Well, I sent her a text… Here it is… I’ll let u know if she responds

I wonder if the “other woman”, “affair partner” or “whore” as Betrayedin2012 refers to her, has any sense of who she really is and what people think of her. My ex would just say we are all sad, pathetic , angry and bitter and need to move as he has told me several times. I guess that is how people who cause such wide-spread destruction cope. They close their eyes, (in the case of the other woman they open their legs), they blame us for our feelings and I think they actually think we are the ones who are the losers.

betrayedin2012's Blog

sooooo… i never actually got to call u a whore back then so here ya go…You’re a fucking whore.. Only a whore would be okay with secret phone calls and booty calls.. Remember that when u wear ur jersey to work and sport it around proudly! Cause we both know u had to fuck a married man for it. when u see gina playing with her tablet make sure she takes care of it cause mommy had to suck a lot of dick to get it.. guess you didnt love him toooo much tho huh.. cause the second the wife found out u were gone.. hahaha just like a hoe.. there for the sex and free shit but not when shit gets real.. I hope you find someone pathetic enough to love you because I want nothing more than another whore like you to fuck your man.. Fuck you for…

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