in. I’d prefer not to be near him and I’d have more fun and be able to relax if he wasn’t there but I’ll do what I have to so the experience is good for our freshman.

    • So similar to my situation, my ex comes around when he is feeling like a dad about ~2% of the week hours, and for the longest time said he couldn’t see the kids because it only gave me time to go date. He could not visit my son at college, because he had no money for gas, but went to watch a football game the next day. But said he could visit our son, if I gave him gas $, or I gave him $5,000 he would leave me alone. My kids 100% get it, they understand I don’t have to be around him to be a good parent. They know he has issues, but still like to see him. So just keep moving forward, school will be hard, but harder for her if you guys argue in front of her, so separate is smart for now.

    • Timetomoveon, thank you for agreeing to take your own advice as per your username.

      You never got involved to help me. You were trying to help Dave and Janice. I suspect you will just pop up under a new user name or go back to another user name you previously used . If you had genuine concern for me and my children or really wanted to help you would have contacted me privately.

      I doubt you know me any other way than through Dave’s rants. We have probably never met or if we have it would be no more than in in passing because of your relationship with Dave and that would have been well over 2 years ago. I suspect you’ve never met my children so to pretend you care more for them than I do or to pretend to be a voice for them or to understand their feelings is just another way you were trying to get me to engage in a response with you.

      If Dave wanted nothing to do with me, he would have nothing to do with me. If he is saying he wants me to “slip away forever” and that is a direct quote from him as you are implying, is that your understanding that he wants me dead? Is this another topic he is obsessing about?

      Maybe one day you will be the help that I need.

    • Timetomoveon says:

      Why should he pay for you to take the ferry, or even give you a ride? Pay for it yourself!!! Perhaps if you didn’t go to yoga and Starbucks for a few days, you would have the money to get there. But that would mean thinking about someone other than yourself for a change.

      • Where did you read that I expected him to pay for my ferry?

        Why do you think that my yoga costs anything or that I go to Starbucks?

        The only thing my daughter wants is to have a family experience of all of us going together to take her to university. She expressed to me how frustrated and sad she is that her dad won’t allow her to have both of us share in the experience of taking her to school. Both my kids said that he was trying to making her pick who she would “prefer” to have there with her. What a terrible thing to say and to do to your daughter. It was our youngest child that actually stood up to him and put him in his place for trying to get her to pick one parent.

        Our university girl even said she was going to try and set up a time for the 3 of us to get together and talk about it because she said she was afraid that I wouldn’t go. I did discuss with her that I could just go to visit her the weekend after. She got very emotional. This is not want she wants so I told her that at the very least I would be there at her dorm room to help her move in and we would start the experience together there.

        She wants me to share in the whole experience which involves the talk, anticipation and excitement of getting her there.

        This is about my daughter. Not me and certainly not you.

      • Sally says:

        togetherabandonned…you seem to like to “cherrie pick” (forgive me I couldn’t let that one go) when you “put your daughter first” as you claim? Did you do that when you got her at 15 to dump his belongings all over the front of his office? What about when you told his children that he didn’t love them? Or how about when you kicked her out of your home more than a year ago and left her homeless? Um what about the time you asked her to look after your pets and then refused to pay her? Left no food in the fridge for her to eat for a week while you were away having a great time. Remember the time you told her that she was “an employee” so she could pay for her own food. Or didn’t show up at her graduation because you had an argument a few days earlier. You’ll have an excuse for this to defend yourself as you always do. You’ve always got an excuse. You’re always the victim. But you never take responsibility for your own actions. Newton’s Third Law. To every action there is an equal or opposite action. Don’t complain if the ex doesn’t want to help you or assist you. You made your bed over the last two and a half years and now you get to sleep in it.

  2. Phoenix says:

    I have to say that I am a little jealous. Do you know how I have yearned for this kind of attention from my ex or his slut gf? I mean, silence is worse than a bullet to the head! But to know that you, Robyn, are worthy of their time, attention and efforts is saying something! That you are the first thing that both your ex and his girl think about in the morning, afternoon and even at night. That you are inundating their every thought and they are so focused on you that they have to go through all that time consuming processes of forging a fake profile, email and handle to come at you the way that they do. How do you do it, girl? How do you make yourself so important that you are continuously on their minds, night and day?! My ex only gets in contact with me when he wants to start an argument too, but he doesn’t have the stamina that your ex has to keep it up. And my ex’s slut gf, I don’t think she has enough brain cells to even blog a sentence, so, I don’t see her doing much of anything except opening her legs to get fed…But I digress, attention is attention, whether positive or negative. And whether you are doing something really wrong, or doing something truly right, you are obviously doing something and like I said earlier, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!! Git yo’ man! He’s still thinking about you! He misses everything about you! And as long as you’re reacting to what he’s giving, you’re going be that number one fixture in his heart, mind and soul….

  3. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    Your imagination has run away from you Robyn.
    You must stay up late thinking of all the conspiracy theories to make you feel at ease.
    The ONLY reason your ex is even on this blog is because YOU have created a platform to specifically name and locate the other woman.
    Had this blog actually been about you, I’d bet my pay cheque ( I can do that cuz I have a job) that you’d not see Hyde or hair of him.
    It is you that continues to bait him so that he has no other recourse to participate on this excuse for a blog.
    YOU are the manipulative one right now. This is the only tool you have to control/annoy him. Feel pretty smug about it I’m sure.
    He might be a bastard… You look bitter, twisted, and a bit crazy.
    So is that your payoff?
    Worth losing friends and alienating family?
    You’re a mess Robyn. Your friends are likely getting tired of your drama and chaos.
    I understand you’ll just read this and laugh… But you are the only one laughing.
    When you are finally so broken, can’t pay your bills, what then?
    Your “deep thoughts by Robyn” are so silly it’s almost too much for words.
    I am not Dave. Nor am I a friend, lover, colleague or relative.
    I’m just someone who thinks your original purpose of this blog has been hijacked by your wild imagination and too much time on your hands.
    You think your taking the high road, but really you’re off the rails on the crazy train.

    You’re right about one thing on this blog… It’s about your journey. It’s not a healthy constructive journey though. You couldn’t do the right thing if you were handed the instructions…as clearly demonstrated by your words in this blog.

    You wouldn’t take the advice of caring friends… Why do you accept the cheers from nameless, faceless strangers. Your friends don’t support you in relation to your blog; so I get that nameless, faceless strangers is all you have here.

    Please get the much needed counseling you so desperately need Robyn.
    This is no way to live your life.

    • The cliché is actually “hide nor hair” not “Hyde or hair.” Interesting Freudian slip since you and Dave are both living Jekyll and Hyde lives. Your little slip reveals unconscious subdued conflict of thought guided by your ego and rules of correct behaviour. Even though you are trying to dissociate yourself from Dave and identify with me your split personality shone through with that one misprint.

  4. Phoenix says:

    You should stop writing your thoughts and feelings on your own blog that WAS once anonymous. Because you could become like one of those nameless, faceless people that troll your blog, giving advice on how to live your life, when it’s highly obvious that they themselves have none. But who am I but another nameless, faceless stranger that is cheering you on…

    • happy says:

      It was never anonymous. Everyone around here reads it and apparently depending on what their relationship is with robyn,thinks she is either a) fucked up and they are worried about her or b) a fucking psycho. Her oldest daughter reads it and again, just thinks her mom is a wacko.

      • All you “new followers” come here in disguise to make this lady (Robyn) change her ways, whichever it maybe are doing a really bad job at it. The behaviour that has been displayed on the comments throughout this blog the past couple of days is not in anyway, constructive or helpful. I’m saddened and appalled by this tacky, cruel and bully behaviour. You all deem yourself to be all highly and moral with good intentions when all you display is the contrary with your name calling, and character bashing.

        If everything on this blog is a lie and fabrication of the bloggers imagination. If her children know the truth, and know their mother is the “crazy one.” If this David guy is an innocent in all this beside having cheated on his STBX. Then what does he have to lose? Beside paying her spousal support which she may not need forever.

        With outing her he outed himself. Yes, she outed the other woman eons ago. But if it was the truth then what can you do. Truth hurts. If this is all a lie from some “crazy” “bad mother.” Why do you people still come here to harass and bully? If your conscious is clean then move on. If you are so happy with your life and everyone knows it and the truth then why even bother lowering yourself to these measurers. Or why not just go to Jerry Springer.

        And again, yes, there always is two sides to a story, but acting this way only makes the owner of the blog look good and right. Bashing, harassing won’t solve the problem. It will lead nowhere.

        Let those close to her talk to her if they think she is “off the rails.” All you supporters of her ex, if he doesn’t care for her. If he wants her gone, out of his life, then why are you all here on her blog? If she means nothing, if you could care less about her crazy, then why follow her here? Leave her be. If she goes broke, it she doesn’t shower, if everything you people say about her is true and is going to happen, it’s her life, and she will figure it out.

        With the lot of you jumping on every single one of her posts and comments you are doing nothing but giving ammunition to her and her followers.

        Follow your own advice… Move on. Be happy.

        I am sure you’re all aware of the legal consequences of cyber-bulling.

      • So, Dave.

        Previously in your rants the last few days you expressed concern and your friends all expressed their concern that our kids could one day find my blog.

        Now you want us to believe that our daughter reads my blog and that you know she reads it. You want people to believe that even though you know this you still put the crude comments that you did about me, about yourself (thinking you were hiding) and about others in your posts. You want to share with us that knowing your daughter reads my blog you still encouraged your friends/coworkers/Janice and her friends to attack everyone on my blog in the manner they did and fed them lies to post for your daughter to read. Do you really want us to believe that you would still swear (as you did above) and tell everyone what our daughter says about me knowing she is reading this?

        If we believed this lie, what would that say about you? How would that reflect on your “loving father” image you tried to portray under your different user names.

        If my blog hasn’t been anonymous since May 2013 when I started it, why are you and your little minions all attacking me now, 2 1/2 years later? Why at the very least didn’t you attack when I posted Janice’s identity?

        The problem with lies and living split personality, plural persona lives is that you eventually you can’t keep track. The real you just spills out.

      • Sally says:

        KCRAMBLES…..you must be American? There are no cyber bullying laws in BC, as the blogger clearly knows. So she can write, post names, photo’s etc without fear of legal action. But the same is true for the others, they are free to comment whatever they wish in response to her postings. She chose this format. If “anonymity” is what she wanted, then she should have picked a journal or a form that doesn’t identify other parties. So if you don’t like what you see or read, then feel free to move on to other hateful blogs. The internet is full of them for your enjoyment.

      • Phoenix says:

        And I’m sure there are people feeding her daughter more ideas to make her think that her mother is wacko. And let’s be honest, most kids think one or both of their parents are wacko. Regardless of what their living situation is. But its not up to another ADULT to add to that. And people can think whatever they want to think about Robyn. It is their God-given right to have their own opinion. Just like it is Robyn’s God-given right to write about her experiences and it is also your God-given right, “Happy”, to ignore her writings and carry-on with your life. Let her be “crazy”, let her be f-ed up, let her relationship with her kids go through whatever it needs to go through, just leave it alone. Trust me, if you think you are right in this situation, life will correct itself and it doesn’t need your help or anyone else’s.

  5. Sally says:

    Um Phoenix….it sounds like you rose from the ashes a little late and missed the party. This has NEVER been a anonymous blog except for the bloggers own identity. You, Laura(I can’t seem to do it since I’m still writing about my ex 5yrs later) and Jules, who can’t string a sentence together, don’t get it. This blog isn’t about feelings or working through a situation. It’s been about identifying people, bullying, harassing them, telling complete lies and made up stories etc. As togetherabandonned has penned in the past, she wants to shame these people. She is willing to do so at the expense of her children and what these writings may mean to them. How it may affect the relationship with the father etc. It’s one thing to write an “anonymous” blog, get your feelings out etc. But it’s been clear from the time this blog has been running, that there is no other purpose than to spew hate. It’s not helpful to the situation, nor will it be helpful to the children if and when it is found. If the blogger has genuinely moved on, wants nothing to do with the ex etc, why is she still writing about him and the girlfriend? If she truly has, she wouldn’t need a blog nor would she care what they do.

    • Phoenix says:

      I might be late to the party, but I’m here. And if the ex has moved on, shouldn’t he and his friends move on too? All I keep hearing is how Robyn needs to move on, but if you keep commenting on HER blog, that means you or y’all or however many of you are there, are still very much invested in her life. Why don’t you make your own blog and write about what you feel is right or wrong and leave hers alone? There’s plenty of cyberspace to go around. Staying on her blog and commenting on every, little thing and detail in her life is making you look mighty desperate. Go out and blog for yourself. You don’t need to piggy back off her blog. Let the world know your thoughts and feeling about the situation. You’ll get your own followers as well that will sympathize with you.

      • If entertainment filled with hate is what I’m looking for then why go elsewhere if I can find plenty of that with your and your friends comments.

        And you should follow your own advice, if you don’t like what you read then don’t come on here. Simple as that.

    • happy says:

      Phoenix..you are dismissing the fact that robyn is being abusive to her child by not removing this? Have you not read the posts where she includes her daughter’s personal letter to her father? Where she provides very personal information about her daughters past and current problems? Where she says her daughter is a pathological liar? Where she makes similar comments about the father? The grandparents? She tells the children her father left because he didn’t love them..not her. Alll of these things are abusive and damaging to her child. Many of the poster here are personal friends of robyn who have tried to talk some sense into her over and over. They are concerned about her mental health and that of her children.

  6. Phoenix says:

    KC Rambles, I was here first, not trying to bring someone down. Just to be a listening ear. You and your friends, you are the ones bringing the hate. I never said I didn’t like what I was reading. YOU and the rest of your crew did. So again, why be somewhere that you don’t wanna be? Especially if you and your friends are bigger and better than Robyn and the rest of us, just like you are claiming to be?

    And Happy, two wrongs don’t make a right. But in this case, you came onto her playing field, and if you think that this is the way to stop her from blogging, I can tell you that you’re going at it the wrong way. Let life and karma do their thing, that way you can step back, smile and say, “told you so.” but if you and your friends keep going back and forth like you’re doing, it’s only going to get worse. Sometimes, you have to let people hang themselves. Sometimes, you just gotta let them hit the rock bottom on their own. Sometimes you gotta just sit back and watch the catastrophe happen. Like I said, life will correct itself, if it is so wrong as you claim it to be.

  7. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    That’s the best you can do Robyn? Pick up on my ‘slip’?
    Who said it was unintentional? Who said it wasn’t directed to ‘someone’ else?
    “Integrity is what you do when no one is watching.”

    How’s that look for you Robyn?

    How are your spending habits? That’s gonna catch up real quick (gonna intentionally spelled that way; before you point out my illiteracy)

    None of us really know how much time and energy you put into your online stalking of other’s social media accounts, and all the research and other things you do to post you elaborate stories and all your stories full of Metaphors…
    If you got paid for the hours you put in, you might be able to pay the lawyer’s bill.
    You DO know you’ll have to pay for all the tattling you’re doing to them, right?
    Listen, I think Dave is a shit… He’s not my friend, and I guess only he and I know this. You may think we’re connected, but you are sadly mistaken.
    Not everyone here is on Dave’s team.
    You were DEAD WRONG in posting personal information, and o can understand why Dave is posting here.

    The laughable thing of it all is that you LOVE this! You could stop the negative posts against you anytime you wanted. YOU are the moderator! But you love it. You think somehow this is ‘useable’ and ‘valuable’ to your cases I suspect.
    However, here’s you in your Martyrdom glory…
    Woe is you.
    How do you cope?
    Take off the personal details that don’t need to be posted.
    No one wins when you do shit like that Robyn.
    It makes you as bad as what they did.

  8. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    For the record:
    1) I am not a new follower. I have ‘followed’ this sad state of affairs since the beginning.
    2) her friends have tried talking to her. She won’t listen to reason. Not even her BF.
    3) WHO started the bullying… By STEALING photos and showing up at the other woman’s work place outing her in front of colleagues? Posting name, city, job title and job location online?
    Granted, two wrongs don’t make a right, but before you start defending the poor Marytr Robyn… Get ALL the facts.

  9. happy says:

    We need a new post. Robyn why don’t you write about how messy your house is, how you haven’t unpacked your boxes from two months ago? Maybe you can explain how that is everyone else’s fault. Better yet, tell us about your upcoming trip to vancouver and how it’s all so unfair.

  10. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    “Thou doth protest too much about your relationship with Dave.”

    Is it so tough to believe you’re losing allies?

    Imagine you, a married woman, sleeping with a married man, preaching on infidelity…
    Did your fella’s wife find out about you from him? Or did she find out through an email you might have written to him that she intercepted? Hmmm ?
    Riddle me that.

  11. Sally says:

    So all this time has passed and now we find out Robyn is banging a married man? That’s disgusting!! Didn’t we see posts in the infancy of this blog that she would NEVER do such a thing? What a whore!! Where’s the religious crowd, such as Jules and Phoenix to condemn her to HELL!!!!

    • happy says:

      Next we will find out that dave really does pay child and spousal support! Just kidding….no one would believe a sociopath would do that

  12. Wow, Dave, 2 1/2 years post separation and you’ve been seeing someone else for how long? It has been at least 3 years since you and Janice did cheat on your spouses. You both were still living and sleeping with your spouses pretending all was well. You were lying to me and Janice was lying to Andrew while you were getting together behind our backs.

    And after all these years and your continued relationship with Janice, you are still obsessed with who I might be dating?

    What about other male friends you ask our daughter about? Did our daughter state to you, “That is mommy’s business and you don’t need to know that”?

    You took one first and last name off an invoice that I gave to my lawyer to give to your lawyer for 50% reimbursement for work a handyman did to help us get our house ready to list. As per our mediation agreement, you paid but it took me 3 months to get your share because you said, “I’m not paying for any work your boyfriend did.” Ridiculous. You are so jealous. You were going to do the work but bailed. It was the Easter long weekend. You should be so grateful that this man did everything to help you. He did work that was your responsibility and it allowed us to be able to list our house quickly and to get the best price on our house. Instead you want to drag his name through the mud with the rest of your lies.

    He may have a Facebook account but he isn’t one of my Facebook friends.

  13. Sally says:

    Ok I’m confused? Who’s Robyn carrying on an adulterous relationship with? Can someone fill me in on the details? Someone apparently that isn’t her Facebook friend but she’s sleeping with and he’s married? Doesn’t sound like such a catch if he’s not your fb friend….just sayin’. This just get’s crazier and crazier.

  14. Both our daughters told me that you recently drove with them in your truck by his house. They say that every time you see a vehicle that looks like his you announce to our girls, “There goes Peda-Steve.”

    Even yesterday, when you finally decided that you were going to pick up our youngest daughter to go with you and our oldest daughter to Costco, you asked her to stay at the Rec Centre. You knew that she was with me and a friend celebrating Greek Fest. She told you where I was going next with my friend and that it was an option for you to pick her up there but you told her to stay put. Then she texted me saying that you were in the same place that I was because you went to where I was instead. Was that an error because you were thinking about me or were you trying to catch me with someone?

    The problem with you accusing people of being in an adulterous relationship with me when it isn’t true is that you are committing slander and libel.

  15. happy says:

    Well robyn, I heard through the grape vine that dave is stalking you, that he misses you so terribly he will even stoop to following steve’s pedo van just to get a glimpse of a vehicle you have been in! Please go back to him..hurry before you miss your chance!

  16. Sally says:

    I’m not Dave. Not related or even a friend. Just someone who likes following blogs of the self righteous that need a little reminder that they aren’t so holier than thou. From what I read in your blog, I don’t think you can waive the libel and slander card. You’ve done plenty of that and the beauty of it is there’s a record for all to see. Oh and btw….do you really think that your ex, who you say cheated on you with another woman, has been apart from you for 3 years, is going to be following you, or even interested in who you might be with? Wow that sounds like the narcissist pot calling the narcissist kettle black.

      • Alex says:

        He’s here, but engaging with him is just inflammatory. taking a screenshot of someone’s public profile pic that shows up on a Facebook search isn’t illegal as far as I know, and using her name and telling people she and your husband were cheating… Is factual. So posting that may be in poor taste, or asking for trouble, but I don’t think it’s wrong, especially given the unfortunate way your kids found out about the affair. Cat- outta the bag. It’s like a speeding ticket. Don’t want demerits ? Don’t speed. Don’t want to be outed as a cheater? Don’t cheat. It’s really not that hard. But for your own sanity, I think you should ignore these jackals and concentrate on documenting your court stuff, and working on you. They aren’t good for you. You’re so much better than that.

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