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Carefree versus Careless

I received 3 harassing texts from my ex today all with the same 2-word message.  These came under his new email handle, “happyandcarefree”.

I think he is mistaking being carefree with being careless.  He may very well be acting like he has no worries, troubles or stress in his life but all of the things he is avoiding will catch up with him.  He may feel carefree because he physically left all of his responsibilities except his job behind.  However, I continue to receive some of his mail.  He hasn’t paid his medical service plan for months, he hasn’t paid our older daughter’s school bill, he owes a bill from an expense on our Cambridge property, he owes income tax and he still hasn’t filed taxes for 2014.

My lawyer is getting ready to file our order in court so my ex will have to appear before a judge to answer for not paying expenses he legally is required to pay me and that he agreed to pay in our mediation. He will also be required to obtain banking information that we suspect will show he failed to disclose money he has hidden in a bank account he failed to list in his prior affidavit.

There is a side to the definition of being carefree as someone who acts irresponsibly.  So if it was my ex’s intention of acknowledging himself as being irresponsible in his new handle then perhaps it does fit.

Synonyms for being carefree include lighthearted, joyous, blithe, airy, gleeful, cheery, elated, and happy-go-lucky.  Anyone who knows my ex would never describe him using any of those words.

I simply deleted all 3 of his messages without responding.  That feels carefree.