14 thoughts on “I Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists

  1. Sally says:

    This blog should have it’s named changed to Diary of a Mad Woman!

    There you go world. You can see how unbending and unreasonable this woman can be, the ex must have been one lucky guy to have been married to someone like you.

    How do you equate being asked to keep the blog, but just remove the identifying information for the protection of your children, as terrorism? Are you really that self centered? Maybe you should ask some families who have been subjected to “terrorists”, and have lost family members, how they would view your usage of the word in this sense.

    You are one sad, lonely and bitter woman.

    I hope for Steve’s sake someone alerts him to this blog so that he can run for the hills now while he still has a chance.

  2. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right says:

    Highly defamatory if you ask me…and save us all the anguish of yet another cut and paste definition. Really… Just don’t.
    You are being extremely unreasonable.

    I used to support you. However, you antagonize, and poke the hornets nest over and over again. It surprises you that people respond the way they do? I no longer see ‘your side’. It’s been completely over-run with your antagonism, and your ‘above reproach’ mindset.
    How and why you feel like you’re any better than your obvious opponents is anyone’s guess.
    When the dust settles, you will still be who you are. Like what you see in the mirror?
    You are as narcissistic as you claim your ex to be. Listening to no one, never accepting responsibility for your part in both the breakup of your marriage, and your behaviour since.

    I hope you find peace. You’ll NEVER attain it this way.
    You don’t deserve an audience.
    You CERTAINLY don’t deserve any sympathy.

    Won’t be back to this wasteland.

    You don’t deserve

  3. TheClip says:

    Hey Happy and Sally …. You guys are the poster children for self centered Narcs. … Happy… Love love love the statement’ your part in the break up of our marriage’ Listen fuck witt… Ya , I am talking to u Happy…. Your statements are so very predictable … Like strait outa the Cheaters handbook. Cheating is a choice. And you chose to fuck some one else while you were married…. Keep it a secret…. Spend family money on meeting up with yr whore bag… Live in two lives eating fucking cake… And she is partially responsible for yhe break up of yr marriage? Did she go out and fuck somebody because you sucked a golf? And what little gems did you feed your whore bag to make her believe you were sooooo tortured and trying to leave for years? What kinda bullshit did she lap up? Its again so typical of the OW to beleive the sad sausage narrative… ‘ i am going to,leave her… It just has to be at the right time’ And now that your ex is actually outing yr fucked up behaviors … Cause all ya had to do is tell her you wanted a divorce…looks like she speaks English… And seems she can put two and two together … She got this blog together right? Did you forget to mention you were banging some strange? That slip yr mind?
    Nah, your just another fucking coward with an arms length of excuses for why you chose to lie, cheat, manipulate and gaslight. Your a fucking prize. And now your whore bag gets the man she deserves… A fucking liar who cheats. Yup,she won the prize all right!
    I am glad your wife is singing like a canary… Its about time that somebody calls cheating what it really is… Abuse.
    Hey Sally….. What a winner you got! Thumbs up girl!

  4. TheClip says:

    Oh… And one more thing there Sally and Happy… Go and play on some one elses blog… You are both starved for attention. Shouldnt you be holding eachother in some sunset scene… Blissfully walkingnsown the beach together… Instead you are trolling your ex wife blog… Are you sure you guys dont have something better to do? If none of this were true ya’ ll wouldnt give a crap and your ex would look like a bat shit crazy bitter woman. But your comments and tag team approach of responding to her allegations demonstrates that you both still need strokes from her. You both get off on being the center of attention. So much so that you have to make an appearance on your ex wife’s blog. Narc much?

    • Sally says:

      Seems like theclip has some anger issues. You know all the talk, OW’s, whore, whorebag, narcs, did I miss any of the lingo that you speak? Sounds like you got cheated on and are the poster child for why cheats cheat! Go back to your Chumplady website, and trolling blogs of sad lonely people who are just like you who were cheated on and then spend the next ten years of their life trying to tell the world that they are really nice people and why did this happen to me? It’s people like you that make this all seem like so much fun. You take it all to heart and get so worked up. Maybe if you were like that in the sack Mr Theclip wouldn’t have needed to wander on a silly little girl like you.

      Peace and Love Theclip. Hope you get some help with that anger of yours.

  5. TheClip says:

    Sally….fucking a married man is just low. 12 billion people on the planet and Mr Happy is your true love. Nice thing is you two douchbags did find eachother. That would be two less douchbags on the market. And seriously Hon, if any of this blog wasnt striking a nerve with with u just wouldnt give a crap… But u do! Hahahaha

    • Sally says:

      Theclip….I know you’re seriously deficient in basic things such as, the population of the world and spelling. Maybe you should go back to ESL classes and hopefully you’ll find a retarded match. I’m sure he’ll end up cheating on you like the others in your past have. From your writing skills, you really have very little to offer. I’m sure you have very little to offer in other areas of your life except spending copious amounts of time on others blogs. I guess that speaks to your dating life as well. Intelligence and dating life are on par…..non existent. Enjoy your vibrator tonight.

    • Salem says:

      The Clip, tell it like it is! These trolls don’t get it at all, but Sally will once Happy sees another easy piece to stick it in! Then she’ll scream her little ass off about the unfairness of it all! Do the OW’s really believe they are that special?? Please!! Just a willing convenient bed and body to use and with Sally, happy gets the bonus round by using her weak mind to further abuse his Ex and his children! Sounds like this Narc just can’t fill that void where his self esteem and heart should be! I say they should stay the heck off of her blog and go live that wonderful, oh so perfect life they screwed Happy’s family over for, but I highly suspect it’s as crappy as they deserve! That’s why they have to team up cause it’s their “Twu wuv” against the world! Yuck! Couple of empty headed idiots! Glad they are together, that way no one else has to suffer these two idiots!!

  6. Our society is doomed. We are out numbered by people who thrive on entitlement, selfishness, cruelness, hate and the hurting of others.

    Grace, character, morality, integrity, kindness and empathy are a thing of the past I’m afraid. I’m so very sorry this is happening to you and your children.

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