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I saw my ex and talked to him for the first time since I dropped off receipts at his office more than 3 months ago. We haven’t spoken or seen each other since he hijacked my blog. This time, I was the only one who spoke.  He just glared. Even behind those mirrored sunglasses I knew he was glaring.  He was completely stone-faced.  That in itself made me start to grin but it was the entire one minute exchange that for whatever reason I found completely comical and had me walking away in laughter.

He picked up my daughter for their Thursday night dinner together. He was taking her to watch him get his haircut first. How fun for her. She has fundraising to do for the Peninsula Young Performers and she didn’t want to ask her dad to help her based on past experience. She asked me if I would ask him on her behalf.

What my daughter doesn’t know is that I already gave her dad an opportunity, at the end of last dance season, for his company to be a corporate sponsor for the Peninsula Young Performers this dance season.  I offered to give the information to his partners but he said that he would handle it.  He asked me to forward the details by email and I did. When I received no response I followed up again at the start of this dance year.  Still no response. It is a very inexpensive marketing opportunity for them, with lots of different options from $150 to $1500, and an excellent way to glean community recognition with their company name appearing on the theatre marquis, name and logo on 60 posters displayed around the community, name and logo on a banner hanging outside the dance studio, advertisement in the programs, etc.  Some of their clients were sponsors last year. Not to mention how much it would mean to our daughter to have her dad and his company support her.

I told my daughter that it was her responsibility to fundraise if she had any hope of being able to go on the US dance competition trip in Portland, Oregon in March 2016. She said that she would ask anyone else but for me to please just ask her dad for her.  So when he arrived we both walked to his vehicle. She got in the back seat and I opened the front door of the passenger seat. The Bove wasn’t there. I guess she didn’t want to go watch him get his hair cut.

I held out 3 coupon books. I asked if he could sell each book for $20. I told him that $10 goes back to our dancer and the other $10 to Compassionate Warehouse Foundation. In the middle of my explanation he took the coupon books and threw them on the seat. He said nothing and just glared. Then I gave him a book of 10 tickets for the Hillside Mall “Night before late night shopping” event. I didn’t even get to explain those (he’s been to this event when we were together anyways) before he took them from me and threw them on the seat, also. I looked in the back seat at our daughter and she had a big grin on her face.

During this exchange, I became aware of my ex’s shirt. It looked like something Don Cherry, from Coach’s corner on Hockey Night in Canada, would wear.  It made me smile more. It had a plain white collar but the rest of the shirt had a busy, checkered pattern of various browns, maybe purple but nothing like I had ever seen him wear before.  His hair style is different from when we were together. It is shaved on the side and then long on top with some type of swoop happening. Plus he had on coloured, mirrored sunglasses. I wondered if it was all part of a mid-life crisis or if the Bove influenced his new style.

I couldn’t help but laugh. He just seemed like a cartoon character to me.  His user name, “Happy” on my blog is the antithesis of his angry personality as anyone who reads his comments recognizes but it made me happy seeing how hard he was trying to be whatever he was trying to be.

As I was about to close the door to his vehicle, I looked at my daughter again who was still smiling from ear to ear. I told her to have fun and that if she was lucky she might get to come with me to my next waxing appointment.