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Selling our Home

The listing for our home went out on Wednesday, April 15.  On April 18 we accepted a conditional offer just $4000 less than our listing price.  Conditions are to be removed by April 30.  House closes June 26 if all goes through.

My ex was ready to jump on the first offer.  I held out, explained my reasoning and he argued with me.  I suggested that if he was adamant to go with the last counter offer he could pay me the difference.  His response to our realtor was, “I am not paying her to sell the house.”

My gut paid off and we were offered $5000 more.  The realtor congratulated me, especially in my steadfastness, and said that the reason we were getting such a high offer so quickly is because of all the hard work that I put in to readying the home.  She commented that it looked “amazing.”

My ex has still refused to help in any of the work or contribute to any of the expenses in readying the home. He emailed me saying, “I left you. Do some maintenance.”  He is talking about doing work, not on our home, but on my appearance. I was just complimented the other day by a couple of different people telling me how great they think I look.  I’m not sure why he cares or why he feels the need to constantly spread hate towards me. Not sure how he even knows what I look like. He kept trying to get close to me and talk to me at our daughter’s dance competition last weekend but I wasn’t interested and separated myself from his presence.  I was happy that he decided to attend one of her competitions for her sake. It was his weekend to have her. She wanted to stay after she had performed and watch some of the competition. He said, “No.”  She was so hurt so I stayed with her. It is always about him and what he wants. Even this weekend for her birthday he took her out for lunch but brought his girlfriend.  She didn’t want that. I had a party for her on Friday with her friends, not my friends and on Sunday I took her for a birthday dinner with her friends, not mine.  But I digress.

I texted my ex after receiving the signed, agreed upon offer, to be prepared.  When I go with my gut I am rewarded.  I told him that my gut is speaking loud and clear and that he will be experiencing the effects of me listening to it and standing firm. I have given my lawyer instructions to go back to the mediator/arbitrator and/or to apply for a court date. My ex’s word, verbal or signed, legal representation or not, means nothing. I am going after him for everything he owes me plus interest. His time has run out.