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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time

My daughter is home from school sick with the flu so we decided to catch up on a bunch of ‘Once Upon a Time’ episodes from last season.

In the episode that we just watched, Snow White was asking the Evil Queen to keep a secret for her. Her reasoning was this:

“Because when you betray the people you love, when you make them see the worst parts of you, what you’ve done changes everything. There’s no going back. You’ve shattered the bonds you’ve worked so hard to forge. The stronger those bonds once were, the more difficult they are to put back together. If they can be repaired at all.”


13 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. Sally says:

    Still harping on about it huh?

    Do you ever watch TV, since you seem to do a lot of that, and ever think wow what a great life I have. Live in a great country. Have a home. Have food. Have my children. Have a boyfriend. Have friends. Have a lot of things that the better part of the world doesn’t?

    Turn that frown upside down Abandonned, and maybe you’ll have a different outlook on the world. It’s not all negative.

  2. In my opinion says:

    If I may chime in here. I realize this all has probably been said before. And, after reading some of what has already been written I can see it’s probably way too late.
    But in a divorce situation, no matter how it’s all gone down, shouldn’t it be about the kids first? I realize and understand that Husband/Dad messed up and was having an affair and nothing said or done can make that wrong right. But even after it’s done, it should be all about the kids and keeping collateral damage to a minimum. So that means, even if they found out (by accident or not) it should have been talked about in a way that said.. “This is mom and dad’s issues and you kids don’t have anything to do with what is wrong with us” And from that point on, they should be kept out of it 100% and only reassured they would be taken care of, both parents love and adore them and everything will be ok. If/when one misses an appointment or doesn’t follow through, the only thing the other parent has to say about that is simply.. “Im sorry, I know that feels bad” or stay as neutral as possible. Your anger and hurt should never be placed as a burden on the kids (either side) this was not their decision to make. Placing blame on each other after the fact does nobody any good. It’s time to drop the swords and move on, both of you. Getting your feelings out is healthy to a point, then it turns into dwelling. Feeding into the negativity is also not moving on. Both sides are guilty of not moving on. The sooner both sides can act at worst neutral to the other, at best “cordial”, the better for those innocent kids. And the better for all parties involved.

    • Sally says:

      Finally someone speaking some sense. Although I’m sure you’ll be accused by the blogger or her gang of hate mongers that you are a friend of the ex, whore or even them.

  3. Lania says:

    This is truth, Abandonned.
    Also, another truth is “Some people just clearly don’t care if they trample other people’s boundaries, that is, until they get a fist to the face” 😀

    • Sally says:

      Fist to the face?? Really? You’re starting to sound as deranged as theclip. But you are right about one thing. Some have no boundaries, and that has been proven over and over.

  4. Alex says:

    I don’t know what blog post you guys read. this was about TV. She related to it. In a way that most people would. Wowza.

  5. TheClip says:

    Deranged Sluty? Hmmm. I would say i am objective. You cant see that because you are still suffering from Humpy’s load of mind fucks( will destort most truths) All those little mind fucking sperm filling your head with partial truths and embellishments. You poor thing… Its a hard ailment to get over… U see poor ole Abandon… See got fucked two ways… first physically( do believe there are two children involved) and then when she started to see thru Humpy’s lies… He fucked her in the head.
    Any hoo, you are getting royally fucked over and in time you will know that you were just a deposit and a back up plan. Humpy needed a back up plan… A storage unit if u will… Somewhere to store his fucks.

    • Sally says:

      theclap….unfortunately that soft serve for a brain of yours doesn’t understand what the meaning of objective is. You clearly are not objective about anything, based on your comments. My only wish for you is to learn to spell or complete a sentence correctly. Don’t they teach that in the back woods of Tennessee? Either that or you’re a 12yr old girl who has very little life knowledge and thinks everything is about getting “fucked over”, “deposits”, “storing fucks”, “fuckwads” & “fuckwits”.

      You offer little to nothing here. So move along little girl.

  6. In my opinion says:

    Sally said “Finally someone speaking sense” yet continued right away to attack the blogger (I am assuming Sally is the husband or gf of husband) The things is, BOTH parties are part of this problem. Sally, if you want to move on, you would also drop your sward, even if Abandon has not. She may never and there is no controlling that part of this, only your side. If she continues to hate and hurt, that is her own curse, “you can’t drink poison and expect the other person to die” I wish you both only the best, honestly I have no axe to grind here I only think about how all this must be affecting those kids of yours both directly or indirectly. Please, both of you, put down the hate and anger. Abandon, please stop lashing out at the husband and his gf, and husband and gf, please just stop reading the blog because it only creates more anger and hate and lashing out. Life is short. Take advantage of the time you have here and LOVE. If it’s not each other, then concentrate on the ones you do, not the ones you don’t.

  7. TheClip says:

    It amusing and sad how easily u can be taunted and coerced. I think , like most OW or AP you have this deep rooted need to have the wifes limelight… You walked into an established life seeking something that wasnt yours. Regardless of what Humpy told u… If had planned to leave her he would have. Instead he enjoyed the duality of married life… Slippin the sausage to Abandoned and u. He fed you lies about their relationship and u focused on every word and did yr best to do everything that Abandoned couldnt for her husband. He created the competition and you the eager player… Had to win the prize. Its classic. You have been conditioned to please him. Fight for him. He created and continues to create this dynamic between you and her. He sits back and watches getting his jollies. Might as well throw some jello down too!
    You continue the competition by slumming around on your BF ex wifes blog.
    Maybe Abandon is stuck… Maybe she is working thru her anger… Maybe its better than sucker punching you in your wagging chops… Which u deserve. But instead she chooses words to verbally bitch slap you. And you, so eager to win, are ready to fight. Prove you are the better woman.
    All you prove here is you take bait. You are reactive and equally willing to keep this little competition going. Your insecurities are showing girl. I mean puppet.

    • Sally says:

      Oh theclap. Your moronic posts only make me giggle at how much of an imbecile you really are. You don’t have a clue who I am. The one who is taking the bait is you. You come on here with your anger filled posts using acronym’s and abbreviations because you can’t manage to spell or get a clear and concise thought out of your tiny little head. The only thing you can manage to string together is U, yr, BF, OW, AP….go back to grade 3 and learn how to spell and write like a normal human being and then maybe we can continue this discussion.

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