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I love that Beyoncé’s HBO special and new album, Lemonade, are getting a lot of hype.  No one is immune to cheating regardless of how loving, talented, beautiful, intelligent, successful or any other enviable trait.

The lyrics in this album are so powerful:  “Are you cheating on me? You can taste the dishonesty. It’s all over your breath.”

What is also universal–no one has any love or respect for the other woman. Whether it is Rachel Roy or Rita Ora or both, their taunting of Beyoncé and dismissive, trite comments like, “Good hair, don’t care” sure do not win them any love.  Rachel Roy is only now denying an affair with Jay Z because she has apparently received death threats on her and her children’s lives. Her Wikipedia account was hacked saying she died on April 23, 2016 under the lemonade stand.

The emotional ride on this album is one that anyone who has been cheated on can relate.

Regardless of how good Becky’s hair is, she has way too many other issues of lack that she tried to fill up by being the other woman. I’d take a bad hair day over being the other woman every time.




4 thoughts on “Lemonade

  1. No one is immune to cheating – it does not matter how rich, beautiful and successful you are..we are all cannon fodder in a world where mens’ egos know no bounds.. Poor Beyoncé! But no doubt singing of her pain in her songs will have a positive effect on her female fan base and bank balance given the amount of women who have found themselves in her shoes…
    I am no Beyoncé but I had a comfortable existence and happy life until the world fell from underneath me when my husband cheated… A younger woman who in my mind was a poor contender for my shoes if measured in beauty and personality.. I was so mad with her.. So much so it blinded my rage with him!!!! I wallowed in this rage for months while maintained an outer calm composed approach to my tattered marriage.. And then I decided to hold my head high and do something for myself… So just like Beyoncé I put my pain into art and wrote a novel – Bloody Jude – this novel was cathartic and all about the worse-case scenario of an “affair gone wrong” with tragic results for all involved.., My novel has been well received but what has shocked me is the number of readers who have sympathised with the harsh treatment of the other woman!!!! It has made me consider if the other woman always vilified? Or is that only true of her treatment by the wife scorned?

    My husband broke my heart but without his infidelity I never would have written Bloody Jude and I would now not have an income stream on Amazon!!! So maybe Beyoncé and I should be grateful these cheating husbands have fuelled our art and female empathy with it! What do you think? In tragedy there is hope?

    An always hopeful Blanca Leigh

    • I love that you found success through your horrible experience. Congratulations and I hope more books are on the way!

      I think that “other woman sympathizers” may have been the other woman themselves or have a close relationship to one. Somehow the supporters are relating to her. I find that most women don’t respect someone who was the other woman and they sure don’t want them for a friend because they are untrustworthy and selfish. What usually surprises me more though is how even men speak disrespectfully to me about anyone who has been “the other woman”. I tend to think that men wouldn’t care especially if they might want to cheat. They might appreciate there are lots of women who don’t care if they are married or not. I find that men don’t respect their male friends who are with “the other woman” and they think very lowly of the woman herself. I had friends of my husband tell me after what a dog they thought he was. I remember my ex even having conversations with me long before I knew he was having an affair about how a guy on his hockey team would have his wife stay home and have his girlfriend flown in to their tournaments. Everyone on the team thought he was the biggest jerk for doing that. When you know someone who has that in their character–cheater, male or female, you are just that much more cautious about trusting them with anything. I think our built-in moral compass and consciousness just says, “that is wrong”. Affairs are hidden and secretive because as a society I think we do not believe that behaviour is acceptable.

      I have a friend, who is a new female relationship through another friend, who shared with me about married men she is flirting with on-line, meeting and having sex with in hotels and even in their cars. I let her know exactly what I thought. Her attitude is that she is just having fun and she isn’t the one who is married. I asked her why she would even want to be with a guy like that because if he does it to his wife he will do it to her. I told her that whether she sees it or not she is causing destruction and supporting callous behaviour that destroys lives. She has called me to do a few things but I have turned her down each time. She knows what the issue is as the last times she has called me she told me about her decision to stop talking to married men and to stop sleeping with men as soon as she meets them for the first time. It isn’t someone I feel like building a friendship with because I feel like if she disrespects herself that much and doesn’t care for the behind the scenes wives and children she knows exist that I just don’t trust her to be a good friend. I don’t want to invite careless people into my life. She tried to tell me that it has built up her self-esteem as they make her feel so sexy and men before have shunned her appearance and body. I told her that she just needs to find better men and that will happen when she treats herself better and when she has more positive expectations in her life.

      I think when men cheat it is due to their own feelings of lack. I am sure there are thousands of men screaming the would never cheat on Beyoncé if she was their wife. I wonder if it made the “other woman/women” who were with Jay Z feel superior to Beyoncé. I feel like that is how they tried to raise their own self-esteem. Hey, he wants to be with me instead of Beyoncé. To me, it is even more of a crime for women to do that to other women. We should be standing together saying we are not supporting that type of behaviour of our men instead of participating in the hurt of other women.

      Beyoncé is much more of a forgiving woman than I was. Maybe Jay Z is worth hanging on to. Mine was not.

      • Many woman want what other women have and to salve their lack of fulfilment they try to steal the supposed happiness of female counterparts by bagging, as they see it, their husband!!!

        These women are lonely, insecure and destructive. As for the men they are egocentric and easily flattered.

        If only we could all walk the moral high ground the world would be a better place and us wives would sleep easy!!!

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