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He’s Still Following Me

I think my ex is still reading my blog.  He sent me an email not too long ago commenting that he wasn’t following me anymore.  He said that is was fun for awhile but now it is boring–the same old, same old.

I am pretty sure it was him who commented recently about my potential homeless situation post and then having gone to Hawaii in the summer.  It sounded like him, saying the same things he said to me in separate emails and texts and the same writing style.  It was the same email address as all the chaos created a year ago under several different user names and this was yet another user name, something like “just another single mom”.  He might have been the only one involved in all of that after all.  Crazy!

What makes we certain he continues to follow me is that I finished reading The Girl on the Train very quickly.  I told my daughter she could read it and I gave her the book.  She hasn’t started yet because she said there is a book for her English class that she has to read first.  Then she told me that her dad invited her to go see the movie with him.  I think that is an odd choice of movies to ask your 14 to go and watch when there are lot of family movies released but all I asked was if she was going to go.  She said, “Nooooo!”  She apparently told her dad that she had the book but she hadn’t started to read it yet.  He said, “Your mom decided you could read it?”  Even my daughter said it was “random” how the topic of me screening the book first came up.  She told him that she saw the trailer and that wasn’t a movie she was going to watch with him.  I haven’t seen the trailer and now am curious as I wonder if it is obvious from the trailer infidelity is involved.  His commented to her that he was that he was surprised I was going to let her read it.  Yet he thought it was okay to take her to see the movie?




9 thoughts on “He’s Still Following Me

  1. Who cares if he’s reading your blog and making snarky remarks? You ever heard the saying “me thinks he doth protest too much?” If he wasn’t still reading it, he wouldn’t make a point of talking about it.
    I have seen The Girl On The Train.” I didn’t get the take that it was as much about infidelity as it was about one of the first transsexual operations. There is a bit of nudity…showing a similar scene that was in The Silence Of The Lambs (and what a man does with his genitals.) I know nothing about the book.
    Keep writing. Keep saying what you want and feel. If he doesn’t like it, there’s a real simple solution….STOP READING!

    • I think you are thinking of the movie The Danish Girl!

      I would love to share more about my dating life but I just don’t need him to see into parts of my life that really do have nothing to do with him!

      Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Moi says:

    Scorned, how much longer do you need to stay where you are? Canada is such a huge place that getting as far away from him would be the best thing for you.
    He resents having you do anything fun. He cheated, you didn’t. He needs to get off this blog and out of your life. If he owns you money then pay it and shut up. He has hockey, his girlfriend and a new life. He would be a better person if he kept his obligations and moved on. Cheaters have to make their spouses the bad guys to absolve themselves. It doesn’t work. He dumped you and two children. He can spin that any way he wants to. It still would not be right.

    • I plan to stay put for the next 4 years just until our youngest daughter has finished high school unless some opportunity presents itself for her that she wants to pursue. In the meantime, hopefully our legal issues and divorce will be resolved by then. I have no desire to stay here. We moved here for his career, nothing else. I have been lucky and have never run into my ex once; the other woman, only one time. It was uneventful–she had her arms filled with shoes she just bought. My daughter saw her first and turned to get out of the store so fast and just said, “Come on” to me. I glanced to see why the hasty departure and that is when I saw her. I just kept following my daughter out of the store. I keep downsizing my stuff, keeping my anchor lifted and I will explore anything on this side of the country that I want to visit before I leave. I continue meeting people and living life but it was hope that my time here is just very temporary. I am really am just putting the needs of my children first and then it can be about me.

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