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It is all in the Judge’s hands

Court is finished for now.  There is a lot of material for the judge to review before making his ruling.  He did, however, make an order for my ex to start paying me $5300/month more than he had been paying me.  He commented that there is no chance of my ex over paying pending his decision as there are “significant arrears”.

My ex never showed his face in court.  His lawyer attended on his behalf and just read from my ex’s affidavit.

They did try some dirty tricks. My ex hired a private investigator to surveil me the week before our hearing.  He and his lawyer also travelled to Vancouver the day before our hearing getting my older daughter to swear an affidavit against me.  The judge did not allow these documents to be entered.  He commented that having a child, even an adult one, swear against another parent can cause significant, long term damage to the family.  He also found them to be irrelevant.

This was all done for the purpose of trying to sully my character to the judge. My ex also quoted my “scornedwifeblog” in his affidavit and his lawyer read the example title “How to Handle Hoes like Janice Andrews”. It is a very benign entry just relaying a Beyoncé story but it was chosen to try to embarrass me. Two ways that I think this backfired: 1) Now the judge knows that my ex is the cheater which is another strike against his moral character. 2) The blog, that my ex has tried so hard to get me to halt, is now documented in the Supreme Court of Canada, specifically highlighting Janice Andrew’s name. people bringing you down quote


7 thoughts on “It is all in the Judge’s hands

    • We’ll see what the final decision ends up being. He didn’t have much of a defense for why he isn’t paying me. He basically acknowledged he knows he owes me money but feels it should be less than our calculation even though he had no intention of paying me anymore money without me pursuing him through court. I will share more about what he did to my daughter if she will let me share a bit of her situation so it makes more sense.

  1. I am not surprised the man you were married to tried this shit. I don’t really understand what he hoped to gain with a PI now… you have been separated for a long time and unless you’re breaking the law, what purpose did he hope to serve? The affidavit is assholeish and I hope your daughter sees how manipulative that is.

    I love your judge. I hope you finally get to get support the way you should have been. That’s a lot of money, but if he makes way more than that, and you’re primary for his daughter, fuck him. Hand it over. Rosser

    • I will share more about the surveillance in a future post. It was the biggest waste of his money. So was paying for his lawyer to take a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride one way to Vancouver and then at least another 45 minute drive if not longer to meet my daughter. Plus paying his lawyer’s time to prepare our daughter’s affidavit and then another 1 1/2 hour ferry ride home. My daughter did not know that her dad has not been paying me appropriately until he pulled this stunt. I did not want my girls to know what an ass their dad has been but after this I have let my older daughter know a bit. I really have done my best to keep them out of it and in his desperation he was willing to try anything even if it meant hurting his children. He has already proven by not meeting their financial needs that he doesn’t care about them. This latest stunt confirms that their emotional well-being means nothing to him either.

      • I’m glad he let the mask slip in front of his children for his selfish soul. I’m happy you don’t have to protect his perceived image anymore.

        I’m so happy this judge is going to hand him what for

  2. One of the lessons I learned is that I should have let his kids see him for who he is from the start. I thought I was saving them the pain of learning who their dad had become by trying to force him to have a relationship with his kids. Of course they knew he left for another woman but I tried to keep everything as much the same for them as I could so they didn’t feel the impact of their dad’s actions. That came at a great cost to me but that tends to be the fate of the “staying” parent. Maybe I should have got a legal custody agreement instead of letting him pick and choose when he would see the kids and then bail on them whenever it didn’t fit with what he wanted to do and then never making up that time to them or for me. I made things so easy for him and he always has taken advantage of that. My younger daughter seems to be much more enlightened because she was directly impacted when he chose not to put her interests above his own. My older daughter was so angry initially that she just bailed on her dad. She said why should he pick when he gets to see us? She chose to pick for herself when she would see him. She took control but at 15 being in control of your own decisions knowing a parent isn’t in control does not promote security or stability. My older daughter has struggled throughout the last years of our separation on so many levels. She cannot get over how much this rocked her world. She has told me many times that she wanted to be married and have a relationship just like her parents and she told her friends all the time how much her parents loved each other. If it turned out to be a lie then what is real? I have told her it was true and real for me but the fact is that at some point her dad was living a double life–pretending, saying one thing but doing another. If you can’t trust what you see or what someone is really thinking in their head and heart then what is real? I think she is struggling dealing with reality as a result and what that means for her in this world. Christmas in particular is a time she lapses judgment and suffers in her ability to cope. This got more severe in the new year and my ex took full advantage of her vulnerability for his gain. So what is real? The parent who has been a constant throughout or now a dad and his mistress who are suddenly so concerned and eager to show support. Talk about messing with her reality!

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