Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina

I watched the most recent version of this movie last night.  The one with Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina. 

There was one part when they were discussing “Thou Shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife”.  One character is asked if he would die for love.  He said that he would but not for thy neighbour’s wife.  He went on to say, ” Impure love is not love to me.  To admire another man’s wife is a pleasant thing but sensual desire indulged for its own sake is greed; a kind of gluttony and a misuse of something sacred that is given to us so that we may choose the one person to fulfill our humanness.  Otherwise, we might as well be cattle.”

I sent this quote to my husband.  I told him that he was free to share this with his cow.