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Cancer Update

Last Thursday, I contacted my specialist’s office as I was surprised I still hadn’t received any information about the pathology report following removal of the malignant melanoma tumour in my right shoulder. I was told that it had not been received and they too were anxiously awaiting the report and would call as soon as it came in.

Today, I was contacted that the report has now been received.  When I went in to have the stitches removed it was my understanding that if the surgery was successful and there was no more sign of cancer there would be no need to return.  I would just be referred to the Melanoma expert for ongoing monitoring and genetic testing for me and my girls.

I was hoping that my specialist would call directly again saying that there was good news this time.  I wanted her to call and say that the cancer had all been removed and that I didn’t need to go back. I thought she would confirm the referral to Dr. Patrick Kenny’s office and tell me that his office would call me with my first appointment date.

Instead, I was contacted by my specialist’s assistant. She told me that the doctor needed me to come in so she could go over the pathology results with me directly.  She asked if I could come in on Thursday or Friday.

My appointment is Friday at 2:30.




13 thoughts on “Cancer Update

    • Thank you, LPA Wife. Another surgery on April 7, 2016 and then the waiting game begins again. Hoping this one will get everything and comply with the rule that there has to be a 5 mm perimeter of cancer-free cells all around the tumour site.

  1. Thank you.

    There is a familiar pattern between trying to rid my body of this cancer and trying to rid my life of my ex. I consult with the professionals and experts in the area and move forward to the next advised step. I have no control over the course my cancer or ex chooses. I just keep trying to prevent them and block them from wreaking havoc on my life and the lives of those I love.

    I am practising patience, perseverance and faith. It is all business to me and rather unemotional. Check lists, to do lists, to accomplish what I need to in order to move forward and to be free.

    I suspect there is a bigger goal of what I am supposed to learn and how I am supposed to grow from these experiences. I hope there is a lot of clarity when it is all over. I would love to have some deep insight and clear direction. I hate both of these things in my life and want them both cut out of my life completely. I want them gone.

    I feel like I am not meant to feel comfortable. I am making decisions in my life or not making decisions in my life because I feel very uncomfortable, unstable, uncertain in every single aspect of my life. Maybe there is a reason that I have to wait.

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