Hello 2014! The year dedicated to me!

I have been so sick for the month of January that I am making today, January 31, my New Year’s Eve. 

I’ve gone away with 4 girlfriends on a retreat for the weekend in Honeymoon Bay.  We are eating great food prepared for us by an amazing chef, staying in beautiful bedrooms in a secluded resort, enjoying wine, scrapbooking, watching DVD’s, working out, hot tubbing, reading, and nature as we are surrounded by trees, mountains and a lake.

As such, I have opened up the Astro 2014 that I tore out of the paper on December 30, and I am reading the Cancer horoscope for this year.  It reads:  “The year 2014 means greater freedom and change for all Cancers.  You are so dramatically redefining your individuality, others notice it.  It’s public.  Even if your drive for more independence is hindered by a partnership, you ain’t gonna stop….This is a fortunate year for you.”  The Astro states that my 2014 mantra is: “I appreciate my good fortune and will take advantage of it!”

I only recently found out that it is the Chinese year of the horse.  That is my Chinese zodiac symbol. 

My lawyer just contacted me with the Judicial Case Conference date for April 17 so things are moving forward with my separation/divorce. I am feeling more disinterested with my husband’s life and his girlfriend.  I am content being single.  I entered a contest through Ocean 98.5 radio station on why I should be chosen to be a V.I.P. Goddess. I shared the story of my husband’s affair and how he did not consider me to be a goddess.  There were 280 entries; 4 grand prize winners; and I was one of those winners.  I won an entry in the 2014 Goddess run, VIP parking, VIP bathroom usage, running shoes, running gear and a 12-week training program with Jasper Blake, 2006 Canadian Ironman champion. 

 While my girlfriends are scrapbooking photos of their family, I am making a new scrapbook for 2014 with the title page “Dedicating This Year To Me!” Today before driving up to the retreat I saw a community bulletin board with a gorgeous illustration of a horse by Janine Johnston.  I took that poster and have added it to my subtitle page, “Year of the Horse”.  I am feeling excited about the prospects for this year and know that despite all the obstacles and challenges that will undoubtedly be a big part of 2014, the universe is screaming “You are worthy” and is giving me opportunities to allow me to grow and shine. 


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