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Both of my children follow their dad on Twitter.  He claims my blog will hurt them if they find it yet he feels it is okay to post sexual images and comment on sexual images that exploit and degrade women that the other woman, Janice Andrews, tweets.

Even his profile photo is of a banana taking advantage of another banana.Dave's twitter photo

His comment on the yoga oral sex photo is “Sign me up”. Janice's yoga tweet to Dave

He mocks the cheating husband sign with his comment “Oh my!” Janice's tweet to Dave re cheating

Dave's twitter sex photo image

Another sexual image on his Twitter account.

If he wants our children to think more highly of him then maybe he should be less concerned with my blog and more concerned about his own words and actions.


27 thoughts on “DC@thegoalie29

  1. Sally says:

    That profile pic is awesome! But what I don’t get is where do you draw the same conclusion to what you’re doing blogging on the internet? The DC@thegoalie29 is a locked account that no one, including your children, have no access too? Unless you’re a confirmed member, you can’t obtain access to any information on that account, who’s ever it is. The Jannypoo@smeepsmeep account only your oldest daughter is a confirmed friend of. If that is your ex’s girlfriend, isn’t it weird that you say she hates to be with her, but yet she follows her and comments on her things? Hmmm sounds like Togetherabandonned is getting caught in another make believe story that she likes to tell on her blog.

    The difference between you and the alleged them is, you are blabbing about personal things, your life, the children’s lives, the children’s father, grandparents etc that are completely false. If you read those twitter accounts, or even had access to them, you’d see there isn’t a single reference to you, your children or anything that would tie them those accounts.

    Nice try attempting to rationalize your idiotic behavior as being remotely normal, but the rest of us clearly know what is going on here.

    Have a good weekend Togetherabandonned. Hopefully you don’t spend it all stalking your ex and his girlfriend.

  2. Sally says:

    Hahahaha Togetherabandonned do you spend all your free time chasing down your ex and his girlfriend on the internet or whatever social media they may be on. Wow someone needs some psychological help and in a hurry.

    Aren’t you the one who proclaims to the world that you moved on and want nothing to do with him, yet almost 3yrs later your searching the internet to try and find him.

    As they would say on twitter #loser #getalife #timetomoveon #someoneneedshelp #call911 #getajob #emptysomeboxesathome #focusonsteve #howdoesstevefeel

  3. Sally says:

    OMG the outrage….a banana taking advantage of another banana….someone needs to call the banana rape hotline and report it to the banana police.

    • And complete validation from me. It’s the kind of Twitter account you’d expect from a whore and manwhore, totally unsuitable for young people to be seeing and what an atrocious example from a parent. Be glad though, the more they see this kind of smut from them and integrity from you the more likely they see through him and his whore.

      • Sally says:

        Necrophilia, did you just say “integrity” regarding this blogger? I know you’re a little jaded as you yourself are caught up in your years of blogging about your ex as well, however you might want to check the facts before you continue with your idiotic comments.

        Ever watch Night at the Museum? You know the character who all he says is DUMB DUMB….that would be you he’s referring too.

        You continue to enlighten the world on the need for more funding of the mental health system.

      • What an ignorant whore statement. Let’s just keep in mind that you of all people have no right to judge anyone after what you have done. Oh and I don’t have an ex, shows what you know 🙂

      • Sally says:

        So “we”, who you assume I am part of “we”, have no right to judge, yet you have a right to judge? Really did you just make that statement? Wow you never cease to amaze at how dumb you are.

        So you have no ex? Come on I call bullshit on that one. No one that dumb could keep man or woman satisfied. I’m sure you have a long list of ex’s.

      • LOL. Those who have been sluts and cheats have no right to judge the rest of us. It’s not difficult. Just doesn’t suit you. Nope, no ex. Married nearly 12 years.

      • Alex says:

        Neph I think you’re a star. Ok, maybe a little overzealous on the whore thing. I think cheating is despicable (also happily married 13 years) but I don’t think that name calling does any good. You can’t rationalize with the irrational, and you can’t out bullshit a bullshitter. Name calling (even if it is just related to fact) will just bring more. I would rather they take their disordered selves and go away from this.

      • Sally says:

        Oh God do I ever feel sorry for the poor bastard married to Necrophilia……what a prize you are. Self righteous, judgmental, nasty bitch. If you’re life is so grand why do you sit around all day reading and commenting on this crap? Clearly you have issues with your daddy. You keep this up and you’ll be sharing your blog about your ex. It’s coming my dear, you just are too dumb to see it.

    • Happy says:

      “Manwhore”…where do you even come up with these terms? The 18th century? The backwoods? I suspect you are a Donald Trump supporter too!

    • Sally says:

      Laura (I can’t do it), I’m glad I’m providing you with some laughter in your life. From reading your comments and blog posts, it seems like you’ve had very little in your life. Consider me a blessing for you, and I hope I can continue to brighten your days.

  4. Happy says:

    It must have take hours and hours for the blogger to go through tweets from years ago to find some of these old jokes and photos..and I think most of them were not even found there, but rather simply online somewhere else by the blogger. The older daughter..who is a young adult…says that she has ever seen these photos previously on twitter, but now that her mother has posted them here she certainly is fully exposed to them over and over. She knows her mother is a complete whackjob though, so she says it’s nothing less than she would have expected from her.

  5. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    I have never seen such judgement of people in my whole entire life as I have by this blogger and her online posse. Those who are name calling, Really? Is this how you honestly behave in the real world? “Whore’? “Manwhore”?

    Who are you people sitting on this moral high ground who cast your hate on others simply because someone says they are bad? Is this highschool? Elementary school? Do you sit in groups in the real world when you pick your children up from school and a few parents huddle together to talk about Johnny’s mom… “I heard she was a hoarder” so we all now scorn Johnny’s Mom because someone told Jane, who told Lucy, who told me…

    This behaviour is sickening. Laura, Nephila and others… you ‘validate’ the blogger’s behaviour of posting photos she clearly had to search for as she sat for hours to dig through twitter accounts? Is this what adult-hood has come to as we ‘heal’ through the process? The blogger will say she’s doing this in the best interest of her children. How about walking away from your computer and stop trying to dig up dirt… really! why are you following their Twitter accounts? HOW do you even know what they are? You MUST have asked your daughter for the information, or snooped for it yourself. There is no way you’d have found it on your own based on the names of the accounts. What a position you put your daughter in… or…. you invaded her privacy and went onto her device and looked it up yourself. Really? Why do you behave so inappropriately?? and with that very information you either coerced from your child, or invaded privacy to obtain it. THAT is a lesson in and of itself of HOW NOT to be a good person… never mind a good parent. Your children will be permanently scarred by YOUR actions. Sometimes the aftermath is far more damaging than the incident itself… read: Your ex did a shitty thing… but your subsequent behaviour on this blog is far everlasting.

    Exactly which part of the healing process is this? sleuthing and re-posting content you clearly find obscene… because I fear I must have missed this in my own healing journey. Somehow I missed the step of reposting photos of what is allegedly on my ex’s twitter account. Really? This is what it’s come to?? For what purpose would one do this?

    Why not walk away from the internet… do what needs to be done in your life. Spend this precious time with your daughters, your friends, or the new man in your life who DESERVES to have your time and attention. I can’t imagine the pain he must feel when he reads your blog… when he realizes the time and energy you use on ‘reporting’ your experience. You are making your own bad experiences now. Heal your relationships with friends and family. Be the bigger person. This sickens and saddens me at the same time. I can’t imagine the time the blogger took to search for these images.. and reposted them; sharing in the rampant growth of such images being online.

    What makes you better than they?

    Their accounts are personal (however you’ve now posted more personal information which continues to make you look foolish, bitter, and unable to move on in your life) This blog is public. Anyone can find it. So you, in essence have contributed to the problem of these images even being on line. Bravo.

    And you’re better than they? Hello Pot…..

  6. Sally says:

    I always love how someone like Two Wrongs comes on….speaks some sense, and the moronic twins Nephila and Laura (I Can’t do it) shut their mouths because it’s one of those Oprah ah huh moments for them. They realize they are just as bad as this blogger.

    And the blogger……she’ll ignore as she always does and spend two weeks trying to find something else to justify her blogging nonsense.

    Have you ever thought of spending that time with your daughter or Steve? They might enjoy that. Well as we know, history has a way of repeating itself.

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