My New Residence

I am comfortable in my new place.

I am renting out an upstairs suite in a house. My suite consists of 3 large, bright rooms, a large bathroom and a brand new kitchen. There is plush carpet throughout. It has a large back deck which is half covered and half open. It is situated on a treed lot providing lots of shade. I let my dog out in the backyard on a chain as the yard is not completely fenced or separated from my landlord’s area. He is becoming more comfortable with that routine. There is more of a need to walk him daily though which is also good for me.

My bedroom is at the front of the house. I have my queen size bed with a night stand on both sides of the bed on one wall. I have my parent’s cedar chest at the foot of my bed. I have a stand up chest dresser with a t.v. on it and a longer dresser with a mirror on the other wall. I have 2 chairs and a table in my front window. I have a double closet and against the same wall as the closet stands my tall jewel box. My dog’s bed is beside my bed.

The hallway is open and is able to hold a wardrobe outside my bedroom door across from the spacious linen closet. My china cabinet also fits in the hallway as it is wide and one spot has almost a little foyer area.

The bathroom has a very long countertop with only one sink but has plenty of drawer space for both me and my daughter, good lighting and a large mirror. It is clean, updated and has a large window and laminate flooring. The tub/shower is very long and has a shower curtain so we no longer have to battle to clean shower doors.

Beside the bathroom is our family room. It is very large. The closet holds the stacked washer and dryer on one side. On the other side I have put 2 cat litter boxes. I can still use the rest of the closet to hold cleaning supplies and other storage items. The family room holds my couch, love seat and chair; big screen t.v.; computer desk and computer; book shelf and drawer combination cabinet; the china cabinet that was in my dining room at my previous house and a large jam cupboard where we stored games previously. It has my coffee table and a couple of end tables.

My daughter has the biggest bedroom she has ever had. She has her double bed in it against one wall and her nightstand. Against the other wall is a long dresser and mirror that was in her sister’s room as well as the matching chest dresser to the set that she did have in her bedroom before our move. I brought her sister’s single bed with us so when she comes back from university she has a place to sleep when she visits.

I never lock the door except for when my daughter is in the house and we are going to bed. If my daughter isn’t home I sleep with the door unlocked and just pull the screen across to keep out the bugs and let in the breeze. I sleep very soundly and peacefully.

It is a great neighbourhood consisting of 2 courts. They have a General Neighbourhood Meeting Association and I have already been invited to their summer street BBQ in August. I have a previous relationship with 3 families on the street and have met several other neighbours. I’ve been to dinner at my one neighbours house already and my daughter is looking after their cats this week while they are on holiday. My landlady regularly invites me for coffee. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. I recognized the woman who lives on the other side of my house and she said the same to me. We couldn’t figure it out until both of our daughters told us separately that they used to dance together. My daughter goes to school with several of the children on the street and will ride the school bus with them in September.

Still unpacking, but it is the summer and as much as I want to get organized, I spend everyday doing something for me, something for my daughter, and something for someone else.


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