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The other woman, Janice Andrews, under her user name, “Sally”, insists I should take down my blog and specifically her identifying information for “the sake of the children”. Both Janice and my ex, under his user name, “Happy” as well as the other fake followers they created, insist if my children found my blog it would do them harm.

Yet, they both have Twitter accounts that my children follow. Janice knows my older daughter follows her. They have commented back and forth to each other yet she feels it is okay to tweet images with sexual content that exploit and degrade women and contain inappropriate comments like, “Fox me real good”. She even mocks a story about 23 cheating husbands getting what they deserve and she specifically tweets all of the images to my children’s father @goalie29.

Here is a sampling of how she protects my children from harmful content on line.

 Janice tweets boob  photoJanice's fox twitter post to DaveJanice Andrew's twitter, Big Boobs parade 16 sexy picsJanice tweets photo to DaveJanice tweets sexy girlJanice's yoga tweet to DaveJanice's tweet to Dave re cheating Janice tweets erection photos

Janice's twitter to DaveJanice tweets naked girl's butt


50 thoughts on “Jannypoo@smeepsmeep

  1. Phoenix says:

    LMBOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say. I can’t stop laughing….All of it, from all parties, is just so wrong, but I can’t stop laughing…. Girl, I hope you’ve got your armor on, because they are gonna come after you hard after this post.

    • Doesn’t say much for your daughter’s judgment then, but she’s young, there’s still hope for her. The whore on the other hand is a grown woman who has found a man at her own level.

    • Sally says:

      Maybe it says the daughter is more mature than the rest of these idiots? That she doesn’t want to waste her time and energy dwelling on the mistakes of her parents and wants them to move on and be happy? Maybe she realizes that this isn’t her fight and she doesn’t need or want to be a part of it.

      Actually, if I was this blogger, I’d be offended by your comment about her daughter and her judgment. If she had any sense, she’d block you because you clearly have the mental abilities of a bag of rocks.

      I must admit I would be said to lose you Nephila, but we’d always have the other village idiot, Laura (I Can’t do it), to rely on for our daily dose of idiocy.

  2. She is a despicable exuse of a human being. She had no business posting these types of images where your children can see. Regardless of their age, rhis “woman” should be more modest and have some sense of decency if she is determined to be in their lives longterm. I feel for you and am so sorry you are having to deal with this whore. I have children of my own and I cant begin to imagine how I could ever allow them to spend 2 seconds around a bitch like this. I admire your restraint…I cant say I would be so peaceful.

    • To Nephilia: I am certaintly not condoning cheating by any means. My grandpa cheated on my grandma and ultimately married the whore but I can still set that aside and know that He was a Good Man.

    • Happy says:

      Alwaysthenerd…can you not read? The daughter says she didn’t see these photos (which are jokes from years ago before the “whore” and the daughter became good friends and twitter buddies). The daughter says she only saw these photos because her mother has posted them on here. Her mother has exposed her to the photos. So if you have an issue with her exposure to them, you can blame the mother (blogger)

      • Sally says:

        You got that right Alwaysthenerd. You got involved in something you know nothing about. As have all the others who are supportive of this blogger and the bullshit she posts. What I do suggest, is that you and others keep your comments to yourself unless you know the facts. If you don’t know them, and you make the judgmental, name calling comments that you do, then you expose yourself to the comments you receive.

      • Salem says:

        I doubt your kids really like being around your paramour! You assume they do only because they want to spend time with you. But like most cheaters, neither one of you will let the other cheater out of your sight because they could get bored and find someone else to occupy their vapid lives! The kids probably play “nice” just so you don’t get all butt hurt and totally abandon them! You see, they will never tell you that most kids on some level resent the person who interloped into their parents marriage and blew it up! For the most part they hope the paramour will just eventually go away!

    • Sally says:

      Alwaystheturd….living up to her blog status that says this about herself:

      •A person with mental issues (Bipolar, Borderline, and who knows what else. )
      •Antisocial by nature
      •Underachieving Perfectionist

      I would agree with the bipolar part as one post you defend the daughter and then you flip sides in the next post and just start calling people names?

      Another crazy has entered the barn!!

      • Alwaystheturd. Is it amateur comedian night or what, cause you are so hilarious. I will admit that I jumped into a post that I didnt know all the facts about first so for that alone, I was wrong. I dont know how old you are but I fear you are indeed way too old to be responding about mental illness the way you have and switching the username up a bit was very mature.

    • Sally says:

      It’s pretty clear you aren’t peaceful or have any restraint by your comments. But thanks for coming to this gong show. By the way you may want to check your spelling before you hit send. It’s atrocious and only makes you look crazier than you already are. You admit and describe yourself as this, so that’s not a backhanded comment.

      Interesting you say the whore has no right posting things, when this blogger has done the same thing?? Little hypocritical don’t you think? But that’s not surprising because others like yourself, Laura (I can’t do it) and Necrophilia operate in the same manner. What good for the gander is good for her and not everyone else.

      I’m starting to think you’re all Togetherabandonned and she’s just looking to get her message out. Trying to show support for herself by using fake names and accounts and passing herself off as idiots. I think it’s working.

  3. TwoWrongsDon'tMakeARight says:

    That’s rich. Some HotHead pipes up outta nowhere and has all the answers…
    Do you kiss your children with that mouth alwaysthenerd? Yowsers, That conversation of yours got aggressive real quick.
    As for the rest of the blog supporters… it’s making perfect sense now. I simply don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner! We have a hen house full of ole’ birds with daddy/granddaddy issues.
    Wish y’all had just said that in the beginning…

    I’m sure there’s a blog for that.

    Sorry Daddy done you wrong girls. You also need to get on with your life before you perpetuate your hateful feelings to those around you. It’s simply not healthy. Just let Daddy go, you’ll be alright.

  4. Alex says:

    To be perfectly honest, kids, youths, adults… Anyone in the western world sees a few of these. They’re in terrible taste. Better to defend yourself by having class. Don’t stoop to their level. I started reading because I liked your story. Your companionship with your daughters, the way you had to grow and change. You never for a second said your marriage was perfect, you knew there was stuff to work on. It didn’t happen, now you’re trying to get a divorce. Right now you’re just stuck in the loop of troller blog hell. I loved the relation of your daughter at Uni. And soon I will hear about your other kid in dance, starting school, all that shit. Hooray life!

  5. TwoWrongsDontMakeARight says:

    “Stuck in the loop of troller blog hell”…
    The blogger created this platform. The blogger is not moderating her blog. The blogger allows various parties to post personal information about the people around her.

    The only Hell on here is the one that the blogger has created for herself. Unfortunate, unnecessary and really quite destructive.

    • Alex says:

      I can assure you that most people who read blogs are touched by the story. Not interested in tracking anyone for any purpose. They have no vested interest in knowing who people really are. That the author made that part of her posting is… Meh. Unfortunate but potentially cathartic? I don’t care about identities of others. The irate ramblings of people who are trying to demonize the author, all the while trivializing the discretions she has borne are not going to convince me of anything. It certainly doesn’t make her look crazy, or imbalanced.I don’t really know how someone could escape a relationship with people who act this way without being seriously damaged. Boundary issues? Sure. Not the best choices? Maybe not. Imminently destructive and downright certifiable? Hells to the no. I think her pity party about the photocopy stuff was dumb. Go to staples and spend a buck. Boo hoo. But, I didn’t have my whole world turned upside down, and I also don’t think showing up to photocopy one thing at an office is the end of the world either. Everyone is being petty, but she Didnt. Start. The. Affair. So yeh, her anger and sad and weird silly ways get way more slack. You guys trolling her for wanting one space to tell her story? Let her have it. It’s not a billboard, it’s not in the school newsletter, she doesn’t wear a t-shirt to all public events saying “Janice whatever the last name slept with my husband” … Now that would be spectacularly shaming. Like the lawn poster thing which was tweeted. There but for the grace of God goes her husband…Boo hoo. She called the name on a tiny site and said that this person broke up a family. Funny how no one is arguing that point.

      • Happy says:

        Alex the problem with this is that it’s not just random people on the Internet reading this blog, it’s also the daughter, other family members, friends, her boyfriend. The blog is full of lies, it is destructive to all parties. The break up was nearly three years ago. Robyn is now going down the path of ruining her current relationship also with this negative obsessive behavior, yet all the while the anonymous posters cheer her on. It makes no sense. A private journal is a healing tool, this blog is only creating more future pain for the blogger herself

  6. Sally says:

    Alex….how do you or the others here even know there was an affair? You’re all like blind sheep being led to the slaughter. Listening to the shepherd call you and into the slaughterhouse you go. You all applaud and cheer on and condone the things being said. Call people names such as slut, whore manwhore, assholes etc etc and you don’t even know these people, or if even a hint of it is true? You say she didn’t start the affair? Really how do you know what she has or hasn’t done in her past. Do you know her history and that she had an affair 8 years ago? That’s never been disclosed now has it. Where are all the ring leaders who cheer on this circus now? Is the blogger a slut and whore as well? I’d like to hear from Laura (I can’t do it) Jules, Necrophilia and all the rest.

    My point to you and the other supporters, be careful what you read and cheerlead when you don’t know the facts. In the end, the only one who ends up looking like an idiot is you, for believing and supporting some random person and their story that you have no idea if it is even truth.

    • Alex says:

      First: I actually haven’t called anyone anything. I don’t think it’s fair. It’s also inflammatory, and I don’t let the heat of the moment inspire me to be cruel just because I’m not getting through to someone with a different opinion. Second: you’re right, in that I don’t have proof or cares to prove anything about anyone on this blog. I don’t know all the background, there’s always antecedent action. I am taking the story as it’s written. But the conjecture being called up by the commenters isn’t clarifying. It’s muddled and talks in circles and is really foggy. “How do you even know there was an affair”… But you don’t come out and say there wasn’t. Implanting doubt without actually denying it. “Did I know she had an affair 8 years ago? ” Nope, didn’t come up. If it’s true, it means they stayed together, to try to work it out and still failed. Does that mean it’s ok for him to cheat? No. If he didn’t cheat, and it’s all in her head?( If that was the case there’s holes everywhere… Why did he leave, because she’s nuts? and then leave minor children in her care, even now if she is downright delusional? Does she even have children? The Angela Lansbury in me is dying to know, and oh my god who shot JR) seriously, that’s a lot of plot. Bring it on. Start a good blog about her crazy life, I’ll read it… Back to my stance on things: Both people shouldn’t cheat. I’ll be the first to sign that petition. I’m actually pretty clear in my responses that I don’t agree with plenty of her actions. I also don’t think trolling her will help her be a better person, or help you achieve the same. I actually love seeing people take their power back. From whatever demons they’re dealing with. So people who stand up and put their life back together after infidelity makes me so happy, and their stories are tender and really full of humanity. So yeh, she may be making all her people up or lying through her teeth. Then she’s a fabulous writer with good character depth. That might make me a little sad but I probably won’t ever find out, because I just read this stuff. I have high hopes for everyone. Affair partners- you’re finally the lead in your story, I hope you don’t repeat the past, I hope that all of this was a weird way to get to the right life. You still should be big enough to apologize- to the spouse, the kids, and your partner for being a part of something messy and driven by id instead of waiting until one relationship ended to really pursue ‘destiny’ or whatever. There’s no amazing slideshow at your wedding of how you met or fell in love when someone in the pic has a wedding ring the whole time. Just own it. I was part of it. I get that if it happened to me I would be rocked to the core with sadness. That’s super fair. Betraying spouses: you had your first kick at the can and traded teams. I hope your new real life and true love satisfies you, and you find some way to keep the peace with the old life. If you cheated, own it, apologize because that will hurt for a long time. It will not just be a bump in the road for your spouse or your family (parents and siblings and exes)… Even if you have moved on to happier things, because you cut that space out with scissors and neatly transplanted elsewhere, the rest of your world has a hole where “so and so” went and it wasn’t in their 5 year plan. And the person who was cheated on? Be strong. Work hard at finding out who you are, where you want to go, and be amazing. Yes, that does involve cutting ties, getting over stuff that fees gigantic but is actually just petty. Because then you have more energy to work on fabulous you. I have no ill will towards anyone. I think this is all unfortunate and messy and it’s very very sad.

      • TwoWrongsDon'tMakeARight says:

        Alex…. finally a person with a modicum of intelligence… although I did question that in your other post(s?)
        That is a compliment in this circus… and I agree with everything you said. Not that my approval is relevant whatsoever.

      • Alex, just for clarity, I’ve never had an affair, never committed disability fraud, and I can’t even recall the other lies my ex and his girlfriend are throwing out in this thread. The other woman seems to be lambasting you for not knowing who you are dealing with regarding my background and yet she seems very content to bury her head in the sand and just listen to the stories my ex tells her. This woman has never met me or my friends and knows zero about me apart from what my ex tells her. One tell-tale sign though is that her friend, Chris, came on this blog to comment in her support. He wasn’t a fan of me or Dave and indicated that Dave lied to both of us. So she knows he isn’t as good a guy as she is actually trying to portray. I suspect she has invested too much in this relationship to want to believe that anything that I am writing is true. I have no desire to convince her otherwise. I truly could care less what she thinks. She can try to throw as much mud on me as she wants but she is still the one wallowing in it.

      • Alex says:

        Together abandoned: I know your take on it, although I appreciate the step by step run down. Very straighforward, and easy to understand. I am entertaining the “ifs ands or buts” of the commenters word salad arguments because when unfolded one at a time it comes down to- they still shouldn’t take such a vested interest in this. This tiny blog with few visitors. Their intense actions and reactions and vehemence add a lot of credence to your story. Does that mean I don’t think there’s other stuff going on, or that you’re perfect, or that all of you might do super well with maybe a zillion hours of counselling? Nope. It means I think you have the right to have a blog and tell your story, just like they can tell theirs if they so choose. So keep trucking lady. Be good, think good, treat yourself good and rise above your previous world.

  7. Alex says:

    If it’s “all lies” then it’s just destructive to her. You can pursue legal action to take it down. If it’s true, but unfortunate, then everyone knows anyways. If she is ruining her relationships, why do the people who don’t care, care? That’s her choice.

    • TwoWrongsDon'tMakeARight says:

      because those who say they don’t care… sometimes really do.

      That said, I think I’ve about wasted enough time on this. What will be will be. No matter how much someone yells and stomps their feet.

      The blogger is going to do what she’s going to do… the ex will do what he is going to do. Everyone feels ‘their’ point is the right one.

      No one is right.
      No one wins, just the lawyers.

      Try to be a bit more kind to one another…

      • Alex says:

        This. So much this. No one is winning here. Remember when the whole thing was about making sure the kids were well adjusted? You take care of you, I’ll take care of me. We aren’t in the same buckets, I have my bucket, you have your bucket, our job is for the goldfish to be safe hopping between the two…

      • TwoWrongsDon'tMakeARight says:

        Happy, I know you actually mean it when you say ‘don’t go’… to me anyways. While I care about the children, as (despite how it looks) so does everyone else.

        Everyone plays their part in a break up. IMO, the thing the ex did wrong is start something else before he formally and completely ended his marriage. Technically it’s still not ended, which sure, makes him an adulterer, but also so is the blogger. The names that get tossed around in this place… ‘whore’, ‘manwhore’ etc is really upsetting. Then the blogger suggests the g/f is ‘being paid’… are you kidding me? The blogger can not be stopped in her attempt to self destruct.

        I believe, and I could be wrong, that she may lose those around her that care the most.
        In my opinion, (and no one asked for it, but I’m giving it because I can) The blogger needs to shut this shit down, and concentrate on herself, and her children.
        Nothing good will ever come from this blog now.
        I know I’m an authentic blogger with no ties to anyone here.
        I too am a blogger, and I would NEVER in a million years allow the crap to happen on my blog, happen here.
        Then again, I don’t have the forum that she has.
        Anarchy and Chaos.
        Much like what seems to be her life, and mind.

        I’m concerned for the children and the affect this blog and the blogger’s clear and present obsession with the ex and his g/f.
        Sure some times our posts get heated and we go a little off the rails on the crazy train. That’s passion for the most part. Sometimes the stupidity of the whole thing gets to us and we can’t help ourselves but to chime in on the same level.

        Well that got long winded, didn’t it?

      • Happy says:

        Two wrongs. You are always the voice of reason..a very blunt one..but that is a great quality to have in a friend because sometimes we all need a friend like that to help us see the light. It is unfortunate that Robyn seems to thrive on anarchy and chaos. Her posts really just seem to get crazier everyday. Many of us have been in the same position as her in the past, and yet we viewed it can’t control what happens to you, all you can control is your attitude and response. Breakups happen for a reason, does someone really want the partner to be with them if they don’t love them anymore? Im not saying there’s no pain and struggle, but most people recognize that we all need to move on, that hate is self-destructive, as it apparently is now destroying the blogger. Relationships end, it’s a fact of life. Sometimes people hold on longer than they should. Wouldn’t the world be great if we were all perfect? Peace Two Wrongs…dont ever leave 🙂

    • Happy says:

      Alex I can only suggest that you explain this blog to other people you know and see what they would have to say about it re names, places of employment etc. Try to view it from a friend’s perspective, the boyfriend, the ex, the new girlfriend, the children. Seriously try put yourself in that position. You have no stake in it so it does not concern you.

  8. Susan Parker says:

    You people are seriously fucked up! This blog isn’t at all helpful in healing from an affair. It is just hateful, spiteful, mean-spirited and again, seriously fucked up. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves! Are ANY of you mature adults? The Canadian Mounties should take those girls away from the mom and the dad and give them to mentally stable people so they may have a chance in life. This is so sad……

    • The hurt of an affair does not end with the discovery of the affair. Mine is a story where the hurt continues 3 years later. I hope your journey is kinder. Our children thankfully do not know of my day to day struggles with their dad and all of the hatred he continues to spew my way. They know that I have recently gone to court because their dad will not pay for specific things and they know this only because, financially, there have been consequences that affect them directly and know that I am trying to remedy this and protect their rights and needs.

      I hope by you looking into the window of the ugliness of my situation that you can do better and that you get to make different choices as a result.

  9. Man oh man. I hope your blog trolls don’t get back to this level of dumb, but even if they do (because they are back to calling you out) I almost feel like I could copy and paste what I said here and just smack it to them.

    You have some interesting followers that’s for sure.

    • It would be nice if Janice or my ex had the courage to just speak to me directly about their “concerns” instead of disguising themselves as a follower who has been betrayed by an ex. Or to just come on here and share honestly their viewpoint. I feel like it is just part of their deceitful character. I don’t know if they know how to be real.

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