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Fake Coins

In Rumi’s poem, The Touchstone, Iblis asked, “Can you tell a lie from the truth, you who are filled with illusion?”

Muawiya answered, “The prophet has given a clue, a touchstone to know the base coin from the true. He has said, ‘That which is false troubles the heart, but Truth brings joyous tranquility.’ ”

When I discovered your coins were fake, I refused to accept them. You now spend your coins elsewhere. You pass your coins off to others who know you committed fraud, know you continue to commit fraud and yet they accept your forgery? Your scheme cost me almost everything. You still try to steal from me.

I examine coins more thoroughly these days. I spend them. I invest them. I melt them down. I check for seams, run tests, and scratch the surface.  Then I check my heart.

Rumi says in The Masnavi:

“Fools buy base coins from their likeness to real coins.
If there were no genuine coins current in the world,
How could coiners succeed in passing false coins?
If there were no truth, how could falsehood exist?
Falsehood derives its plausibility from truth.
‘Tis the desire of right that makes men buy wrong;
Let poison be mixed with sugar and they eat it at once.
If wheat were not valued as sweet and good for food,
The cheat who shows wheat and sells barley would make no profit!”

Because of you, I know worthless currency.  Because of you, I know true value.


159 thoughts on “Fake Coins

  1. Happy says:

    Geez, I hope Steve isn’t reading this. If he is then hopefully he will encourage you to get some professional help so you can at least begin to move on after three years.

  2. Happy says:

    People want you to be happy
    Don’t keep serving them your pain!

    If you could untie your wings
    And free your soul of jealousy

    You and everyone around you
    Would fly up like doves

    • Salem says:

      Oh Shakespeare! do tell! Give me a break! You sound like a stupid school girl spewing that crapola! Got anything intelligent or original to say? I didn’t think so!

      • Happy says:

        Hmmmm well methinks you are insulting the blogger herself if you are criticizing the subject of this post, the one that she has quoted. Jesus you are a moron

  3. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    For the love of God… please let go and move on.

    Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.
    Walter Anderson

    You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.
    Johnny Cash

  4. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    “Every time i think of you not because i am alone but for the change that i have seen in you in such a short time was the reason, i wonder how can a person change in such a short time, Was that friendship between us or all was just a dream which was now haunting me every moment of my life, I am still that person but were you the same?”
    ― Debolina Bhawal

  5. Sally says:

    Since were in the Songs/Poetry category

    I’ll take Engelbert Humperdink for $500 Alex.

    Oh please release me let me go
    I don’t love you anymore
    To live a lie would be a sin
    Release me and let me love again

    Oh I have found a new love dear
    And I’ll always want her near
    Her lips, they’re warm while yours are cold
    Release me and darling let me go

    Please release me let me go
    I don’t love you anymore
    To live a lie would be a sin
    Release me and let me love again

    Please release me let me go
    You’d be the fool to cling to me
    Oh to live a lie would bring us pain
    Release me and let me love again

  6. Laila says:

    Wait. This is rich. Are THEY telling YOU to move on? The SAME PEOPLE who comment on YOUR blog MULTIPLE TIMES and without missing a beat whenever you make a post? But you’re the one who needs to move on? LOL.

    Scorned- I’m a lurker and haven’t been cheated on HOWEVER, I have come to find myself in the position of “betrayed child” which is a whole set of issues on its own but I feel for you. I’m sorry you have to deal with these folks. I can understand why you have this blog- its very cathartic I imagine and I know that this stuff affects you for a while, especially when you have such a nasty Ex and affair partner to deal with. I’m at this place where I’m really pissed at my dad for what he did to my mom and don’t get me started on the other woman. I wonder did they ever think of anyone but themselves when they cheated? Probably not but I guess that’s life, huh? :/

    • Thanks Laila.

      I, too, think it is interesting that my ex, the other woman and their one friend with 4 different user names come to my blog to try and claim that I am the sad party in all of this. They are glued to anything I post. They seem to really want me in their life. They want to be a part of my life. They drop names of men or things they think I might be doing hoping that I will comment. I don’t know Janice and her friend, Lisa, yet they talk as though they know me intimately. They hang on my every word and pant for me to comment on their comments. They cry when my posts are 2 weeks apart then accuse me of just sitting on the computer when my posts are too close together. They are all such nasty people that they will turn on each other soon enough and then eat each other alive.

      By their comments you get a glimpse of their true nature. Law of attraction certainly explains why they are together. It is clear that neither has a conscience by their attack on everyone who posts in my favour or against them, in the lies they spew, their need to try to discredit me and my character, by their desperate need to defend themselves and their narcissistic need to try to divert all the attention to themselves.

      I am sorry that you are a casualty of an affair. My kids feel the same way as you do. I have adult friends who have never forgiven the cheating parent and certainly have no interest in the other woman especially if she remains in the picture. Years have passed for them and yet the wounds are not healed. Some have an “on-the-surface” relationship with the cheating parent but they lost all respect and trust. Betrayal is something that is not easy to forgive. How can you ever trust that person again on any level, especially when they let you down over and over again? My children suddenly found that they had zero priority in their dad’s life. It is a betrayal of everything children expect from a parent–security, love, family, home, trust, truth, protection, safety, control, etc. It is one of the most selfish things a parent can do and it destroys a child. You have every right to be angry at your dad and the other woman.

      It surprises me a little when my ex and the other woman try to claim what a great relationship the other woman has with my kids. It is so far from the truth. I don’t know how much they actually believe that, how much they want to pretend that there is any relationship maybe hoping that it is true, how much they just want to try to make themselves look good to others or how much is just a flat out lie with 100% intent to deceive like a lot of their other comments. What I know for sure is that it doesn’t matter to either of them–my kids do not matter to them and are not a priority in their life at all.

      Yep, Laila, sadly there are just shitty people in this world. Janice is a shitty person. She made no promises to me or my children. She is just one of those people who cares about no one except herself and enters your life and shits on everything. My husband is more shitty because he let her do it. He allowed her, with his own actions, to cause the destruction of me, his children, everything we worked for together, every promise we made to each other, every promise we made to God together and promises my husband declared on his own, our extended family and even his own self.

      If they had any remorse, any shame, any consideration of others or a conscience, they would maybe come on my blog to publicly apologize. Instead, they are intent to cause as much hurt, harm, embarrassment, slander, and continue to try to victimize repeatedly anyone who has been devastated by an affair. They thought of no one but themselves when they were cheating. However, now that they are suffering the consequences of their affair that is when they think of others. There is no accountability on their part, no acceptance for the results of their actions. They need someone else to blame and they need to try to lift themselves up from the shit pile they created to try to make themselves seem better than they are.

      I wish you the very best, Laila, and hope that you experience healing and are able to eventually have a relationship with your dad.

      • Happy says:

        That’s right Bonbon, the demise of your marriage had absolutely nothing to do with you. You fail to mention here that your husband left you before you had any idea he was dating someone else, that’s right, contrary to what you post, you did not leave him because you found out he was having an affair. He had left you, had already moved on, likely due to many of the same behaviors you now exhibit and which are likely destroying your current relationships. You have friends posting on here and in life begging you to see the light, for the sake of your children, your new relationship, your own sanity and potential happiness, yet you are so fucked up your mind is shut to it all. You can say that your children don’t have a good relationship with the other woman, perhaps they even pretend so just to spare your feelings, but everyone else knows that is not true.

      • Happy says:

        Bonbon, in order to begin your healing process you need to realize and then admit that your marriage had deteriorated over many years, mainly due to your behavior. You ex left you because he simply didn’t love you anymore, he didn’t want to be with you anymore. He found someone he does love. If you cared about him you would be happy for him. Your children love his new girlfriend, they are all very happy together. You need to accept this so you can move forward.

      • Salem says:

        Together abandoned, came across your blog and I have to hope that you are divorced from this troubled person! Obviously they don’t have much going on in their relationship if they spend every free moment they have creating different users to harass you! Just reading their childish, petty posts prove how ridiculous they are. You should consider yourself very lucky to have dumped this guy into the OW’s lap! From the posts I can tell they are “equally yoked”. Before you go to bed at night and when you get up in the morning, don’t forget to Thank your lucky stars that this guy left. Spared you having to kick him to the curb!

      • Thank you, Salem. Next court date is to get the divorce finalized as well. Still a few outstanding matters like getting my ex to actually pay as per our mediation agreement, disclose some details he is intent to keep hidden and to provide his 2014 income tax return. Crossing my fingers that this will end things for good!

    • Salem says:

      Laila, I totally agree with you! Maybe these trolls should take their own advice! Seems to me they want everyone to read their crappy posts and song lyrics and just get over the fact that they are two big old common cheaters who blew up this woman’s family and she just needs to get over it in a couple of weeks and allow them to go their Merry way with no consequences! It’s mind blowing! After reading some of the total adolescent crap they post I am thoroughly convinced that our blogger is going to thrive once she throws this piece of human garbage over to the nitwit OW! I’m actually excited for her! Hope she takes old boy to the cleaners in the divorce! She deserves a good settlement! Let the OW support this trash!

  7. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    I simply pray that you find a modicum of respect for your children, your boyfriend, and yourself.
    You allow the platform.
    You antagonize.
    You are not just telling the story of your divorce
    You are ruining lives
    YES. you were hurt.
    YES the life you knew is over
    YES you are an adult and it is your responsibility to find what you need to move on.

    Your disrespect to those closest to you is printed in black and white by the words you write.

    I pray for your ability to forgive and move on.
    Stop with the hypocrisy and ‘just do it’

    Two wrongs DON’T make a right. Not just a cliche.

    • Salem says:

      Speaking of respect for yourself, why don’t you talk to Happy’s GF and ask her why she didn’t respect herself and the cheaters family when she thought he was the best she could do? What? No single guys where she lives? Had to grab some guy who has a flexible moral standard? Had to sleep with the guy who talks smack about his wife? Can’t respect the Ex’s blog and leave her alone? You wouldn’t know respect if it flew in your face! Your cheaters sold themselves cheap! And now they act cheap by making snarky little remarks and further abusing the Ex! If those two are Sooo happy, then they wouldn’t care a bit about her blog! Please don’t lecture people about respect and happiness in adulterous relationships! It brings NO real lasting happiness, just strife! It’s like trying to mix oil and water!

  8. Sally says:

    You are, and so is this blog, the definition HYPOCRISY. You claim one thing then do the other. You say you’re happy yet you’re on here posting about your ex and the whore almost 3yrs after the fact. You claim you’re a Christian and yet this site, the language used, the things you espouse are far from Jesus like. You made promises to the ex, but did you keep your end of the bargain? You say you worked so hard to have the life you had, did you really? Sitting at home for 8yrs and playing up the disability card simply because you knew the system from past life experience so you could take advantage of that and stay home? You say your children are the most important thing to you yet you do little to nothing for them. You kick the oldest out of the house to live on the street and if the rumours are true the ex took her in and she lived with him for a year. You’re never home know always out with the boyfriend leaving you other daughter home alone. Discussing the details of your divorce with your children etc. You are the one that doesn’t accept. You are the one that is looking to blame others. You are the one that can’t move forward without trying to rip others apart. Your life is a laundry list of blame others. Got fired from your job blamed the employer. Got fired from another job blamed them. About to get fired from last job, blame them and go on disability before they have a chance to boot you out the door. Relationship goes down the toilet and blame the ex.

    You never take responsibility for anything. Nothing in life have you ever been part of the problem. It’s always the others fault. Have you ever on this blog acknowledged your part in the demise of that relationship? No, never, not once! Because you don’t see it. You are blind and cannot see. You are lost in your own world of self pity and loathing that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

    You receive advice from friends to change your ways but you refuse. You are the dog that returns to it’s own vomit. You can’t stop obsessing about these people so you continually go on the internet to find out things like twitter accounts and blog about what they did or didn’t do 3 YEARS after the fact. You’ve had a boyfriend for a year and yet you spend your time doing this?

    Why not chose happiness as opposed to rumour mongering and searching out ways to discredit the ex and the whore? Why not for once be the positive light in this instead of the negative black hole of desperation to get your vengeance for being wronged? Do you really think that this site is doing good for others if they’ve experienced something like this? Posting photo’s, names, places of employment, how poorly your perceive you’ve been treated? Why not post about the positives in life and show others that out of difficult times can be a life full of change and positivity?

    I know this will fall on deaf ears. Your history has proven you will simply find a way to deny the truth and justify what you want to do. You will tell lies. Paint a false picture so everyone thinks your this great, strong person. But for those that see you for what you are, we now that you’re a sad, bitter, vengeful woman who simply can’t move on.

    • Salem says:

      Happy, it’s the middle of the day, bored? Don’t you have a job? I notice you are a one line comeback guy. I figure you really aren’t much at all unless you are quoting someone! What’s wrong? Did the library ask for the useless quote book back? Whoever gets your snarky little mouth deserves it! I, however, got you pegged!

      • Happy says:

        You have me “pegged”? Neato. Actually I don’t have a job now that you mention it. I stay up all night playing computer games. Then I sleep most of the day then go out and do yoga and go to starbucks. I certainly don’t clean my house, work or spend time with my daughter. I mooch off other people and the system. Because I am a victim and everyone owes me.

  9. Let go says:

    I am almost positive these three are trolls. If not, and they are who you think they are, they spend an enormous amount of time on your blog. They must already be boring the hell out of each other. This your blog. You speak of your experience. If your husband had an affair with the woman you speak of then it is common knowledge so people already know. Your children know. I cannot see why they act offended. They cheated, you stated they did. If he has become someone you don’t know anymore then you are lucky he has taken himself out of your life. I would imagine the further away you get from this the healthier you will become.

    • They are my ex and the other woman for sure and one of her friends. I am lucky he is out of my life from a partner perspective. I just want him gone for good. I am hoping the court action that will hopefully be scheduled soon will end all of the financial issues and that he will actually find someone he is happier with that his current fling so he will finally not be interested in being in any part of my life.

      • Sally says:

        If you want the ex gone for good, why do you keep blogging and searching out his activities? You keep blogging about the whore and what she is or isn’t doing? You keep referencing some court action, yet there isn’t one? You haven’t provided financial disclosure for 2014 to be able to resolve a separation agreement? Funny you tell a different story, maybe one day you’ll tell the truth!

      • Happy says:

        Well that’s interesting. Bonbon, why are you not disclosing your 2014 financial information? Does it have something to do with your disability fraud?

      • Salem says:

        Together abandoned, what is probably going on is the fact that your cheating husband is losing his mind over the fact that he’s probably going to lose his butt financially! He and his trolls keep yammering on about being Christian and giving YOU pointers! Yeah, right? Cause sleeping with a very married man is SO christian! Then they start talking about forgiveness, but insult the Hell out of you! Again, they have no credibility! Quite honestly, I can’t even address some of the unbelievably ridiculous things they spout! And I just love the posts from Two Wrongs don’t make a right! Have they ever heard the saying, “You can’t make a wrong a right!” No matter how hard they argue, they created this mess by committing adultery! They were/are wrong! They have no REAL adult coping skills! They seem to want to shift all the blame to you from kitty litter to drinking Starbucks coffee! Are they kidding? Get rid of this anvil around your neck and place it on the adulterous’s neck! Believe me, she really deserves this fool!

      • Thank you, Salem. I agree 100%!

        The interesting thing is that my ex got a very amazing financial deal in mediation and he knows it. He was very “happy” to gloat that me and my lawyer screwed up and he got the better of me. Agreed. I just decided I wanted to move on and although it was a hard pill to swallow I accepted the huge financial loss in order to just settle. Yet, he is still too arrogant to pay what he is required to pay as per our mediation agreement.

        I knew nothing about the other woman before but by her comments she seems to be a weak, follower content to believe anything my ex feeds her. She is as mean and cold as he is and seems to thrive being his soldier or hit man carrying out his orders.

        I’ve had girlfriends say to me that if they were dating a man who treated his ex-wife like Dave treats me they would have nothing to do with him. This woman seems to encourage his behaviour. The problem for them is that one day things won’t be so rosy between themselves and all of their hatred and anger will come back on them by each other.

      • Sally says:

        You could give Togetherabandonned apologies, money, settlement of a lifetime and she will still look at is as if it’s never enough. It’s who she is and her family and friends around her know that. Her own mother said to her that the ex should have left her years ago. If the woman that gave birth to you recognizes what you bring to the table as a partner, and says that when you are in your deepest moment, it really says something about the person you are.

        And by the way Togetherabandonned nice job making up all these fake personalities to cheer you on. Congrats on your creativity. Hopefully you get this creative with Steve!

      • Lan says:

        Oh fuck off Sally, you disordered cunt. Claiming you’re not a certain person yet name dropping is making you look like the mentally ill twit you really are.

      • Two wrongs don't make a right... says:

        LMAO @ Lan… Yeah… Sally looks unstable? Unlike yourself.
        See you next tuesday? really?

        yer so badassssss…


    • Salem says:

      Let go, I agree with you! I have read some of these posts and these are trolls for sure! If you notice the times they post it makes you wonder if they have jobs? And our blogger has one of the trolls wondering if she’s out of bed? Really? Whoever these two cheaters are, I am convinced our betrayed blogger will be so much better off once she finally gets rid of her Ex legally! He and his Merry band of idiots sound like a bunch of catty high schoolers, but our blogger sounds like a true adult! No doubt she’ll be far better off dumping this dead weight and his amoral GF!

  10. TwoWrongsDon'tMakeARight says:

    If you want him gone… block his ability to post. Stop antagonizing. Stop creeping his Twitter, Facebook and whatever other social media you feel the need to spy on, dig through and repost.

    You have all the power here.
    Your self-imposed martyrdom is pathetic.

  11. Leslie says:

    Yikes! These people are truly horrible god awful people but cheaters usually are. Just wait until ‘Happy’ gets her life shoved up her a$$ by Mr. Cheaterpants. Bwahaha. Yeah, Happy I’m talking to you. You really think your pu$$y is platinum and the cheater won’t cheat on you some day. You people are so delusional. Can’t wait until it happens to you. It will. Karma Bus coming your way NOW!!!

  12. supermom2015 says:

    Wow! Sorry you have such disordered people trying to disrupt your peace. Your kids will figure out who’s in their corner & who’s using them as a weapon. Your exH seems to have a fixation on your activities/posts. It’s obvious from the comments that he has nothing good to wish you. Poor sad POS is getting what he deserves and can’t take it like a man because he’s not a man. I do wish you & your girls well. Hopefully your ex will develop a hobby & take his attention elsewhere.

    • Thanks Supermom. I know my ex knows my kids know nothing about this blog. Otherwise, he would never post everything he is posting. If he does think they know about it how could he allow the other woman to post the things she has about me? How could he ever justify posting lies about me. He would know that would shame or hurt my kids and jeopardize any relationship he could still possibly salvage with them. That just reveals yet another side of his personality. Thank you for your well wishes.

  13. renee1111 says:

    Sorry you have such disordered people trying to disrupt your peace. Your kids will eventually figure out who’s in their corner & who’s using them as a weapon. It’s obvious by the comments that your exH is still fixated on you & stalking your blog. I guess he isn’t really over you yet. Hopefully he’ll find a hobby and take his attention elsewhere. Good luck to you & your daughters. I wish you well.

  14. Stephanie says:

    Cheaters are vile people, and so is the trash they collect around themselves. You can see from the comments that they leave here that they have a lot of ugliness and hate–that’s their glue. They don’t realize mold and filth grows in the hate that is in their minds and in their words. I guess they don’t know that bitterness rots the spot inside them that would have had a soul.
    Hold your head high. You have integrity. They have…nothing. What a sad legacy they will leave this world with one day. Just ugliness.

    I do appreciate you giving them a forum on which they expose themselves. Let them show the world who they are. Too bad they lack introspection. They would then be ashamed.

  15. Lan says:

    Aaah, I find it hilarious that you have dumb (Happy), dumber (2wrongs) and dumbest (Sally) posting within minutes of each other, and all with the same writing style, proclaiming from their high horse that you’re the one with issues. Projection, anyone? Also, its obvious these twits are related to one another.

    Cheaters are sick pathetic excuses of trash who are devoid of self-reflection and are a black hole of need. Their only assets are thinking with their dick, or spreading their legs. At least a prostitute gets paid to do that and is upfront with it. Whores are so stupid they don’t even ask for payment.

    Abandoned: Block these clowns from your blog, you’ll have far less bullshit to worry about. The collective IQ of the three of them doesn’t even exceed room temperature.

    • Thanks, Lan. I think the other woman is getting paid. My ex has spent a lot of money dining her (he was using my credit card that he had a joint card for so I saw all the bills and was able to piece it all together when I discovered the affair and could go back and check dates and confirm it was not business)and giving her gifts. She is so ungrateful she had him return a Pandora charm saying she had it and told him the one she really wanted that just happened to be $35 more! He exchanged it and paid the difference. All this while he was still sleeping with me because I was unsuspecting at this point and she was still with her husband. My ex was the one who told me this story when I asked about these charges on my credit card. Notice also how she was up in arms in two separate comments that my ex might pay for my ferry fare to take our daughter to university. It was suggested to me that she is fueling his stance to not pay me as per our mediation agreement because she doesn’t think it is right. She thinks she has landed herself a jackpot. Nope, just a jackass.

      • Lan says:

        All you have to know is that these people are disordered. Look up personality disorders, specifically narcissistic personality disorder, and you will see what these twits are like. You’re so much better than having to deal with that shit. Because thats all they are – shit.
        PS: The 3 stooges: If you even bother thinking a response, don’t bother posting it. You’re nothing more than scum in my eyes. And I will laugh at whatever inane shit your 2 brain cells can rub together. It’ll either be projection or ad-hominem. Probably both.

    • TwoWrongsDon'tMakeARight says:

      Lan… not just this post, but the one below.
      Question for you… you kiss with that mouth?

      That got aggressive real fast.
      who wronged you baby girl?

    • Sally says:

      Lan, you’re really not very bright. The 3 you refer to are actually separate people. Please don’t apply to be an FBI forensic analyst because you clearly don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

      The rest of your commentary is really dumb and not worth my time and effort. You need better game than that to bring me to the table.

      • Lan says:

        Considering I never once said that you were all the same people. I’ll quote it for you verbatim, so it penetrates your thick skull: “Also, its obvious these twits are related to one another.” Shall I do that again, as its clear it didn’t work? “Also, its obvious these twits are related to one another.”

        And considering that you responded to me, it seems I am worth your time and effort. Too cute, a disordered loon as yourself is spinning her wheels going apeshit crazy because someone dared call her for the slut she is. Problem is, you don’t have a word against it, because you know I’m right. Go cry to that bitch of a cheater you’re fucking.

      • Salem says:

        Scary thought that these are really three very screwed up people! I actually was hoping it was only one fool! Furthermore, the posters indeed know what they are talking about because we have in most cases dumped our cheaters into the loony OW’s lap! Of course I made sure my cheater was absolutely broke once his OW GOT HIM! He now sucks the life and money out of that “special” twit! Of course I deserved a great settlement because I worked my ass off during our very long marriage and his GF only screwed him for a few months! She thought Prince Dumb Dumb was all that! Now she pretty much pays my alimony and he spends the rest of her money! Bet she feels real special now that she has to put up with a sick, unemployed old fart! I wish her luck! Anyone who thinks the idiot they are cheating with is a good potential partner is kidding themselves! They are cheaters and have the emotional depth of a urine sample! But I feel they truly deserve each other!

      • Salem says:

        If it’s really not worth your time and effort, then go away Sally! Go have a fabulous life! What do you care about this blog! You think a guy who cheats and spouts stupid flowery quotes is a great guy! Why are you so invested in this snarky little cheater?

  16. TheClip says:

    Wow ! Sally and Happy… You guys are on the hook. She has you on the hook…. You cant put down the pipe… And you guys are telling her to move on? Funny stuff! Who doesnt have a life?
    Psssttt… Sally and Happy … Go see a movie or something. Trolling your wifes blog?
    Somebody send these guys a gift card to Appleby’s so they can get out more.

    • Salem says:

      The Clip, these cheaters are in need of a lot more than an Appleby’s gift card and a movie! Just proves that this ilk has to have chaos, even if they have to create it, to feel “alive, desired, and get centrality!” I think Together abandoned needs to close out this blog and go “dark” on these cheaters! They embody every cheap cliche about cheaters! But I do believe that Together has the right to tell the truth about these two whether they like it or not! Want to flush cockroaches out then shine light on them and watch them run! They don’t like the idea that she exposed their names, TOO BAD! They absolutely know what they have done is crappy and wrong! These cheaters want to play tit for tat, so middle school! It’s hard to believe her Ex is old enough to have a child in college! I would go NC on these losers and let them have each other! Let her children figure out for themselves what kind of relationship they want with daddy dearest! Kids are smart and they know who they can count on! I feel so very sorry for this woman and her children having to put up with these two dysfunctional people! No doubt Together abandoned is going to be far better off without the Ex!

  17. TwoWrongsDon'tMakeARight says:

    Your blog has been on here how long?? and ALL OF A SUDDEN, and onslaught of ‘new’ personalities show up.

    Holy Smokes Ms. Blogger… you’ve been VERY busy creating new identities! I’m (mostly) on your side although it doesn’t often seem like it and even I’m ASTONISHED at the new entourage of folks joining your blog all at the same time. Many similarities in their writing and language as well. Not as well played as you think.
    whew! you must be exhausted!

    1. wasn’t your ‘settlement’ established? The monies you say your ex isn’t paying is ‘pet expenses’ I believe you once said. Dog food, cat litter…. really?
    2. YOUR lawyer screwed up and caused you SERIOUS financial hardship…. and they’re still your lawyer? maybe YOU forgot to disclose something… otherwise they’d be on the hook.
    3. YES.. PLEASE DO take the contents of this blog to the Judge… you’ll be asked the same thing I’m asking… “Why do you allow these people to publish confidential information about you, and others who are not involved, damaging relationships and exposing the innocent?”

    You were up late replying to yourself… hope you had a good sleep afterwards.

  18. Happy says:

    I have learned so much here. A recap:

    Robyn Graham Cherrie is having an adulterous relationship with Steve Kennell, who is also married.

    Eight years ago Robyn cheated on her now ex husband, yet has the gall to criticize him.

    The ex left Robyn due to her crazy behavior, she did not leave him because she discovered an affair as she constantly repeats here.

    Robyn states the ex has not disclosed his 2014 tax return, which is false. It is in fact it is she that has not disclosed hers, most likely due to the fact that she is committing disability fraud.

    Robyn is committing disability fraud and the authorities have been advised.

    Robyn vandalized the “whore’s” vehicle, which is not the first time her activities have been reported to the police.

    The whore prefers not to have two of the same Pandora charms.

    The whore has a very good relationship with the daughters.

    Robyn is neglecting her younger daughter and hurting both her children and her current boyfriend by continuing with this blog. She is now creating fake identities and staying up all night talking to herself.

    • Salem says:

      Well Happy, I assure you that I am an authentic poster! But I really find it interesting that you accuse your Ex of such awful things and profess to be so blissfully happy, yet you have nothing better to do with your time than hound your Ex wife? I find it very interesting that you have absolutely no trouble listing all of her faults and past behavior to smoke screen the fact that YOU are just a “common” cheater who can’t just leave her alone! If she’s so terrible then you should just let her alone! Don’t get all nasty because she told everyone you cheated and who the adulteress is! If you thought your relationship with your GF was so right, then you would have no problem with everyone knowing! I truly believe your Ex is going to be far better off without you and your GF harassing the crap out of her!

      • Happy says:

        Well Salem, you may well be an authentic poster because Robyn would never be out of bed this early in the day.

        What you accuse Happy of doing is exactly what Robyn is doing to others via this blog. You refer to “cheaters” and yet the blogger herself is a cheater….why condemn one and not the other?

        Why do you think it is okay for Robyn to bully and harass people via her lies on this blog and yet when someone responds to it you suggest they are doing something wrong?

        Please explain yourself because it simply does not make any sense.

    • Lan says:

      Funny how you know all this, yet you claim you’re not related to all the bullshit, huh?
      So which is it?
      I can assure you, I’m not ‘Robyn’. I’m someone who calls delusional twits who cheat, out on their shit. Its really quite simple.

      • Salem says:

        Lam, Don’t waste your time responding to these twits by trying to match wits, they are clearly unarmed! But it amuses me that this twit Happy truly believes everyone is some figment of his Ex’s imagination! Apparently he is projecting because he is always claiming his Ex is crazy! Really? If she is bothered by his cheating and his constant verbal attacks on her then I find that to be a normal response! These two( or three?) people clearly have no clue! But just think, once she finally gets rid of this leach and his Twu wuv, then those idiots will have to find someone else to screw over! Possibly each other if there is any justice, but who cares about them? Nobody! Because only people of low order go out cheating then making fools out of themselves by acting like middle school bullies! Losers all of them! She’ll be so much better off letting Sally service this loser!

      • Lan says:

        Salem, well aware of that. You hardly have to use any wits at all for these clowns though, its actually comical.
        I’m finding it funny as hell provoking them just to see them spew out random nonsense. Serious popcorn material, to be frank. I’m just waiting for the next line that casts asperations, once again, on my sanity (because thats all these twits can seem to come up with).

    • Salem says:

      What are you neglecting by being on your Ex’s blog? What will Sally do? Maybe she’ll find someone who doesn’t spend so much time on his Ex wife’s blog! What do you care what her current boyfriend thinks? If he reads this then he probably thinks your a loon for constantly stalking her blog! Have you nothing better to do? You probably didn’t give her this much attention when you were married to her! Too bad! Now she can have a life, cause your posts are not relevant to her life! She ALLOWS you and your minions to comment! She’s proving a point and you missed it totally! You couldn’t appear more foolish if you tried!

    • Sally says:

      Absolutely! He was married as well.

      She will deny, probably make up some story how it wasn’t quite that, however the man’s wife found out and put a stop to it.

      Interesting when you start to peel back the onion and reveal someone’s truth. They aren’t always cracked up to what they claim to be.

      • Happy says:

        Hmmm.. could that possibly have something to do with the “disability” or for moving across the country suddenly?

      • Lan says:

        Someone’s truth like your own, right? Posting minutes after, and yet you accuse us of being ‘multiple personalities’ of Robyn. Someone’s projecting their own actions, it seems!

      • Salem says:

        Who cares! He stayed with her for eight years! It’s not legally an issue. He slept with her and lived with her as man and wife which indicates forgiveness!
        As far as your “onion” theory, well something smells, but it’s NOT an onion! How about some self-reflection? What is your big story Sally? Why would you defend a person who treats his Ex so poorly? Would you want to be the object of his hateful obsession? His nasty remarks? He clearly has issues. Why are you defending adultery?

      • Salem says:

        OMG Sally! She slept with a (GASP) married man! Oh Dear! Like nobody does that now, do they dear! Well by golly, let’s get to work defending her right to sleep with married guys! That’s what you and Two Wrongs advocate! That it’s okay to do that and Happy just “needs to move on and get over it!”
        Doesn’t have the same appeal does it? But yet you will defend this idiot Happy and just figure that “she deserves it!” Right? You are a nitwit!!

  19. Laila says:

    So, do you have proof of this affair that you claim Robyn had? And if so, how did you obtain it? I would say its pretty creepy that a divorced husband would be able to find out these things if he wasn’t still creeping/stalking/etc. his ex-wife.

    Also, I’m interested to ask the supporters of the Ex and OW: Do you all think them having an affair was right? Do you condone their actions? Do you think their comments on this blog are right? And please, no flowery language, deferring the question back to Robyn/Me or skirting around the subject- I’d like to simply know why you all attack Robyn but seem to condone what the cheaters did. It’s strange. I never really got that from reading these comments. A lot of attacking of the author, but none of them ever admit to any wrongdoing or admit that yeah, their actions may have contributed to where things are now, even years out. I guess that’s the cheaters M.O.?

    Robyn- did they ever apologize to you for what they did?

    • Sally says:

      Laila are you trying to perform a blogging intervention? You don’t even know who the various parties are, and if any of them are even the cheaters. We/they may be friends, family, colleagues etc. of those parties or even the blogger. The blogger doesn’t seem to think any are from her side of the fence, but I guarantee they are closer to her than she thinks.

      No one is condoning anything. Neither is anyone condoning the use of personal information of any of those parties on this blog. It’s against the law, and if the blogger cares to read her WordPress user agreement, she is not allowed to take another parties information and use it on her site without their permission. That is called doxxing and or copy right infringement and our little friend will probably be hearing about that shortly.

      So word to the wise… careful what you use on your blog. You may just be breaking the law and exposing yourself to your blog being shut down or potential lawsuits.

      • Lan says:

        So Laila, dipshit here did precisely what you said she would – skirting around the subject. I believe your case is closed, mate. =)

    • Salem says:

      Laila, I agree with everything you have said! It’s just plain creepy how these posters threaten lawsuits for exposing them, then they turn around and post very personal info on the blogger! Really? Then we have one poster posing the question about if they are a cheater or not! I can surely lean towards the conclusion that probably they are. Otherwise why would she be so vested and knowledgable about personal info? Dead giveaway! Our blogger will be well done to rid herself of these types! Let them tear each other apart, it shouldn’t take long!

  20. yourworstnightmare#fired says:

    Dave Cherrie, I will email your boss at coast claims services with all the comments you have made, if you continue to harrass on this blog.

    Janice Andrews, you had no right to comment on here, willfully breaking up a family

    I have already sent an email to your boss at Saanich with the link to the blog thats has your picture of your face.

    Your boss won’t like the way you harass people

  21. Two wrongs don't make a right... says:

    LAN!!! you have added such color to the room. Even the most fierce opponents don’t call people cunts, dipshits and fuckheads and bitches! Wow.. that has just increased out vocabulary 10fold.
    Fascinating that you… and another poster have used the term ‘disordered’… which isn’t typically a common term to use outside the mental health field. Funny you should have that commonality.
    So; I suppose those two posters might be the same person…
    or alternatively,
    You, yourself are ‘disordered’

    Either way… who’s really acting like a … we’ll have SOME decorum here and call you a twat. Haven’t used that word in years… but your childish antics simply bring it out!

    Bravo for bringing new life into this discussion with your alter ego… blogger.

    • Lan says:

      Awesome. So, you’re saying that your vocabulary prior to this was consisting of a series of grunts – that sure makes sense given the trash that you and your little friends have been spewing.
      I’m disordered? This is coming from someone who plasters real life details about someone when you’re backed into a corner, right? Would you like to try again?
      I wasn’t aware that someone calling another out on their shit was ‘disordered’ though! But, you can think what you want. Everyone else besides you three loons see that you have a collective IQ of room temperature, and you’re just giving the blog owner more ammunition to destroy you in a court situation. If thats the case, then I’ll happily provide, just to see you twits spin your wheels and get all pissy.

      • Happy says:

        Maybe you should sit down, have a drink, take a valium or whatever medication you need to get through the day and happy! 🙂

    • Salem says:

      By using adultery to manage your problems in a marriage is disordered behavior! This guy talks about kitty litter, his Ex drinking Starbucks and doing yoga like its a crime! So instead of talking about their “problems” he goes nuclear and goes out to sleep around! I guess the next time I find an ant in my house I’ll just burn the house down to solve the problem! That ought to work out dandy! The attacks, lousy “justifications” and really ridiculous, new agey quotes from Happy with the occasional claim that his Ex is crazy shows me he’s a loon! And you minions defend this clod? Guess you would have followed Jim Jones too!

      • Happy says:

        Good reminder about the kitty litter. Robyn clean up the kitty litter off the floor and the bed..for the sake of your daughter and steve

    • Salem says:

      I’m certain she enjoys the support from people who clearly see the abuse she is dealing with! You minions…..NOT so much! Kool-aid anyone?

      • TwoWrongsDontMakeARight says:

        I’ve already used the kook-aid analogy already… Keep up will you?
        Lan, I’m not certain of which ‘shit’ I’m being called on… Would YOU like to try again? Cuz clearly you stuttered.
        This ‘heat in the kitchen’ you speak of is the hot air your blowing out your ass over a blog you assume is full of truths, written by a well person (aka, someone who is not… Disordered)
        So let me type this slowly.
        G e t. S t u f f e d.
        While I could pull a Lan and pull a tirade and dance around like a whirling dervish…

        I will simply smile, watch you continue to lose your shit, and ponder….
        “Soooo many supporters all of a sudden, and SO Vocal… Poor blogger… So victimized. Blogger could stop the madness any time. She could stop this crazy train and poof! We’re gone.

        You see Lan, people like you are the definition of ‘troll’ and I kinda like poking the trolls occasionally.
        Now step aside Lan… If I want more lip outta you, I’ll rattle my zipper.

        The blogger does not care if words come a place of compassion, fury, hate, or fear.
        There is no possible way to make the blogger understand that this whole game show is destroying her. Regardless if I’m here or not.
        So I ask on behalf of her children,can you be the bigger person. Stop discussing ‘the Bove’ with your daughters, stop trolling their social media accounts. Do not put your children in a position where they sacrifice their loyalties to appease your loathing for another human being.

        What’s done is done. There’s no changing it. It’s your responsibility to take your shitty deal and turn it into greatness. You’re not unintelligent. You’re hurt. That’s understood. However, you are going to lose precious people from your life if you continue. That would be a travesty.
        Stop teaching hate, start teaching forgiveness.
        For your own well being, and being the best Mom you can.

      • Lan says:

        Ahh, so we’re going for self-righteousness dashed with a hint of mysogyny, are we?
        I’ll let you try to figure out what shit I’m calling you out on. Could it be perhaps…the fact you’re in agreeance with Sally/Happy? Nah, couldn’t possibly be!
        PS: I don’t want to suck your dick, I might get HIV that way. Or some other sort of STD.

      • Salem says:

        You’ll “rattle your zipper?” No thanks! I don’t need snarky little dick from a snarky little flowery dude! And this is your Ex’s blog, she doesn’t have to “negotiate” with a person who has no integrity! She also doesn’t have to listen to YOU at all! You are her Ex😄! She’s free to say anything she wants on HER blog!

      • Salem says:

        No, it’s difficult to get an STD from a guy who is obsessed with himself and his right hand! Or are you left handed? Either way, make sure you clean up with some tissue!

  22. TheClip says:

    Ahhhhh man. Sally and Fuckwitt… Sorry… Happy … still at it. I have a suggestion Sally and Happy… Why dont you guys get you own blog? Seems you have missed the point of this blog entirely… Clearly. Oh , right, I am talking to cheaters…rules dont apply to you guys…
    But seriously you two …. You are only giving your ex wife more ammo. Like seriously loading the AK 47 and flapping your big mouths off creating this giant red target for her to aim at….and unstill dont see that ? Everytime u or Sally opens your trap… Its an instant hit… Blam! And you still keep coming back for more! Suckers!
    Keep it up. You guys are the poster children of Narc behavior! Little game of one up? Cause the more you morons try to prove that you are not who she says you are…. Eh….. The more you morons are looking like who she says u are. And that’s the fucking funniest part. You guys are so hungry for this shit and your game of one up… You cant see she has made you take the bait and you did all the work for her!

      • Salem says:

        Yes, YOU ARE entertaining, but weird! You know what is even more weird? A guy who stalks his Ex’s blog! Then claims constantly that she’s the crazy one! LMAO!

    • Salem says:

      The Clip. THIS! I tried to make this point to Happy further up in the comments! So far our blogger has shown us how stupid and delusional these cheaters are! And they just keep it up😄! If she needed proof that she did the right thing by dumping this twit on the OW, she does NOT need to doubt it now! These idiots are so amusing! Proves that cheaters think they are the smartest people on earth and the left behind spouse is so stupid! I suspect Happy better start looking for a part-time job spouting stupid quotes to pay his Ex! LMAO!

    • Salem says:

      Amen, let them get their own blog and tell everyone their fairy tale! He can then threaten all the posters he doesn’t like in his mysoginistic way! Zipper rattling must equal sabre rattling now! Trouble is, no one is interested in his zipper, not even Sally who spends all her time stalking his Ex too! Weird!

  23. Two wrongs don't make a right... says:

    ammo? for…. what? Are you insane?

    Seriously. If a person (the blogger) can print another person’s name, location, profession, take her photos and label her a cheating, house-wrecking whore and that’s not illegal, you think what Happy and Sally are doing somehow are going to land them in jail… or better yet, get the blogger a better settlement?
    The ‘settlement’ is done… remember? The blogger told us all about it, how she was wronged and seriously harmed financially cuz her lawyers screwed up (but she keeps them on retainer even now)? Remember?, he’s not paying for Kitty litter and she went all over town trying to get him physical receipts but he forbid her to come to his home or his place of employ? Even though a snapshot on a telephone and sending them through to him that way would have fixed the problem? You don’t remember all that?

    Maybe you could back the fuck up and read the blog. I KNOW… I KNOW… it’s LOOOONG… and TEDIOUS…. and in amongst the playing the blogger did with Jesus something or other posts for the benefit of her ex (which she said “Dave wants a post so bad, this one’s for you”…

    You people seem to think that if he/she/they cheated they are horrible human beings. full stop. That everything they do moving forward is all because he’s a wretched fuck and manwhore. Nothing will ever be ok in his life because he’s the scum of the earth.
    Scarlet Letter.

    Step away from the monitor and give your head a friggin’ shake. Grow the fuck up.

    Life ain’t like that sweetheart. No it aint.

    He will likely go on, live and love a good life again… but maybe this time with an engaging partner. YEAH… YEAH… he fucked up. IT’S AWFUL….OK????

    But guess what? he’s going to carry on with his life. Maybe it’s with his girlfriend, maybe it’s not.

    So while we sit around our knitting circle creating voo-doo dolls to pierce, will any of this matter to you at the end of the day? Do you talk to your friends about “OMG.. .you should see this blog and how awful everyone is to this POOR cheated-upon woman.

    You don’t create a platform, invite … no encourage people to write unbecoming comments then cry cuz they do.

    So to all the haters, either go take a laxative or go get laid… either way you’re acting like a bunch of uptight…. C you next Tuesdays… (I can’t bring myself to call anyone that… even in this forum. I’ll leave that up to that ‘Truck Stop Nasty’… Lan)

    Peace Out 😉

      • Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right says:

        Actually, my mother passed away in a car accident a couple of years ago, so no… I don’t.
        Thanks for asking. 🙂

      • Happy says:

        Sorry to hear that 😦 It puts things in perspective. Surely we can all appreciate that the only important thing is our lives, our health. Relationships come and go…we need to move on, be happy, enjoy the lives we have left.

    • Salem says:

      Better get to bed, two wrongs. Middle school bell rings pretty darn early! Then you’ll have the rest of the day to place your nose up the bloggers butt! You seem to know every move she makes personally so I have to assume that’s why! Careful, those toilet paper cuts can really OUCH! Sure you already are aware of that!

    • Lan says:

      If someone cheats, they are a horrible human being. Scum of the earth. Period. For you to feel otherwise makes your true colours known.
      Also, if someone is cheating on their partner, theres a very high chance that they’re cheating in other aspects of their life, which in most other scenarios will be breaking the law. If someone say, embezzles money from a company, they can’t use the “I stole from the company but I’m still a good person!” excuse. The judge would just laugh at them.
      And yes, I feel the urge to call you a cunt again. Because that’s what you are. And I’ll keep doing it – because I know it offends your little ears. Hilarious, because in my country its not even really an offensive word at all.

      • Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right says:

        Hey Lan, I knew I could get you going again.
        Hey Happy, you owe me 5 bucks. (kidding)
        *watch the accusations fly about Happy and I knowing one another*
        Just givin’ something for a little buzz.

        Cunt – It’s just a word. Slang for a woman’s genitals. Didja know that?

        Oh and Lunitic Lan? It’s Ms. Cunt to you.
        I just choose to use a little more class when addressing folks. Now, it might not deliver the absolute accuracy in which I’d like to extend, but I get that’s a little over your head.

        So here’s the thing Lunatic Lan,
        A person can ‘be’ anything they want online… you, for example are trash.. pure and simple. There’s no disguising that, there’s no dressing it up. You simply can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Yup.. uh huh… you.. a sow (I’ll save you from having to look it up… it’s a female pig) . Filthy and Nasty (you got capitalization on that one.
        You know, I might have thought at one time you were male… but alas, I believe only a man-hating chick could muster up the trash you spew.

        Me? well I’ve played a few roles here under this name… none of them are impure. When I say roles.. I mean the kind hearted, the tough love, and the sarcastic… cunt. Because sometimes it’s just fun, and really no one gives a fuck. I’ve meant every thing I said when being kind… and when addressing the likes of a back-water interbreed like… oh say… you Lunatic Lan.

        Name calling you is kinda boring. In fact, YOU became boring real quickly. Jesus, I’d rather be called a cunt, than boring.

        Salem… Yer so cuuute… funny an all that. why don’t you run along and make us a nice cocktail… I know you’re not good for much more sweetpea.
        The Clip… ‘takes one to know one’? bwahahahaha..
        I know you are but what am I?? I’m rubber, you’re glue? Sounds like you’re fresh of that middle school playground that Salem hangs out at. Oh and Salem, one does not ‘place’ their nose up another’s ass… Jesus woman. Shove it up there like you mean it.

        So the comments today have been fun children, thanks for hosting.
        I’m sure it’s given the Blogger something to do today.

        With that, this cunt is done like dinner.
        Sweet Dreams Kiddies

      • Happy says:

        I guess that makes sense…Robyn cheated on her husband 8 years ago and has continued to cheat the canadian taxpayers ever since.

  24. TheClip says:

    Hey Two Wrongs…. Takes one to know one! And seriously you call what Happy and Sally are doing as ‘ moving on?’ They sit adnaseum nite after nite reading his wx wife’s blog and try to command the narrative…. Hmm… Seems your finger pointing is in the wrong direction! Just sayin. Peace

    • Salem says:

      The Clip and Lan, nailed it! These fuckwits want to control the narrative! Problem is, Happy speaks in snarky middle school one liners, Sally is trying to convince everyone that she’s been wronged once she was outed for screwing a married guy! She’s has a whole bunch of issues that we, as betrayed spouses have seen in every common cheater/OW! None of them are original! Then we have this totally off the wall fool calling herself Two Wrongs who is backing up the losers! I think our blogger has made a wise decision to get rid of this idiot! They do provide entertainment that I haven’t witnessed since about 7th grade though! Sorry bunch all of them. Like hyenas!

    • Salem says:

      Well Two Wrongs, your hood rat is showing you classless little fool! From now on I would suggest you bet a bit more money Sweetie, maybe more than what your hourly wage is! You are a mouthy little thing with very little to actually say. I suggest again that you go get your Jammie’s on and load your backpack! Middle school bell rings early Dear!

  25. Salem says:

    The Clip, Lan, Lania and other VALID posters, I think our blogger was wise to give this cheater the gate! I have to hand it to her! She did an excellent job of allowing them to expose themselves and it was entertaining to get to peer into the small mind of cheaters and their delusional followers. Kind of like a Jim Jones reunion with stand ins!! Ha! Ha! Ha! I applaud our blogger for her courage and her stamina! I could never be married to a snarky little fool like Happy! He would have been booted to the curb in record time by me! She deserves a great life! Her Ex deserves everything he has coming to him! I wish the blogger all the best that life has to offer and the ability to keep these trolls at a great distance!

  26. TheClip says:

    Two wrongs you are a little bit too passionate to not be involved in this little gig of Sally and Hairy….I mean Happy. Now if your moniker stands true… You are really shitty at demonstrating that. All I have seem from u is a lot of siding with Sluty … I mean Sally and Hopeless. Err… Correction again… Happy.
    If two wrongs dont make a right… Why dont cha create a chart. List those wrongs and rights of both parties( Sally will be excluding since she is just a tag along with a big mouth, though seems to be running the show… Dont think Happy can get it up verbally with his fluff girl) and examine if indeed there are really two wrongs or u are just a friend of whore bags who decided to jump on here cause you could plainly see Hopeless and Slutly couldnt carry it alone. Maybe you are the fluff girl?
    And yep… Takes a cunt to know one.

  27. Sally says:

    Wow did the asylum let the crazies out last night? Go away for a bit and the catty, bitchy, wackjobs come out to play. You all seriously need a life. Oh sorry you have none. You’ve all been dumped and spend your time wallowing in your anger over your ex. Hahahaha have fun with that!

    • Salem says:

      Wrong again! I wasn’t dumped at all dear! I kicked my cheaters ass out because I don’t put up with cheating! I’ll let his adulterous deal with him now. She wanted him, so now she has his broke ass! Yep! I made sure she got just him and not the money, house, cars, investments, retirement accounts etc.! All she got was an idiot who thought she thought had money! Too bad! Maybe you know her? She works minimum wage jobs too, sleeps with married men and stalks my social media! Wow! Do you guys have a club or something? Anyways, I’m having a great time now and I don’t have to put up with a overgrown case of arrested development anymore and it’s just heaven! His GF can do that now!

      • Sally says:

        Hahaha like I expected. You were cheated on and now spend your time writing blogs and on others blogs cheerleading the “victims”. Now you have it so great that you spend your time doing this. Looooossssseeeeerrrrrr!!!!!! You’re not victim you’re part of the problem. Look after your man the way you should and maybe you wouldn’t end up bitter and angry like the rest of your multiple personalities.

    • Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right says:

      Yeah, crazy is as crazy does!
      Just wanted to give the multiple personalities something to attack for awhile.
      I just got bored. I’m over it.

      So listen, I see way up high in this thread, the blogger disguised as a new personality has threatened a couple of people she assumes are posting under pseudonyms. Yeah, the blogger claims she’s mailed the bosses of her ex and his g/f.
      She might want to look into the validity of her accusations. Randomly sending suspect info to the bosses?
      Was it the blogger who cut and paste the criminal code on harassment and bullying?

      Oh and for the 10billionth time, the blogger clearly has ‘forgotten’ she has the ability to deny ANY posting on this blog. None of this (our) nonsense needs to be posted here. None of it. She clearly has NO boundaries, and can’t draw a line in the sand.

      But really? You’re going to tattle on the pseudonyms?
      You’re a piece of work.

  28. Two wrongs don't make a right... says:

    Dave Cherrie, I will email your boss at coast claims services with all the comments you have made, if you continue to harrass on this blog.

    Janice Andrews, you had no right to comment on here, willfully breaking up a family

    I have already sent an email to your boss at Saanich with the link to the blog thats has your picture of your face.

    Your boss won’t like the way you harass people”

    Really Blogger? tattle-tale?

    I love that. The blogger permits all the posts, doesn’t like the content, then arbitrarily chooses a couple who she thinks best represents who is allegedly were involved in…? and is tattling on them to their bosses.

    That’s a new kind of ‘special’.

    • Sally says:

      Hahaha that’s right twowrongs…..YOURWORSTNIGHTMARE#FIRED is a moron! Who cares what these people are posting? What does any of this have to do with their work? Why would an employer care what is being said here? If anything it will just go to show how desperate Togetherabandonned and her multiple personalities are at trying to discredit the ex and the slut.

      • Happy says:

        Yawn..hasnt that already been tried? It’s obvious that those two are the victims of this blog, I’m sure they would only get sympathy.

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